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Book Excerpt - Fifth Plane

The following excerpt is from Ramtha: The White Book.


On the fifth plane you have the power to express and manifest your love; and whatsoever you desire in the moment, so it will come to pass. If a fisherman, a lover of fish, is desirous to have fish, he will go to a lake that will be before him. The lake will be surrounded with tall cypresses, poplars, and whatever else he loves. If he loves the lake as it appears in autumn, the poplars will become the color of cinnamon, and the cypresses will remain the depths of their emeraldness. And when he sits down to cast his line for fish, if he desires a cool breeze, there will come a cool breeze blowing gently across the lake. And when the entity casts a feeble and humble worm into the center of the wondrous lake and imagines what he desires to catch, behold, he will catch it! Then he takes the fish, which are like the fish on this plane, back to the home of his dreams and he consumes them, for that makes him happy, for he loves what he has done.

After a short time upon the plane of paradise, this master began to ponder whether there was something more, and he called for help. Behold, there appeared before him a most wondrous entity, silken in light and arrayed in garments that are brilliant to the eye. And he said to the entity, "O master, I am troubled. In this paradise I have everything. I have the fishes from the sea that I always dreamed about catching and never did. I have the home I always dreamed about having and never did. And I have flowers that do not even need a gardener. A most wondrous place! And look at my garments. I never had clothes like this before, but I have them now. Yet I am still troubled. Though I have many friends here, the woman I love is not with me. And that is not all that troubles me. Where is God? I see all these wondrous things. I have all these wondrous things. But where is God?"

The wise entity says unto him, "Blessed be you who have reveled in all things that are, and yet question whether there is, perhaps, something more; who questions where the Father is who has adorned you so well."

"Well, that is what I am mostly troubled about. I would like to thank God for giving me all of these wonderful things. Although I've always been a little afraid of God, I would like to pay homage to him, if that's acceptable."

The entity says, "Master, come with me. There is a place I wish to take you to."

In but a blink of the eye they are at a pond, yet they have traveled nowhere. The wise entity says, "Master, do sit yourself beside me and look into the water."

The man looks into the water, and what does he see? He sees before him his last expression upon this plane - from the time he was a babe, suckling upon his mother's breast... to the changing of his sweet bottom... to youth and skinned knees and lost marbles... to young manhood and seducing some unwilling participant... to manhood, marriage, and love forever... to children and opportunities, labors and friends and finances.

He is amazed! For he is seeing himself as he has never seen himself before. He had been a good man in that life, who believed that God existed. He had been a powerful man, and yet he never enslaved anyone with his power. And he had loved his wife and children, earnestly, and didn’t mind telling a few about that either! So he had made himself known in that life by teaching and mastering and loving, and becoming humble and pure in spirit.

As his life is revealed in the pond and he contemplates what he sees, the man looks at the entity and he says, “I have done well.”

The entity says, “You have done well. You have done very well, indeed… save for this: You never sought to know who your Father is, and you always separated him from yourself and all life. 

Your wife, let us look at her. The greatest part of your love for your wife was giving her the things that she adored so much. And in that regard you’ve done quite well… save for this: You never loved yourself enough to allow her to love you in spite of all the things you gave her. You never really appreciated how grand you truly are – the giver of all those things.

So, to ease your troubles, let me suggest this to you: Go back. It is there that you have expressed, and it is there that you have gained. And this time, you will have for yourself the mastery of loving yourself, expressing the love within your being, and seeing God in the beauty of all things.

If you decide to return, let me suggest that you choose carefully who you shall be, so the role that is laid out before you will give you the opportunity to become who you are and to understand what you have yet to understand.

I will leave you alone for a while. Ponder these things. You may take all the time you need. And if you decide to return, let me know and I will show you how to best proceed.”

The man is sitting there, a little weary, and he ponders. He has everything that he never had before; if he goes back he loses it. Yet he is troubled, for he is desirous to find this God who has blessed him with paradise. So he calls for the entity and says unto him, “Entity, I am desirous to see God. But I’m not sure how I am supposed to do this.”

The entity says, “All you need do, master, is decide when you would like to present yourself known. Any time period, any place would be appropriate, because what you are going to set into motion by your desires will provide the experiences you are needing, regardless of when or where you choose. But if you have a particular desire to be a part of your family again, I would suggest to you – and it is only a suggestion – that you stay with them, for with them you have accomplished the most learning to this point.”

The man ponders this for a moment, and then he says, “Oh entity, I have one further question to ask you; how will I know this God when I see him?” The entity replies to him, “When you know yourself, you will know him.”

This lightens the man’s heart greatly. For the first time in his existence he can relate to a God that is perhaps the same as he. So he says to the entity, “I am desirous to go back and see God. And I wish to be part of my family again.”

The entity says to him, “Look into the pool. What do you see?” The man looks into the pool, and behold: the young son that he left is now a young man who has escorted and wooed some lovely enchantress. They have become enamored with one another, and the copulation processes have already begun.

The entity says, “There is a good chance, master, that there is a way provided for you to return - through the offspring of your son.”

Through my son? I am going to be my son’s son? I, the father, am going to be my son’s son, and he my father?”

Of course! When you lived once before, he was your father and you were his son. So, you see, we are only repeating this once again.”

The man ponders this, and he looks at this entity and says, “But I love my wife. How am I going to be my wife’s grandson?”

From the time you are a small boy, you will adore your grandmother. By the time you are a man, she will have passed from the plane. Thus, what has helped you to speak the love that is in your heart will have done its bidding; then it will be time to bring in new issues of seeing God in its beauty.”

The man ponders this, and he says, “Entity who has helped me so much, when all has been made ready, I wish to become the child of my son.”

The entity says to him, “The seed comes soon. When you see it, make yourself a part of your son’s light.”

How do I do this?” and he looks around, and behold, to his amazement, the entity is gone. Instead, he is looking at his son, for he has become a part of his son’s light. Though his son knows not that he is there, feelings of his father have come more to mind recently. “If only my father could see me now,” thinks his son. But, of course, his father does!

There comes a point when the child is within the womb. The man is going to be a part of the designing of this child – through his thoughts and according to what he wishes his life to be. He may choose to take possession of the body upon conception, or he may wait even till a year after birth to become the child.

The man is most anxious, for he is finding things most familiar to him. So he chooses quickly to become the child. Thus he thrusts forth himself, and in the twinkling of an eye… he has forgotten who his is. And the first thing he knows is the coughing in his throat and someone wiping his eyes and wrapping him in things that are ever so small…

This story that I have told you is a truthful one. The entity of high regard and light did not choose for this master his life expression. He merely helped him to see it by taking him to a place, a magical pond, where his soul could be laid bare and he could review his life, and determine from that the experience he so needed.

Even as a young babe in that life, this entity already knew how to love. It was how to see God in himself and then become it that he had to master. And so he did. The entity’s name… was “Buddha.”

Always you have chosen. Always you have the will to choose. None choose for you. Had the man who lived in paradise not made an effort to become more and to see God through the beauty of this plane, he would still be on the fifth… and your world would not have been blessed by his great wisdom and light.

Ramtha: The White Book, by Ramtha/JZ Knight 

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