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"We're going to start talking about some of the institutions that your society has held for so long and that you've not really become aware of where they come from. We will begin with the institution of Monogamy.

"... if you were to say one day, “I'm going to be monogamous with my wife for the rest of my life,” you are projecting that idea forward into the future and therefore making a commitment for a new you that you don't even know exists yet. You are going to be a new you every day, so how can you make a choice for this you for the rest of your life? 

The following day, when faced with a glorious and uplifting situation, you will be forced to deny yourself that experience because you made the commitment in the past. This cannot lead to spiritual expansion. The denial of the self will not lead to it." 

Traditionally upon your planet and though there have been societies which have embraced other forms of relationships, primarily the idea of Monogamy is the most widespread in what you would call your western world. Where did this come from and why is it still here? Why are you thinking you're monogamous, but at the same time there are indications that there is something else going on?

First, we're going to start way back when the extraterrestrials who you've called your god, were present upon your planet... when they were first interacting with human beings on earth. This early period of time was when a great portion of your institutions you have today, were formed. And they were originally not formed for the same reasons you are using them today. It's become changed over the millennia to the point where you're not really in touch anymore with why they were there to begin with. So we'll address the idea of Monogamy and talk about where that came from. It is really a basic idea.

When the extraterrestrials were working with you genetically, seeking to create the perfect strain of Human, when they were also helping you get your culture moving, growing, they nudged you a little bit in a certain direction. One of the things they wanted to do was to control the bloodlines of the different humans on earth. One way for them to do this is to instill belief in these early humans about certain things that would effect their behavior. For instance, teaching that sex outside of marriage was wrong in the eyes of god, or that sex should only be used for pro-creation. This was a way, initially, to keep your passions controlled – thus keep you controlled – so that you could not expand into the full spiritual being that you naturally are.

It's been seen in your culture that females have always been more gun-ho about Monogamy than males... Males are more open to the idea of having more than one partner. Where did this come from?

The early extraterrestrials in their desire to control the bloodline knew that if they instilled a certain type of behavior in the early females, that they would perpetuate the idea of Monogamy and therefore the bloodline that they would birth would be pure. If females were not excited about the idea of Monogamy then there is a possibility that the bloodlines could be mixed and not be controlled. The original idea of Monogamy came from this desire to control the bloodline.

This was instilled genetically in females, but it is not a major genetic change. It's not a major thing that you cannot control or are powerless over. It is a very small tendency within the genetic structure to lean toward one mate and focusing yourself with one person. But with the nature of the human being, that is unnatural, so within females, there has been a lot of push and pull about their instincts – which are both natural and unnatural.

In terms of males, they were not instilled with such behavioral constraints... not as much as with the females. The natural part of the human that is non-exclusive will be shown more in the male, on average than in the female.

Today you have institution of marriage and you promise that you will be faithful, etc., and you go through your marriage and at some point you have the husband who feels attracted to another person. They can do one of several different things. They can deny the attraction and therefore cause constraint on their personal life and put pressure on the marriage; they can play out the attraction and keep the truth from their mate, which causes constriction in the marriage; or they play it out and be honest with their mate. These are three situations, but where is this leading? What does this mean? Is Monogamy the natural state for human beings?

One reason many use Monogamy, or hold it close, is that it keeps you secure. It stops you from facing certain issues in your life if you have that one mate that you can cling to. Many people enjoy Monogamy for the sake of Monogamy, without having to cover up anything and that's perfectly fine.

What we're saying, is that if not now then in the next 10 years these issues are going to start playing out in your lives. Whether they are your relationships or those of your friends, children, parents, you are going to have to start looking at this. This is a time when you are breaking up old patterns from when humans were created on earth. This is allowing you all to become a sentient and truly independent species from your forefathers. So you're going to have to look at all of these issues of how you've stopped yourself from being the full expression of the person that you are.

When two people come together and begin a relationship, there will be a period of time when the relationship will remain monogamous. This is a very natural situation and has nothing to do with the genetic codings, but has a lot to do with the excitement that you have with the other person. Then the relationship changes, because you become secure in the relationship and then you withdraw your energy back into the self and you start putting more attention into your life. That's when the energy changes. That is the point where you are assuming that the roles for your past are for the roles for your future also. This has caused some trouble in that you are no longer living in the moment, but thinking about the past and the future.

What this means is that you pay attention every moment in the relationship to what is best to you. If in any way in your life you are denying an attraction to another person, that is going to reverberate in your life in other ways that are not going to be productive. We are not advocating promiscuity... we're talking about new definitions of relationships. We're talking about redefining what Monogamy means, not for what you have been conditioned to believe it means... but what it means to you. In the next 10 years it will be important for all of you to discover your own personal definition of relationships and your own personal definition of Monogamy. Because as the times change, your old ways are not going to work and therefore for you to come to terms with the changes occurring in your society and the changes that are emerging in yourself, you're going to allow yourself to be more in touch with the natural flows and natural currents that will keep you grounded in the now rather than anchoring you to the past or the future. This will allow you much more excitement and much more growth, integrity and centeredness in your lives.

If you could imagine there is an attraction to someone else (in broad terms, not necessarily sexual) if you deny that because of your mate, you deny yourself a growth experience and you deny your mate a growth experience, vicariously. You will change if you follow your excitement and if you follow your path. You will change in a positive way. You will give your mate the opportunity to change and to grow in a positive way also, if they so choose. We are now talking about uncovering the natural tendencies of humans rather than denying them, rationalizing them and labeling someone the 'bad guy' because they're attracted to someone else.

"As you are changing your relationships, you are going to be allowing yourselves to stay in the moment. That is going to answer so many of your questions and teach you a new way to follow your excitement... really healing a lot of those old issues. That is the key point. Stay in the moment." 

If you all allowed yourselves to live more in the moment with your relationships that your relationships would be more long lasting, more trusting, and more fulfilling than you could ever imagine and than you have ever created on earth.

This change is already beginning and you are already feeling it by the questions that you are asking in your relationships. You're already feeling it! The key is to stay in the moment... to let go of expectation. It doesn't mean doing away with commitment, not at all. Commitment becomes more 4-dimensional than 2-dimensional. Commitment becomes more than what is written on a piece of paper or recited at a ceremony. Commitment becomes something very deep on a soul level - that nothing can break. It's a commitment to your grown and to your mate and to the growth of the planet.

A lot of the attraction that some of you feel outside of your relationships to other people is because of repressed sexuality, not because you need to go in that direction (with another person) but more that it's an indication that you've been denying yourself natural energies.

We are not talking sexual here, we are talking expansive... intimacy rather than sexuality, which is very different... As you learn to become more comfortable with your own personal sense of intimacy, the need for sexuality outside a relationship can very dramatically decrease. Your level of intimacy will increase, which is really what one is seeking anyway.

In order to have this level of intimacy requires vulnerability. For you on earth, that has usually meant weakness. In actuality, vulnerability is infinite strength because when you are vulnerable you are open and you are open thus, to all that is... That is a state of infinite strength. The idea of strength on earth is to be closed, to have that armor around you, the fortifications and defense mechanisms... that is when you are strong. But do you know how much energy it takes to carry around that armor? We would put that more in the category of weakness, because you get pretty drained carrying all that around and you can't let God in, the energy of All That Is or your Higher-Self in at all. And that's why so many of you feel so drained when you're not allowing yourself to be vulnerable.

It is a matter of reteaching yourselves what vulnerability means and that it's ok to be vulnerable, and the thought of reteaching yourself is a lot more frightening than actually doing it. Once you get the hang of it, it's a piece of cake.

We have spoken in the past about the way the Pleiadians engage in their relationships and it's a vibrational harmonic which attracts individuals to each other. This applies to your planet as well, you just haven't recognized it quite yet.

If a Pleiadian female is attracted to a Pleiadian male, it's a given that the male is attracted to the female. Because if she's feeling it, he's got to feel it also. It's a vibrational resonance. A lot of these future relationships are going to be taking away the guess-work. “I feel this way about this person... Does this person feel this way about me?” All your usual ego-centered 'hang-ups', such as they don't look pretty enough, rich enough, etc., and the fear and anxiety about whether or not the person likes you, will not be necessary. It's going to be much more direct, and a lot more honest than it ever has been, but it's going to mean facing all of these issues: vulnerability; the fear of intimacy; opening a connection to God; and the fear of security or of losing security.

You might actually find yourselves attracted to less people, because instead of looking at someone sexually, as you have been, you are only going to find yourselves attracted to those with the same harmonic resonance. It will be less of an 'animal instinct' and more of a 'soul harmonic'.

One of the reasons that co-dependency is occurring in your society is that you are externalizing your own needs into the mate. Part of moving to 'functionality' rather than 'dis-functionality', is to acknowledge the personal needs of the self and begin learning to fulfill all of those needs without anyone else. If that means, “Joe” has a fear of not being secure, and so when there's a partner in his life, Joe's secure. When there's no partner in his life, Joe's insecure. The move to functionality will be when Joe realizes that this is his issue and he cannot externalize his security into someone else. Joe will then realize that he needs to work on becoming 100-percent secure in who he is without a mate. When this occurs, Joe will not need the external demonstrations of love to make him feel secure. He will feel secure in any circumstance because the security is generated from within.

This is what you are all moving toward, but before you get there, it means all of you bringing up all of those issues that you have been externalizing in relationships so you can internalize them, work on them, and to become a 100-percent functional being. Then, when you have your relationships, your relationships will be ones of pure integrity, clarity and centered-ness, where there won't be a need to change the other's point of view or to make the other's point of view compatible with yours.

Let's say, Joe, after doing all of that work, looks at his polygamous wife and Joe is 100-percent centered and with integrity, but Joe knows that's not his preference. He would prefer a mate that also wants to be monogamous. Joe is coming from a point of 'clarity' not insecurity, and can say “This does not serve me, I can find something else.” He will not do this out of defense to protect his security, he will do this simply because it is a preference.

If you want to know if you are thinking out of preference and not denial, when you make your choice that you 'say' is out of preference, is there any unpleasant emotionality around that? This will require the person to be able to look at themselves and say, “Am I angry, is that why I'm making this declaration of my preference?” or “Am I hurt, do I feel wounded?” If there's any type of emotionality, other than 100-percent excitement for your preference, then you have a key that there may be some level of denial there. If Joe says, “I don't want my wife to be polygamous,” there's a higher degree of denial because he said what he doesn't want his mate to do... externalizing. If Joe says, “I prefer to be monogamous in my relationship and be with someone who feels the same,” and he says that out of excitement, he is centered and internalizing. These examples are a beginning point to help you.

If you're externalizing, then there's something you're not looking at. That's been a habit of human-kind for a long time... blaming your pain on someone else or another circumstance.

Going back to the genetic manipulation and the behavioral programming, not all females were manipulated in this way. This was not attached to all XX chromosomes. It was only for the control group. As the generations went by, of course, the genetic structures did begin to be mixed. Some people have the codes, some have them and they are latent, some don't have them at all... it's not an inhibiting factor at all. Your own awareness and desire can alter the genetic coding, without returning to the laboratory.

Right now, you're all pushing each other's buttons, so to speak. So, pretty soon, there's not going to be any more buttons to push. Therefore, your relationships will no longer be based on all of this growth and all of this change, all of this drama, it will be based on the harmonic resonance of your frequencies.

The bottom line is that you stop looking for love outside of yourselves. If everyone on your planet 100-percent totally loved themselves, these issues would not even be a factor. All the struggle for self-love is really what the bottom line is."

- Germane

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