Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Beginning - Pt.01

As the title suggests, this post pertains to 'The Beginning', but more specifically, 'The Beginning of Humankind'. 

Up to this point, the 13 Heavens blog has provided challenging ideas and a wide variety of source material to help explain humanity's evolution to where we currently find ourselves. Not all of it has been easy to swallow, simply because of the programming we've all been through. For the most part, this material has been focused on beliefs and values instilled using domestication and indoctrination. All of which help to explain why we believe what we do and therefore act the way we do. However, there is one vital aspect of our existence that has been left out of this blog, until now. 

This post will completely upset many or all of your beliefs concerning our creation and evolution. Therefore, I strongly urge you to first read the posts regarding Beliefs & Values. While other posts may also prepare you for what you are about to experience, none will help you more than the 3-part Beliefs & Values post.

Oftentimes conversations include phrases such as 'collective consciousness' or 'group consciousness' or 'group mind' or 'humanity as a whole'. In many ways, it can be accepted that the sum of humanity's beliefs could be described as such. However, we are now about to delve into the real human collective consciousness and how it all came about. 

If you have been following along since its birth, you could say this entire blog has been to prepare you for this post - so the recommendation to read the Beliefs & Values post shouldn't be taken lightly. That post alone will challenge many people to their limits. This one, though, will toss them over the edge. 

Because of the enormous length of this post (20-parts), I recommend you save the web pages to your computer to allow you to read offline and at your own individual pace. Additionally, many of you may become sleepy when reading this and other 'difficult' posts on this site. This is normal and I recommend you listen to your body's signals to rest so you can process the material. You can come back to it when you are rested and ready. Images and videos have also been kept to a minimum to help you get through it.

As a final test of your readiness, monitor your reactions to the following video. If this upsets you, then you might not want to proceed at this time or spend more time reading through the 2008 archives first.

(Video Duration: 3:11)

The Introduction

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