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Biblical Events - Pt.2

Ezekial's Vision
Much has been written about Ezekiel and his strange vision, so I thought this would be a god Bible story to ask Suddi about. However, I have the feeling he might have been confusing the stories of Ezekiel and Elijah, either because they are similar, or maybe the originals were more alike than our versions.
S: Ezekiel. It is the name of one of the prophets. His story is in some of the scrolls. Ezekiel was a prophet and a wise man and one of the teachers. He was odd, he lived by himself most of his life, having few students. And it is said that later in his life that he was told he would not die, because he would be taken directly to God. To me this sounds like vanity. Though it is sad that he was visited by some of the others and taken away, I do not believe that these are people of God.
I did not understand what he meant by “others”.
S: There are others similar to us, but not from the same. It was by these that he was visited. They are not of earth, they are from elsewhere, though we are not told where. We are just told that as far back as there is a remembrance, there have been visitors. And some people are more blessed, more chosen, whatever. I'm not sure what the qualifications are. But some are visited and some are, again, taken away. But some are left here to speak of the experience. It is said that his followers told of his leaving in a  … I believe they used the term “chariot of fire.”  It may have looked to them like a chariot, but it was more like one of the flying machines of old than a chariot. It may have spit fire, I do not know. There were different types.
Maybe the writers who have speculated that Ezekiel's' vision was of a UFO may not have been very far from the truth after all!
S: And he went. Whether he decided to go with them or they just decided they wanted him, I do not know. It is said that he has never been heard from again. I have no way of knowing. I'm not real familiar with this scroll, it is not one of the Laws. I have heard of it and read it when I was but a child.
I was curious as to what he meant by the flying machines of old.
S: Very long ago there were machines that had been built that went through the air like birds. The knowledge was learned and they used it. For the most part, it has been lost now, from what I understand. There are still some of the people, the masters, who have the knowledge but it is not used. The knowledge is in the library. It is part of the teachings of the mysteries. It is just better not to use this.

D: Do you know how these machines are powered?

S: No, I do not know. They used something for a central focus. Other than that I... again, this is not my study. I just know a little from what I have spoken to others about. It is said that the Babylonians had the knowledge in the early days. I do not know how true this was. The people who gave the knowledge to us were the Kaloo. It was before the speech to others was cut off that the Kaloo had the ability to do this. They had many great things, but the ability to use them was lost. Or if not lost, decided that it was better not to be utilized, because it had brought about so much harm and destruction.

D: If your people have the knowledge, could they make these flying machines if they had to?

S: If it was necessary, probably yes. I'm not an engineer. I do not know.
He gave a description of them: “They were made out of different things. Some were out of wood, others made out of metals, bronzes, gold, strange blends of metals. Some were very small and some were quite large.”

I assumed they were used for travel, but I was surprised again when I asked him their purpose. He answered nonchalantly.
S: They used them in war. They were utilized for travel also. But the greatest ability that they considered of them was the ability to overcome the enemy from great distances, utilizing these. They had weapons that were placed upon these machines.

D: Did the enemies have the same kind of machines?

S: Not all of them. Most of them did not.

D: Does your story say what happened to take the knowledge away?

S: (Very calmly) The world was destroyed. A cataclysm. I do not know of exactly what type. It was as if the forces of nature just rebelled and the earth exploded.
He never ceased to shock and amaze me with these unexpected statements.
D: Do you think it was caused by the war that was going on with these machines?

S: I do not know. I was not there.
He said the Kaloo were some of the people involved in this war but he could not remember who some of the others were. I wondered if their fighting was confined to just one part of the world.
S: No, they were fighting in several areas. There was great unrest.
This gave me a very uncomfortable feeling. This sounded too much like what is going on in the world today. Could history be repeating itself? After this destruction occurred, he said the Kaloo began to wander, thus not everyone was destroyed.
S: No, but those who were left were hopefully very much wiser. Because they had gained knowledge they were allowed to keep the learning, and the ability to do this. Provided that they would not utilize it again to destroy themselves and others along with them. It was forbidden. The knowledge is preserved in hopes that someday it will be able to be used safely.

D: How did these people escape?

S: I do not know. The story is unclear. There was knowledge that it would happen. They were sent out before the destruction began.  Away from where the destruction began.

D: Do you think anyone will ever find any of these flying machines?

S: It is possible. Metal lasts for a long time. There are bound to be some of them somewhere.

D: Do you think anyone will ever find any of their cities?

S: I do not know. There is no specific place that we are told of this is where that they are from.
So asking about the Bible story of Ezekiel produced a bonus I had not been prepared for." - Pages 176-179

Jesus and the Essenes, by Dolores Cannon

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