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The Beginning - Pt.08

Meanwhile, Enki was not paying attention to the growing unhappiness among the miners in the Abzu. He was preoccupied with the creatures that lived in the wilds and he also spent much time in his laboratory working with ME formulas on a number of projects. “In the Abzu by the gushing waters, a wondrous study place he erected, with all manner of tools and equipment he furnished it.” Then Enki involved his talented soon Ningishzidda to work in the lab with him while they used the sacred ME to unravel new theories. “The house of life he called the place… Sacred formulas, tiny ME’s, the secrets of life and death possessing they shaped.” It is evident from these texts that the two scientists were involved in some kind of genetic engineering program, specifically to unravel the secret of life and the death of the Earthly creatures which they were studying. These were the experiments which eventually led to the creation of ‘Adamu’. The tablets describe how Enki was fascinated with a specific creature which lived among thee trees and in the savannah. “They lived among the tall trees, their front legs as hands they were using.” This is the first description of a Homo erectus species on Earth. “in the tall grasses of the steppes odd creatures were seen; erect they seemed to be walking.” A remarkable entry in clay of new discoveries from some 350,000 years ago, and not long before Homo sapiens made its appearance on Earth. This fascination with the wildlife on Earth, and not enough attention to the gripes of the miners, finally caused the uprising. Enlil arrived in the Abzu to help resolve the problems, but the workers had had enough. They set fire to their tools, they surrounded Enlil’s house and would not budge. “The Anunnaki stood together: Every one of us hostilities has declared! Excessive is our toil, our work is heavy, great is the distress.” The situation was so tense that even Anu was called via some advanced communication device to give advice. Enki explained to him that “the lamentation is heavy… every day the complaints we could hear.” But Anu was steadfast in his pronouncement as he made it clear that “the gold must be obtained… the work must continue.” After all, their survival on Nibiru depended on it. It is also fascinating that they make mention of global warming 350,000 years before we regurgitated it again. The talk about “Ever since Earth’s heat has been rising, the toil is excruciating…” is a precursor of the looming melting of the poles and the coming end of the Ice Age which would cause great calamity on Earth. So they began to negotiate and explored various possible solutions. Maybe they should send the tired Anunnaki back home; maybe Enki could devise new tools that were more efficient; it seemed that there was no real solution to the serious problem; and then came the pivotal moment in all of human history. Enki consulted with his son Ningishzidda, before they proudly presented their proposal. “Let us create a Lulu, a Primitive Worker, the hardship work to take over… Let the Being the toil of the Anunnaki carry on his back.”

The rest of the gathering was astounded. They had never heard anything like this before, but they were also unaware of the experiments which Enki and his son had been performing. They did not believe that a being could be created out of ‘nothing’ and even the wise Ninmah, their sister made a statement which would be welcomed by the Darwinians amongst us. She explained that evolution was the force behind new species. “One being from another over aeons did develop, none from nothing ever came.” Unfortunately, the rest of that statement is a bit of a blow for the religious creationists, because the creation is about to come in a way very few religious folk would have believed. It does however deal with the age-old dilemma that we were created in the ‘image of our maker’. Enki was clearly very happy with himself at this point as he agreed with his sister, that you need a prototype to mold into something else. He proudly announced to them: “The being that we need, it already exists. All that we have to do is put on it the mark of our essence… A primitive worker shall be created.” This was a firm declaration that they had knowledge of genetics and cloning. He explained further “… they walk erect on two legs… Their forelegs they use as arms, with hands they are provided… They know not dressing in garments… Shaggy with hair is their whole body… With gazelle they jostle, with teeming creatures in the water they delight.” One cannot wish for a more vivid description of Homo erectus. It feels as if we have been plunged into the middle of a Jules Verne novel, and yet, these words are the result of a scribe some 4500 years ago.

Enki demanded that a decision be made, so that he could proceed with the blessing of all. That would however prove to be much more complex than one would have expected under their present conditions. At this point we are also exposed to the moral dilemma which suddenly faced the Anunnaki about creating another living creature, a new species, and a ‘slave’ to them, which was strictly prohibited according to their exploration charter. They were not allowed to create new living species on other planets. Enki took all of those present on a trip through his “House of Life” where some of these creatures were kept in cages. They jumped at the passers-by, banging their fists on the bars. “They were grunting and snorting, no words were they speaking.” Everyone was astounded by this sight. There were male and female creatures and they procreated “… like us from Nibiru coming.” Enki was very excited by the prospects of this new creature, his maverick scientist characteristics were unashamedly exposed.

“A primitive worker shall be created. Our command will he understand… Our tools he will handle… To the Anunnaki in the Abzu relief shall come.”

Enlil was strongly opposed to this idea, and for the first time we hear the Anunnaki refer to the ‘all mighty GOD’ as Enlil says, “Creation in the hands of the Father of All Beginning alone is held.” These words should sound very familiar to those who have been following the controversy surrounding the cloning issue in the 21st century. There is so much opposition to proposed cloning of embryos; stem cell therapy; and the cloning of humans has been prohibited by most nations. And yet, in the USA the first Pet Cloning company has already opened its doors, to clone people’s dead pets. If you ask me, there is a lot of ignorance surrounding all of these issues and politicians should keep their noses out of it today, just like Enlil should have done 250,000 years ago. Ultimately it would be Enlil’s inability to come to terms with this newly created ‘slave species’ which led to the conflict between brothers, the oppression of the humans, and the disinformation campaign that was imposed by the vengeful Enlil in an attempt to keep the slave species primitive, ignorant, obedient, fearful and in its place.

But before they allowed Enki to proceed with the ‘creation’, there was much deliberation whether GOD would have given them such knowledge, if GOD did not want them to use it to their advantage. Does this sound familiar? “Let us with wisdom new tools fashion, not new beings create” was the one side of the argument. “What knowledge we possess, its use cannot be prevented” Ningishzidda the young scientist answered. They even contemplated very deep and spiritual issues like “Is it destiny… or is it Fate? … That to this planet us has brought…” It was decided to put this matter before the elders from Nibiru and so it was decreed that a “primitive worker” would be created. And so began the arduous task of cloning the first humans by Enki, his very smart sister Ninmah, and his son the scientist, Ningishzidda, who would lead the team. What followed was like something from a horror movie, and yet your ancient ‘prehistory’ is filled with images of such creatures. Ningishzidda showed Ninmah the results of many experiments he had been conducting in secrecy. Among the trees to “…a place of cages” he took her. There were the living results of various cloning and cross-species experiments he had performed, with horrific outcomes. “Fore-parts of one kind they had, hind-parts of another creature they possessed… Creatures of two kinds by their essence combined” he showed her.

The creation of the slave species did not happen overnight, it took the team a long time and many failed attempts to finally achieve the perfect genetic combination. One can feel their frustration and desperation as one attempt after another failed. They used the female creatures as the surrogate mothers, placing a fertilized egg into their womb. The results were not good. This is where we read about DNA splicing for the first time in human history. “The two entwined strands separate and combine an offspring to fashion.” Many times they tried, while constantly aware that they could only use a small portion of the Anunnaki ‘essence’ to keep the new being primitive. “To receive our essence in graduation… Nibiru’s essence only bit by bit could be attempted.”

Ninmah prepared the “admixture” or fertilized egg in a ‘crystal vessel’ before inserting it into the female creature. The following text could have been taken from a modern-day scientific magazine, describing artificial impregnation. And yet once again these astounding words are thousands of years old, eternally captured in clay tablets.

“In a crystal vessel Ninmah the admixture was preparing, the oval of the female two-legged she gently placed… With ME Anunnaki seed containing, she the oval impregnated… The oval back into the womb of the two-legged female she inserted.” What more do we need to hear to be convinced that the Anunnaki knew exactly what they were doing, and that they were indeed performing not only genetic splicing but artificial insemination into surrogate females? But it took many attempts and many modifications to the “admixture” to get the results they wanted. Time and time again offspring were born deformed, deaf, hairy, short arms, blind, and other defects. It is also evident that they were creating only males.

“One being had paralyzed feet, another his semen was dripping, one had trembling hands, a malfunctioning liver had another… one had lungs for breathing unsuited.”

Enki and his colleagues were highly disappointed but they kept on trying new ways to perfect the ‘primitive being’ till finally a being was born “In her hands she held the child… it was the image of perfection.” But their excitement was not long lived. After several years they realized that the child did not have the ability to speak, its animal genetics were stronger than its human side. “Of speaking he had no understanding, grunts and snorts were his utterings.” It was Enki who made the observation that they have only been impregnating the ‘two-legged’ Earth females. He suggested that they insert the fertilized egg into an Anunnaki womb. This caused a long debate about who would be the carrier of the baby, but it was finally decided that Ninmah should be the carrier and risk any danger, since it was her project. “The fertilized egg into the womb of Ninmah was inserted; there was conception.” The gestation period was an interesting experience. It seems to have taken longer than the other ‘two-legged’ females but shorter than on Nibiru for the birth to occur. And finally the achieved what they had set out to do and Enki was elated.”…The image of perfection he was… He slapped the newborn on his hind-parts, the newborn uttered proper sounds.” I suppose it should be quite simple to distinguish a human baby from other species, the baby cries when you slap its bum, just like the doctors do in the maternity ward. They examined the baby, his limbs, ears, eyes, and found that everything was perfect. We learn at this point why the Anunnaki referred to the primitive worker as the “black-headed ones” because Enki gives a perfect description of the child. “Shaggy like the wild ones he was not… dark black his head hair was… Smooth was his skin… smooth as the Anunnaki skin it was… Like dark red blood was its color… like the clay of the Abzu was its hue.”

We learn so much about the very first human on Earth from this short statement, at the same time we corroborate a number of very important archaeological and anthropological theories. We know from Mitochondrial DNA and the Y-Chromosome studies that the first Homo sapiens emerged around 200,000 years ago. It is a widely accepted fact that the cradle of humankind originated in southern Africa, and now we also know what their skin and hair color was. The parallels between these clay tablets and the Biblical creation of Adam are uncanny, except that once again, most of these tablets predate the Bible by at least two-thousand years. But here we discover the terrible truth that will hopefully jerk us out of the confused state in which we found ourselves as a species! That our maker was not GOD, but rather an advanced being with advanced knowledge pretty similar to our knowledge today. And from that moment on, we saw our maker as a god. The subservience of humans permeated across the Anunnaki ranks, and as time went by, many of them would become worshiped, against the liking of Enlil, the supreme commander on planet Earth. 


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