Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Calling on Extraterrestrials Intro

Editor's Introduction

This book is entitled Calling on Extraterrestrials for a good reason. The title has two interpretations. First, "calling on" can mean "paying a visit", as one would call on a friend for tea. Second, it can also mean "asking for", as in requesting help or guidance, as one would call on one's doctor for a diagnosis. Our neighbors, whom we call ETs, are letting us know that they are open to meeting with us, and to providing guidance when they deem it appropriate. The steps outlined here will tell you how to do it - if you're serious. But the question still remains, one that many of you will ask: Why do it this way? Why don't ETs just show up as talking heads on Larry King Live?

The answer was addressed in the first book of this series, but in case you missed it, I will say again that evolved and enlightened beings landing on this planet in broad daylight would cause such disruptions to our cultural, religious, military, political, and economic paradigms, the resulting panic and chaos would make Orson Welles' 1938 radio program, based on H.G. Wells' novel The War of the Worlds look like a tractor-rusting party. Our ET friends would prefer for us to call on them as individuals, as we become ready and willing. When enough of us have changed the paradigms, ie, primarily the one where we think killing people for good reasons, particularly in the name of God, is okay, then they might consider going on Oprah and schmoozing with us. But right now, it would be akin to a gazelle bounding into a pride of lions and saying, "Let's talk!"

So how do we get to meet them? One may say, "Simple - read this book!" No question, there are eleven steps here that will help you accomplish that goal. But things are not always what they seem. In order to appreciate what you are going to read in this book, you may have to shift some of your cultural beliefs.

You see, on a very deep societal level, most people, especially the well educated and scientifically oriented, are well aware of the materialistic paradigm that currently affects our beliefs. Even if we recognize that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience, we continue to accept that we are in a "scientific" age, ruled by the paradigm that says, "If science doesn't prove it, then it doesn't exist." Never mind that the standards of proof are often determined by the beliefs of the inquirer. We also manage to compartmentalize our spiritual or religious beliefs by confining them to one day a week, where we are allowed to pray and worship. The rest of the week is then devoted to the competitive, materialistic, right-and-wrong, survival mode driving the daily lives of most of us on this planet.

But the ETs convey a very simple message here. If you are open to encounters with them, there are many ways to do so. Some of those ways are non-physical (as most of us would describe it) - for example, meeting in dreams, or in energy-bodies. Even physical contact may involve some phenomena that scientists would label "physically impossible" - such as craft blinking in and out of visibility, bodies moving through solid walls, or telepathic speech and communication.

This extraordinary book will tell you how to have encounters with ETs. It is a choice, but one that is governed by curiosity, not fear. And in my opinion, in the final analysis, it is not the encounter itself that is important. It is what can be learned from it, and carried back to others. If we only learn that they are real, that they are our neighbors, that they want to help us - perhaps that is enough. If we can learn more about the universe, about love, about our place in the totality of God, then that is even better.

Robert S. Friedman

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