Saturday, January 31, 2009

Path of Empowerment - Introduction

Introduction By The Pleiadians

We call ourselves Pleiadians. And by way of an introduction, let us say that we are journeyers through time and multiple dimensions. We are a curious group intent upon exploring the nooks and crannies of existence, traipsing over cosmic hill and dale in search of answers to the majestic mysteries of life. All of existence is a vast web of energy, and there are seemingly endless and dazzling directions, connections, events, and entertaining diversions to explore. However, at present we are most earnestly focused on a specific place and time – Earth from the year 1987 through 2012. It appears that during this period this location safeguards the probability of a triumphant achievement where, for a short while, some of the majestic mysteries of life are realized and revealed. We are here to observe and participate in the greatness of this event. Our perspectives are multidimensional in range and scope, for we are a wondrous collective of conscious energies who are intentionally expanding our beliefs about the nature of existence throughout many points in time. The heavens are filled with life, and in our search for knowledge and greater understanding of who we are, our journey has led us to you.

Earth is currently experiencing a tumultuous transformation of consciousness, the likes of which you have no recorded historical precedent for. Yet, within the corridors of human cellular memory, many images stir with a hint of strange familiarity. You are deeply immersed in a time of critical change; humanity is poised at the threshold of a new understanding of cosmic power. Naturally, many of us wonder what you will do with this knowledge. In other epochs of time, the nature of this power has been misunderstood and subsequently misused, inevitably leading the way to your self-destruction. Nevertheless, the immense cycles of living and seasons of learning continue to patiently offer the same lessons, for while life may appear to be destroyed, consciousness is ever enduring and only changed in form.

Humanity is rapidly approaching the edge of the great cosmic cliffs of consciousness. What you do now, the choices you make, will determine a course of experience more complex and astounding than you can currently imagine. The dawning of a new revolution in consciousness is at hand. You cannot escape the necessity to manage this power: now or ever. In light of our adventurous spirit, we are here to share our perspectives on your rapidly changing lives, and to offer our support, as well as a few timely suggestions on managing the massively accelerated energies that silently stir your planet.

The Pleiadians

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