Sunday, January 18, 2009

Meet the ECs

"These presentations are designed to provide the opportunity of a first-hand experience with multi-dimensional energies for all who attend. Burson's presentations are life changing."

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For the majority of her life, former part time Harvard professor, FBI consultant, photographer, artist and author Nancy Burson scoffed at anyone involved with aliens or UFOs. That changed in August of 2004 when Burson visited a crop circle in Wiltshire England and had her first personal close encounter. She met a consortium of highly sentient light beings she refers to as Extra Celestials (ECs) and her life has never been the same. Still an artist, photographer and author, Burson is now also a channel and interpreter for the ECs, or Rays as she refers to them, and has spent the past few years introducing the Rays to more than two thousand believers and non-believers across the U.S. and England.

EC Phenomena Outside and Inside My Loft
Since scientists began studying the pellets, light pink and blue light has surrounded my windows, permeating my loft with increasing intensity... and mimicking the aura of the pellet water.

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The EC's Gift to Humanity: A Free Prescription for Health

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Here is one of the pellets photographed at 1000x magnification. It reveals an image of a human face on he left and an EC face in profile on the right.

Adding pellets to any amount of water and taking one or two (up to six) drops daily can assist in healing human illness.
This is the EC's gift to humanity, and they say "it is the gift that keeps on giving". Its efficacy remains regardless of how many times its diluted. Therefore, everyone can have an endless supply when they receive just half a teaspoon of pellet charged water.

Currently, water can be obtained online (click here) or at one of her presentations (click here for more info).
"For the past few thousand years, the Universe has asked mankind to believe in God without proof. Now there's been a policy change. Since the beginning of 2006, those attending Nancy Burson's presentations have been allowed to experience the highly sentient beings she calls the Rays or ECs that she originally met in a crop circle in 2004. One of the ECs greatest gifts to Nancy is their willingness to show themselves publicly. Seeing is believing!"

The preceding information is from Nancy Burson's website.

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