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Biblical Events - Pt.1

The following information comes from Dolores Cannon, and pertains to recent posts with Biblical references made by other authors (see The Beginning | AIDS & Plagues | History of Gold | Beliefs & Values).

There are two reasons for this post. First, to provide yet another perspective. This time, from clients who have been placed into a unique state of hypnosis, called sonambulistic trance. In this state of hypnosis, they can review not only past lifetimes but future ones. But beyond this, it is as if they are actually living them at the moment they describe them. So, for example, a student of Nostradamus would see herself and Nostradamus as actually living, and Nostradamus would be communicating directly from his own time to ours as a living person. The second reason, is to allow you to see that even though we have gone back in time, so to speak, to interview someone alive at that time, they are also dealing with dogmas and belief systems not so different from our own. There are noticeable discrepancies in their version of what happened and what we are presented by so-called experts today, but it becomes obvious that some things still aren't known some 2,000 years ago.


"As I took Katie slowly back we had uncovered twenty-six separate lives by the time we came to the beginning of the Christian era. The many lives seemed to be almost equally divided between male and female, rich and poor, intelligent and uneducated. Each one was filled with a wealth of detail about religious dogma and cultural customs of the time period. I am positive even a scholar trained in history and anthropology could not come up with the incredible detail that she gave us. No, this knowledge was coming from somewhere else. I prefer to believe that she actually lived all these lives and the knowledge has remained hidden in the vast computer memory banks called the 'subconscious mind'. It only required pushing the right buttons and giving the mind the right signals to cause the knowledge to be brought forward and relived again. We have no idea how many more lives lie waiting to see the light of day once again...

I had no idea where the experiment was leading or if anything of value would come forth. But on the slightest chance that something could be found, I stopped taking her backward and kept returning to the life of Suddi, one of Jesus' Essene teachers, to get more information. We stayed with this for thirteen sessions, over three months...

Even knowing her as well as I did, I was still reluctant to tell anyone that I had discovered someone who was one of the Essene teachers of Jesus...

There was no other way to explain what was happening. There was no possibility of lying; she was speaking from a hypnotic trance so deep that this was impossible. And the information that came forth demanded rigorous research and speaking with several experts on the subjects. Yet she never knew at any time where we would go next and what I would ask her. Her answers came spontaneously and naturally...

After the Jesus material began to come forth, it started to bother her somewhat. Maybe it was her old religious background rearing its head. Especially when she began to say things that were controversial and contradictory to the Bible, it began to overwhelm her..." - pages 12-13



"The story of Moses was well-known and important to Suddi since he was a master and a teacher of the Torah, which contained the Laws of Moses. I obtained many pieces of this story during three different sessions. I have combined them together and they fit very well. They contain more strange differences than any other bible story that I received from Suddi, different yet quite plausible.

Even from the beginning it was not like our Biblical version. We have been taught from Sunday School the story of the baby Moses being born of a Hebrew woman and hidden in the basket in the bulrushes until the daughter of Pharaoh found him and raised him as her own child in the palace. The following is the story as Suddi told it.

S: His mother was princess in Egypt.

D: We have heard the story that he was born unto a Hebrew woman.

S: No! He was born to a Hebrew father. (His voice showed aggravation.) This was the story that was circulated around in later years, to protect her from a Hebrew child and a Hebrew father. Moses was the son of the daughter of Pharaoh.

D: Why was this something they had to cover up?

S: Because at that time the Hebrews were all slaves in Egypt. Though Moses was of noble descent, 'tis said that he was of the House of Joseph, (pronounced Yoseph) he was again of a Hebrew slave in Egypt. I think the story was for her protection, that it was said that the child was found. It was said that he was found from the river in a boat of rushes. It is not the truth.

D: He was raised in the house of Pharaoh? Did anything happen later that made him leave?

According to the Bible story, after he was grown he accidentally became a murderer. When the Pharaoh discovered this, he wanted to slay Moses, but Moses fled into the wilderness to escape his wrath. Again Suddi's version disagreed.

S: He was not made to leave. He discovered that his father was a slave. And his father being a slave, he also was slave. And said that he would live with his people. It was part of the training that was to stand him to good, so that he would be able to withstand what was to face him.

D: Our stories seem to be a little different. We've heard that he went out into the wilderness.

S: He was sent into the wilderness for daring to love princess Neferteri, who was to be the wife of Pharaoh. For this he was sent into the wilderness. This was after he decided to become a slave. If he was still Prince Moses, he would not have been sent into the wilderness. Rameses knew that Neferteri loved Moses and was jealous. Therefore he decided that to send one into the desert was to kill one. Therefore he believed he had done away with Moses. He did not know that the hand of Yahweh was on him.

D: How did he learn of his destiny if he was in the wilderness? (I was thinking of our story of God speaking to him from the burning bush.)

S: I do not know! I was not there! I have heard that he was visited by angels. I have heard that he just opened himself up to his inner bing. There are many stories. I believe a lot of it had to do with... he just could not stand it. He was free and happy and his people were slaves in Egypt.

D: Our story says something about a burning bush.

S: I have heard of this one saying that God visited him as a burning bush. (Sigh) It sounds rather strange to me. Why would God burn one of his own bushes in order to get the attention of a mere mortal? Would he not just say, “I am Yahweh, you will listen to me?” I believe that He spoke to Moses' soul and Moses listened. Some people have it very difficult believing that someone can hear God inside. They must have some outward expression to say, “Yes, God has spoken to me.” To hear God one must just open the heart and He is there, in every breath and every moment. One must just listen.

Of course this seems to be too easy for most people to accept. I asked if he had the story of the Red Sea and whether it was the same as the story we are accustomed to.

S: Who knows? Do you mean when that they crossed the Red Sea? 'Twas said in some tellings that the sea was parted but this was not true. The truth of it was, they just crossed. They had the ability to... how do you say? That through the thoughts and efforts of all, that the energy just uplifted them. So that it is said that even their feet did not get wet.

D: Do you mean that they walked on top of the water or floated above the water?

S: Yes. Some could say that the waters parted, such that when they took a step, they did not touch the water. (He became frustrated at his inability to explain this satisfactorily.) To put the energy to walk upon the water, or however you want to say this, is with nature. It is not against nature. You are just enforcing, putting energy so that the surface is solid. You see? To part a sea is totally against nature. When you are doing anything with the laws of energy, you must always go with nature. To go against is to cause something else to fall out of place and to cause great harm and great damage. We are taught at the community to use energy in these ways. With faith, anything is possible. You must believe.

D: But there were many, many people crossing the sea. Do you think they all believed?

S: No. But enough did that they accomplished this and the others followed after. But the people of Pharaoh did not have the faith or the ability to do this, and therefore when that they took a step, they just went... whoosh to the bottom.

Even though I did not understand what was so obvious and simple to him, I proceeded to another mystery connected with Moses: The Ark of the Covenant.

S: It is the ark of Moses' covenant with God, yes. It is... how do I say this? A channel in which to communicate with Yahweh. It is part of the communication. It is also part of an energy exchange. It is said that it held all the secrets of the world and the universe.

D: It has been said that it contained the Ten Commandments.

S: The books are there, yes, but it is, like I say, a channel to Yahweh. It is part of something that was once much greater in another time. And we were allowed to keep some of the secrets. In this manner you may learn the secrets of everything. The Levi keep the secrets of the Ark. They are the sons of Aaron.

D: Where is the ark now? Does it still exist?

S: It is protected. They (the Levi) have kept the secrets among them. It is said that in the time of Babylon and later,that several times it was captured by kings and emperors who wished to bend the power to their will. And in so doing their kingdoms fell. And the ark was again put in hiding many times. And it was again gone into hiding. This was a gift. The knowledge was given to Moses and Aaron to build this. And then Yahweh realized basically that man was not ready for this. And therefore man must be protected from this. The energy was too great.

D: Can the ark be destroyed?

S: No, never. It is only by an act or a will of God that it may be destroyed. It is protected by the Levi.

D: I've always heard that the ark is dangerous.

S: To those who have not pure hearts and right intentions, yes. It would kill you. The energy level of this is so great that it could cause your heart to stop or your mind to cease to function. To no longer inhabit the body.

D: Is this why Yahweh thinks man is not ready for it?

S: because for many years man tried to bend it to his will, to do what he wished it to do. It is said that he who had this would rule the world. This is why it is in hiding.

D: Will man ever be ready for something like that?

S: Who am I to judge? It can only be hoped for. It is said that many people were killed by this. At one time it was in the inner sanctuary of the temple of Solomon. But the power of it almost destroyed the inner sanctuary and it was hidden from there also.

D: Do you think the Ark of the Covenant had something to do with their ability to cross the Red Sea?

S: The ark was not there. It was not made until... in the forty years of wandering. It was later made in which to store the tablets and the papyri of the Laws. Moses made the exterior, the Kaloo brought the energy source to put inside.

D: People have changed the stories so much. Our stories are not the same as yours.

S: It is said that every time a man tongue-tells a tale that it embroiders a little from this, yes.

According to our Biblical versions, after they crossed the Red Sea the Hebrews were led by a cloud of smoke by day and a cloud of fire by night. Suddi had never heard this story.

S: It is said that the staff of Moses, upon it had a great crystal that would glow. And this would tell the direction to go.

This was another surprise. According to his story, if they were going in the correct direction the crystal would glow, and when they deviated from the path it would dim.

S: It is said that during part of the journey, when they wandered about for so long, that the wandering was caused because Moses had lost faith and started to go in the direction that the people wished him to, instead of the way that he was being guided. It was that he had doubts. That he had lost the great faith that enabled him to do what had been done. And the dissenters were saying, “No, no, you are leading us wrong. You will do as we wish. We will go here.” And this time is when they lost the way. Then it is said that he no longer could stand the fact that he knew they were lost, and his people were dying and suffering. And he prayed to Yahweh that he would again follow Him if He would just save the people. And it is said that He again would guide him.

There is also the story of the people finding food and water by miraculous means to sustain them while they wandered in the wilderness.

S: It is said that the manna grew on the trees. They said it was like bread which is manna, this is why it was called this. There are bushes in the wilderness that have the seeds. When they break open they have something that is... how do I explain this? It is very good to eat, it will sustain life. It is said that it was on these that they would live. I have never seen the bushes, so I do not know. And where these bushes were, they were able to strike the ground with the staff and water would come, so that they would have drink.

D: Did Moses' staff have any special properties?It was used to perform many wonders.

S: Moses found his staff. It is said that it was able to find water and things, but any staff will do that if properly used. It is said that the crystal was something that was handed down, many generations. That Abraham brought it with him and it was passed down and passed down. And Joseph took it with him into Egypt, to the land of Pharaoh. And there afterwards it was when that the captivity started. It was then passed down from father to son. It is said that his father, who was a Hebrew, gave the crystal to him when he became a man. It is said that for a time he wore it about his neck. It is something that was Yahweh's therefore it was protected.

D: Do you think Moses knew how powerful it was?

S: I am not Moses, I cannot say. (We laughed) It is said that when that Joseph first came into Egypt, that the Hebrew were greatly honored. And then they became so many, that many of the Egyptians became jealous. And a lot of them were thrown into bondage. And it was from these that came the people who crossed the Sea, who followed Moses. It was these, their descendants, these descendants of the people of Joseph.

D: How was Moses able to make the Pharaoh let the people go?

S: Pharaoh was his brother. They were raised together. He was able to convince him through different methods and some say, witchery. He cast the plagues upon them.

I had heard of the plagues of Egypt since childhood and always thought them fascinating. They are found in Exodus 7-12. Maybe this would be a chance to explore their meaning from Suddi's point of view. There are ten mentioned in the Bible:

  1. The river water turns to blood

  2. Frogs

  3. Lice

  4. Flies

  5. Murrain, which is a plague or disease of animals

  6. Boils

  7. Hail mixed with fire

  8. Locusts

  9. Darkness

  10. Death of the first-born (resulting in the institution of the Passover)

D: Were the plagues real?

S: Yes, but a lot of it was... Moses was a very intelligent man. The last plagues in which they said that the sky darkened and the waters ran red. It is said that, when the sky darkened he knew that upstream... he had been made aware of the knowledge that the volcano [Mount Sinai] had exploded. (He had difficulty with that word. ) And the fear of the waters running red? He knew that in a couple of days that this would happen, because upstream this is the color of the land. And if this would come into the river, the waters would run red. It was made known to him. There was supposedly the locusts and things. I do not know whether they all occurred. I do know that some of them were just being informed of the fact that certain things were happening.

D: A very clever man. Then you think much of it was not really the wrath of Yahweh?

S: Until the last, no. In which the starting of the Passover. It was, yes. This was done that Yahweh promised that an Angel of Death would be sent. This does not sound like the God that I know, to be vengeful. But, nor does it sound like the God that I know of, to slay all the men upon the face of the earth, as He did when He spoke to Noah and told him to build the great ark. This does not sound like my God, but these are what we have been told. It is said that there was the plague of the boils. It is said that this was part of the death that is brought with the rats. The painting of the doorways, I think this has a lot more to do with the fact that the Israelites were kept healthy, rather than the Egyptians being struck down. I think that they thought themselves... immune.

D: Yes, the story says that they painted the doorways and this made the Angel of Death pass over.

S: This is what is said. I have also heard that they hung different herbs about the houses.

D: Then you think it was a disease that was carried by rats and boils were one of the symptoms?

S: Yes, this is what I have been told. This is what our teachers think, that this is a very good possibility.

D: It was only supposed to strike the first born.

S: No, it was not just the first born. It struck the first born and half of the people of Egypt. It is said that when that Moses told Pharaoh, he said that it would strike the first born of all. It just said that this was what he saw, and that this would happen. He did not curse it, he just foretold this.

D: Our story is that Yahweh did it to make the Pharaoh release the people.

S: I think it had as much to do with Yahweh as it had to do with man. But Moses, with a little bit of foreknowledge a man can do much.

D: You said he used witchery, too?

S: This is what some people would call it, yes. The being able to see what will happen before it is occurred.

D: You've already told us that here are masters in the community who have this ability. Could Moses have been a master trained in this?

S: It is very possible. It is said that his father was a priest of the faith and of course his mother was the Princess of Egypt. He was taught by not only the Hebrew priests, but also the priests of Egypt. He was half Egyptian, why should he not be taught in this manner?

It is amazing what can happen when you introduce an original idea to an open mind. I was suddenly able to look at things I had taken for granted all my life in a new light. The idea was radical, but could it be possible to explain the plagues of Egypt this way? Suddi said the river ran red from the disturbance upstream. The Bible says the water stank and people could not drink from it. Could this have been caused by the volcano spewing sulfur into the river? Any country dweller can tell you this natural chemical will make water undrinkable. And sulfur water can certainly stink.

The frogs left the river and overran the land. That could also have been caused by the changes taking place. Animals are very sensitive to nature. When all the frogs died, the Egyptians heaped them into stinking piles. Thus, the plague of flies could have occurred naturally by their attraction to the dead frogs. He said the darkness was a result of the volcano, and this could also explain the hail mixed with fire. This phenomenon has been known to occur during volcanic eruptions.

Suddi said the plague that resulted in the death of the people and instituted the Passover was a disease caused by the rats. This would explain the plague of lice, because it is known that fleas carry the germs of the Black Plague. The disease of the animals and the boils as symptoms in humans could all be related. The plague of locusts could have been a natural occurrence or as a result of the volcano disturbing the atmosphere. It is strange how it all falls into place and must be considered as possible, yet it never even occurred to us until Suddi introduced the idea.

The Hebrews were slaves and their living compound was separate from the rest of the Egyptians. By staying inside their houses until the Angel of Death had passed over they were observing a self-imposed quarantine. They were kept away from the disease-carrying rats and the infected people. This is an interesting idea that could be open to all kinds of elaboration.

D: When did Moses first get the Commandments? Was it after the wandering in the wilderness?

S: Yes, he had first heard the voice of Yahweh, and he was directed to Mount Sinai. And he went upon the mountain [volcano], and 'tis said that there he communicated with God and he received these Laws of God.

D: Do you think he really did speak to God?

S: Yes, it is said that he was someone different when he came from the mountain, than who went up. I think he was very much someone different. He was open to the knowledge and more.

D: How did God give him the Commandments?

S: I'm not sure. They were written out. Some say that they were written with the finger of God. I think it is more like some of our people who write the scrolls. It comes out through them. When they write on the scrolls, it just comes without thought. I think it was in this manner. They were carved out on clay tablets. (Such as were used in Qumran by the students for the practicing of writing.) He came from the mountain with the laws of God, and it is said that he was shining, that even the air about him shimmered. And when he came down, they had made the golden statue to Baal and Durue (phonetic), breaking most of the Commandments already. It is said that in his anger at them, that he shattered the tablets, and then had to go and have them again written. In being touched with God and the glory of that, he could not stand that the people were so base. He could not understand that, and felt that they did not deserve any word of God. Moses is said to have been known for his temper, so it was probably true.

D: Why did the people make the golden statue to Baal?

S: After forty years of wandering around in the wilderness and then suddenly having time to sit and do whatever they want to, they went a little crazy. The people had Aaron. But Aaron was not as strong as his brother in will, and was more bendable.

D: Was Moses on the mountain a long time?

S: I do not remember. I think a year, I'm not really sure.

The Bible says that Moses was so angered by the people's actions that in addition to shattering the tablets, he also caused the slaying of thousands of his own people in a burst of rage. Suddi does not agree. He says Moses' anger was spent when he destroyed the tablets.

S: He did not have authority over them. They were self-ruled. He again wrote the tablets. I do not know whether he went back to the mountain to get them. But this time the people were much more subdued. And they later found the land that they had been promised. It is said that Moses was not allowed to come into the land but died before. This was because of his doubts and following the wishes of the others. When that there was doubt and he stopped following the lead (the crystal) that Yahweh had given him. He showed himself that he was not yet prepared, that he needed more time. It was a new generation that went in. it was not those that wandered about the desert. I believe Aaron was the only one of the original who went in. there are many stories of Moses, he was very wise." - pages 166 -176

- Jesus and the Essenes, by Dolores Cannon

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