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AIDS & Plagues - Pt.5

The final portion is another excerpt from Germane and pertains to humanity's need for creating dis-ease all these years, why we tolerate it, and why it's not really about finding a cure. This is important information and may not be accepted or understood by everyone who reads it. Nonetheless, humanity as a whole needs to overcome the need for giving our power to others, as has been said in other posts as well as this one.


"There are extraterrestrials as well as negatively oriented human groups who are attempting to use the virus. So you've got them on both sides.

We do not perceive that you are going to create a reality in which the AIDS virus is going to wipe you out. If you remember, earlier in the session we talked about how emotional states like fear can trigger certain things like the latent code for monogamy. Emotional states can lower the resistance of the immune system. This is becoming fact on your planet, but you do not yet understand the intricacies of it. If your population is kept in fear, you can trigger the immune system to accept a foreign virus to become embedded in you. If you as a population transmute your fear, this virus will not be able to touch you. Period. No ifs, ands or buts. This is why this whole challenge right now is so important for you. Because you not only save your skin; you also become liberated as beings on the planet.

At the risk of being redundant, it's you who are doing it to yourselves. We will never, ever, ever give power to the idea that someone's out to get you. You have created this scenario for very direct purposes and understandings. You will gain out of these scenarios what you have set out to gain. You may gain it quickly or it may take a long time; that's really up to you. But no one, no evil force is putting anything over on you. This is your game and you are all chess pieces.

The ultimate goal is not to find the antidote but to come to terms with the idea of your all-empowerment and know that you need not create learning lessons in a painful way. You can discover this for yourself by finding an antidote, which is what you did for polio, for example. Some individuals may choose not to do it that way, and that's quite all right also. It's really up to the individual and the society to make choices about how they want to manifest it.

A lot of AIDS research is being done in terms of sound vibration - the shattering of the virus. We would also say that should you wish to wait it out, the virus will naturally mutate into a dormant stage, where it will become something that will not affect you either positively or negatively. However, many of you may not want to wait until it mutates.

In terms of the AIDS virus spreading and contacting the all of humanity, this is possible; however, even if you come in contact with the virus, you may not contract HIV, AIDS or any other form of side-affect. It really depends on your attitude, your stress and fear-levels, and your personal need to reclaim your sovereignty by becoming completely vulnerable. After all, that's what you will be when your immune system is shut down. It's all up to you, all of you. Additionally, continued use of man-made medicines or the 'reliance' on them, further serves to suppress the body's natural defense systems. As a result of prolonged dependence on 'external' forms of immunity, you may also increase your susceptability. 

… it's all belief system. If you took a human body without a soul and nourished it, you would find that it responds to substances such as algae, things lower on the food chain, wheat grass, vegetables, fruits, etc. But as soon as you throw the soul in, you've got a belief system and you've got the choices that soul has made. For instance, Bob there may never have been sick a day in his life; he eats butter on everything and always feels wonderful, but his diet is atrocious. One day Bob dies of a heart attack at a young age, even though he has never been sick. Bob didn't really have a belief system about food; he ate the way he needed to eat so that he could fulfill what he wanted to do, which is die at an early age.

In that sense, everyone is doing what they need to do at any given moment. As you relinquish the judgment about this, you will all relinquish your judgment about yourself and your belief systems. Then you will come more into alignment with some of the more natural forms of food. If you're not there now, that's quite all right, because it's not going to affect you. Do you see what we mean by that? It's all your belief system."

- Germane

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