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Conv. Nostradamus 3 - Ch.14

The Anti-Christ

EVERY ONE OF THE SUBJECTS translated quatrains that related to the predicted scenario of the coming World War III. This was the topic that concerned Nostradamus the most, and apparently was one of the main reasons for this communication. He believed if we were warned and alert that we could avert some of the worst things he had seen in his black mirror. Some of these visions referred to the buildup for war in the ever-turbulent Middle East. These translations came through in the early part of 1989, and are documented and dated. It is notable that in retrospect many of them seem to refer to the conditions of the short Persian Gulf War that took place in late 1990 and early 1991. according to Nostradamus, this was only the beginning. That war was the first rumblings of the approaching storm when the monster would plunge the world into chaos if we did not heed these warnings.

Century VIII-70

He will enter, wicked, unpleasant, infamous, tyrannizing over Mesopotamia. All friends made by the adulterous lady, the land dreadful and black of aspect.

W: [Wayne] I'm seeing something that you probably wont' want to hear.

D: Why? I hear so many strange things.

W: So anyway, where is Mesopotamia?

D: Oh, that's an old name. It doesn't exist anymore. It was somewhere in Asia, in the – what do they call that – the fertile crescent. (I discovered later that Mesopotamia is the ancient name for Iraq.)

W: That doesn't seem to fit in this quatrain.

D: Why? What did you see that you thought I wouldn't want to hear?

W: (Chuckle) Well, the tyrant would be our current President, George Bush (Sr.), and that lady would be the Statue of Liberty. The country would be the United States.

D: But it is called the “adulterous lady.”

W: Well, she has been somewhat whored out in her years. She, at one time, stood for liberty, but liberty is a word like Mesopotamia. It's a long gone word.

D: “He will enter wicked, unpleasant, infamous, tyrannizing over Mesopotamia.” That refers to Bush? But it says, “All friends made by the adulterous lady.”

W: Our allies.

D: Then “adulterous” in that context means she wouldn't be true to them.

W: She is not true to anybody at this point in our time.

D: “The land dreadful and black of aspect.” it doesn't sound like a very good description of the United States, does it?

W: I told you you wouldn't want to hear it, Dolores.

D: Well, I try to remain neutral and not draw conclusions.

W: A great deal of the world's woes stem from this country and this administration. This administration has just begun (1989), but it's post-dating another that this administration was part of.

D: Ask him, couldn't this description describe other countries in the past?

W: It could have, but it would have been before Nostradamus' time.

After the fact, this quatrain seems to most definitely to the US involvement in Iraq.

Century V-4

The great mastiff is driven out of the city, angered by the foreign alliances. Later having chased the stag to the field, the wold and the bear will defy each other.

W: This is an event that will happen in the Middle East to the leader of Israel or Egypt. He will be driven from power jointly by unpopular decisions and by accepting aid from opposing sides.

D: Then the leader is the mastiff. Who are the other animals?

W: The bear is Russia and the wolf is America.

D: That's interesting symbolism to describe America as a wolf. Can you see why he's using that symbol?

W: Yes, because the wolf is an animal who hunts in packs. There are packs, groups of Americans, scattered around the globe, and they are hunters.

D: Who is the stag?

W: The stag will be the mediator who tries to bring peace into this area that is being warred over.

D: Can you see what countries are fighting?

W: It seems as if the whole area is in war. The whole Middle East is out of control.

D: And during that time the leader is chased from power. Am I correct in assuming that America and Russia will intervene in some way?

W: Russia and America are already in the thick of it, and they're currently being used to oppose each other. Whereas, after certain events take place, they will try to heal their differences and work together.

D: Do you know what these events are?

W: The certain events are the downfall of one ruler, and the coming together, the mutual communication that will follow this event. This is to happen in our near future. [This interpretation was done in early 1989.]

Century V-62

Blood will be seen to rain on the rocks, Sun in the East, Saturn in the West. War near Orgon, a great evil seen near Rome, ships sunken and the trident taken.

N: [Nina] I was seeing things happening in the sky. When you talked of the trident and Orgon, I saw the sky, and then I was looking down on the Middle East area. This is strongly referring to that part of the world, as far as the bloodshed, the blood on the rocks. And much of it refers to the skies, and how the planets are when this occurs. But Rome is not the Rome of Italy – it is something else. I believe Rome stands for the force trying to conquer. And it is symbolic of an underground group that has created an uprising in this part of the world.

D: Is the underground group positive or negative?

N: This seems to be a negative influence, for sure.

D: What does it mean, “war near Orgon”?

N: I am seeing Orgon in the sky. It's a formation. Maybe when that formation in the sky occurs it will be the time of the blood over the rocks, and the rising of Rome.

D: Then you think it is a star formation?

N: Yes, or planet alignment.

Could “war near Orgon” refer to the planet Mars (as the symbol for war) near the constellation Orion (as an anagram)?

D: Is “the blood will be seen to rain on the rocks” symbolic or specific?

N: To me it's bloodshed, explosions from the sea. Oh! I just saw something different. I saw a red sea. I see the blood on the rocks and it is coming from the water. There seems to be some type of formation in the sky, and an explosion. And then I'm seeing the waves come in like a red sea, a red tide. I don't know what that's from, except that this large animal has been washed up on shore.

D: Do you see a large animal?

N: I do, but I don't know if the mirror is playing games or using symbolism. This large animal might represent a force of takeover.

D: That could refer to the last part, “ships sunken and the trident taken.”

N: Yes. There's much unrest, much purging to be accomplished in that part of the world. There must be unification if humanity is to evolve.

D: Do you see this as a war or a separate incident?

N: I see this as a revolution. Unrest in one country that leads to others. It starts off slowly and snowballs. It is in the Middle East.

Century VII-28

The captain will lead a great herd on the mountain closest to the enemy. Surrounded by fire he makes such a way, all escape except for thirty put on the spit.

N: I'm getting a picture of the Middle East. I see Israel and a neighbor at war. This could be the near future. It seems that in this attack there was the counter-attack of the Israelis that surrounded these people, and they could not get away. It's just more upheaval in the Middle East. They will definitely have to go through severe cleansing.

Century IX-34

The partner, solitary but married, will be mitred, the return, fighting will cross over the Tuileries. By five hundred one traitor will be ennobled, Narbonne and Saulce, we will have oil for knives.

B: [Brenda] He says this quatrain refers to the world situation in general leading up to the time of the Anti-Christ. It is basically what you would consider the present time. “We will have oil for knives” refers to countries trading weapons with the Middle East in exchange for crude oil. And he says the one that will be mitred refers to the Polish pope.

D: Our present pope?

B: Yes. “solitary but married” to the church. He says the trader that will be ennobled by 500 refers to the inner group, the Cabal itself. They are the ones that pull the strings of power, and decide who will be in power of the various governments, so they “ennoble” people. He used that symbolism because in his time to be noble meant to be powerful, to be in charge of things. And so someone who is ennobled is someone who has been given the power to be in charge.

D: (I didn't quite understand.) The trader is also the Cabal?

B: No, he is the one who is being puppeted by the Cabal. He says when you relisten to your device you will hear it.

D: It's symbolic of that group taking one person and making them powerful. “The return, fighting will cross over the Tuileries”.

B: He says that refers to some of the things that will be going on with the underground movement trying to fight the Cabal and the Anti-Christ.

D: The part about “oil for knives” does make sense with what's going on right now. Can I ask him about something that just happened in the last few days (1989)?

B: He says, “ask.”

D: We're having many problems with Omar Quaddafi in Libya. Nostradamus once said that the man was crazy, and could have been the Anti-Christ if he had played his cards right. Well, he has a factory over there, and the Americans thought they were producing gas, poison weapons and such. But Quaddafi said he was producing drugs. Which is correct?

B: Both. He says the factory involved is into chemical research for the purpose of warfare. On the one hand, they are developing various poisonous gases and hallucinogens to be released into the air and water, to knock people out in droves in order to take over a country very easily. At the same time they're also researching into drugs, various subtle poisons and such in order to assassinate leaders.

D: Of course, Quaddafi claims it's pharmaceuticals – just ordinary harmless drugs.

B: Nostradamus says the same type of equipment can be used to produce both. He may be producing some pharmaceuticals, but if you get behind the locked doors you will find some very strange pharmaceuticals. He says the Anti-Christ has Libya very firmly in his camp. He knows he has support from Libya. Whether or not he will decide to try to inflame things between Libya and another country, that is cloudy. In a sense Quaddafi realizes his missed destiny. He could have become the Anti-Christ himself, but he took a wrong turn in his past and ended up being the ranting popinjay that he is now.

Century IV-85

The white coal is driven out by the black, made a prisoner, led to the tumbril: his feet are tied together like a rogue, when the last born will let slip the falcon.

N: [Nina] The picture's coming in of the Middle East. Oh, so much unrest, so much aggression, so much destruction. I'm seeing symbolism here, too. I see generations on both sides rising up. They can no longer tolerate how their life has been, and they can no longer raise their children on hate and fear. I see them being led, but it seems that the leader is found to be a false prophet. What they thought was going to unify them and solve their problems has brought them back into bloodshed and destruction. I see strong intervention from other realms at this point. They are at the point of totally atomically destroying that area of the world. And I see intervention from other dimensions, other beings because they an no longer have deformed, demented generations brought up on hate and fear.

D: What is the symbolism of “the white coal driven out by the black”?

N: I see reflection upon reflection here. The black and the white, the black and the white. And I see much swirling circular reflection and interchange. Oh, I see now. I see some type of huge bomb, smoke, that went off to cause such destruction. And I see a whole black layer lingering over that part of the world.

D: Who set off the explosion?

N: This happened right in the Middle East. It was stupidity and ignorance. They did not understand what the results would be. (Softly) But they are now going to learn.

D: Do you mean it hurt their own country, and this was not what they intended?

N: No, no. it was faulty ignorance. They weren't paying enough attention. They did not calculate correctly. Enough destruction is happening that whatever survives, whoever survives, it will bring on a new society.

D: Then it wasn't caused by another country, they did this themselves?

N: Yes, yes.

Could this refer to the blowing-up of the oil wells in 1991 which did indeed create a deadly pall over the area of Kuwait?

D: “His feet are tied together like a rogue. When the last born will let slip the falcon.”

N: I'm getting pictures of a man who is consumed with being a power-monger, and filled with such hate that he is one and the same being: the falcon, the rogue. The leader who was responsible for the destruction. I guess they thought it was the only way to solve the problem. It ended up being a horrible miscalculation. It was the only inevitable end so there could be a new beginning. Nostradamus seems to be very worn out, but he sees these as probable futures and he can see them to their conclusion. He also feels if there is an open awareness and communication things can be changed. I believe he feels this will be the inevitable way, but he also feels there is communication on so many levels. Just as he hears the voices and is told in vision what to do, he believes if the masses can be awakened to this level, then there can be intervention and we can control it.

Century X-10

Stained with murder and enormous adulteries, great enemy of all mankind, he will be worse than his ancestors, uncles and fathers, in steel, fire and water, bloody and inhuman.

N: I see a picture of the Middle East conflict. I'm seeing the person in power showing one philosophy to his public, and yet his personal life is corrupt to an extreme. But people with power and demented minds can excuse themselves all things. They find they can live with two faces. But eventually it will catch up with them.

D: Can he tell you who this person is?

N: This seems to be a new leader. And this will be an accumulation of years. There will be wars and rebellion. I think the population is going to revolt also. This man is a power-monger with much venom, and it's a drug. Power and strength will excuse all of his personal perversions. People will find out after time passes, that this leader speaks one thing and lives another way.

D: Can you see what he looks like?

N: It's hard to tell this person's age, but it appears that he has dark hair that is graying, a mustache and no beard.

D: This is not the Anti-Christ figure?

N: This is a very negative figure. But when you said that word “Anti-Christ”, I was seeing more than one person. I see various negative persons coming to power and creating civil wars and revolts within their countries. I see this happening in several places.

D: Are you able to distinguish which one is the Anti-Christ that we have spoken of before?

N: This person that history writes about – I feel that he does come from the Middle East. But this person in power I am looking at now is not intelligent enough. The other man is a master of manipulation. This Anti-Christ appears younger. He seems to be the one that will take power after this present one falls. When this dark figure comes to power, the people think they have found a new savior, like the one that had died. And this master manipulator will be in power.

D: But there will be civil war and revolutions?

N: That's what I'm seeing. The people will revolt because of the lies, the hypocrisy, the stealing and using wealth for his own purposes. This will all happen shortly.

Century VIII-79

He who loses his father by the sword, born in a Nunnery, upon this Gorgon's blood will conceive anew; in a strange land he will do everything to be silent, he who will burn both himself and his child.

B: He says this is a description of the Anti-Christ.

D: “He who loses his father by the sword, born in a nunnery”?

B: Symbolizing that there was no male around in the family because his father was dead. He will be raised by uncles and what-have-you.

D: That's significant because that can mold a person's life. “Upon this Gorgon's blood will conceive anew.” Isn't a Gorgon a monster in mythology?

In Greek mythology, Gorgon refers to any of the three sisters Stheno, Euryale, and the mortal Medusa who had snakes for hair and eyes that if looked into turned the beholder into stone.

B: Yes. He says that is symbolizing how he will bring up old horrors and tortures in the process of trying to take over the world. He'll be renewing old hostilities.

D: “In a strange land he will do everything to be silent.”

B: When he is preparing to take over a country he will be very sneaky and use a lot of propaganda, but it will not seem to be coming from him.

D: “He who will burn both himself and his child.”

B: He says the Anti-Christ will be so crazed for power in order to take over the world that he won't care who he hurts to do it.

Century X-9

In the Castle of Figueras on a misty day a sovereign prince will be born of an unworthy woman. The surname of Chausses on the ground will make him posthumous, never was a king so bad in his province.

B: He says this quatrain refers to the birth of the Anti-Christ. He says most of this quatrain is basically straight forward. “An unworthy woman” refers to one: the fact that his mother was a commoner and not royalty. And two, it refers to the fact that it's in a country where women are regarded as property. He says the other lines refer to the politics in the country where he is born. The last line actually refers to how horrible he will be to the world in general.

D: “In the castle of Figueras on a misty day the sovereign prince will be born”?

B: He says it's an anagram. The Anti-Christ's place of birth is somewhere in the near east – what is called the Middle East. The names and places are anagrams of the city where he will be born, and also anagrams of the political situation. It's not a real castle. He says many of the cities are fortified cities, and therefore that image would arise in his mind, because there would be walls around the old city.

D: Then the “surname of Chausses”?

B: That refers to a clan that is powerful in that country. It will be the clan that he is allied to. Since he is of common birth, he is not from a particular clan, but that clan will claim him.

D: Is that also an anagram?

B: Yes. “On the ground” refers to his common roots. And “will make him posthumous” refers to their claiming him later.

I wanted to go into detail because I think this is an important quatrain. We have many facts about the Anti-Christ, and we wanted to get more clues if we could. So now we have another piece of the puzzle. In their translation they have come close. One translator suggests this could possibly describe one of Nostradamus' Anti-Christs, but they weren't sure which one.

Century V-9

At the foot of the great fallen arch, the friend is captured forestalled by the leader. A woman will bear a son whose face and forehead are covered with hair; then through cunning the Duke escapes death.

W: [Wayne] I'm trying to see where the great fallen arch is. It's somewhere in Europe.

D: What does it look like?

W: It's a cathedral. I'm not getting clear images on this. The duke is the father of the child. He is the one betrayed and also the one that escapes. And he will be betrayed by someone in the church. He escapes, but he is allowed to escape. There is something of importance with the child. The child seems to be molded by this figure, this betrayer, the church official.

D: What is the symbolism of, “his face and forehead are covered with hair”?

W: it appears to be a child conceived of a dark ritual. (Sigh) Some forces worship good, some forces worship evil. This ritual was one of darkness rather than light. And during the ritual the child was conceived, and thus is believed to be special.

D: I thought the symbolism of the face being covered with hair had something to do with hiding him.

W: Well, hiding is not the right word. Grooming is the correct word.

D: What is the purpose of all this?

W: To do another ritual. The purpose is a manifestation of the ego. This child of ritual is believed to be special, so they'll treat him as special and thus he will be special. He will be a leader of many people.

D: In a positive or a negative way?

W: I can't think of a word to replace “negative”, so we'll leave it at that. Dark would be more effective.

D: In what country will he be a leader?

W: he will be the leader of leaders. He will lead many countries. He will be a very influential individual, whose suggestions will be heeded.

D: Apparently this will be an important person in our future?

W: Yes. The priest has already fled. Certain events have already taken place. Others have not. He will lead many rulers from the Middle East countries. And he will sit at his place of abode, which is only where he lives sometimes, not necessarily what he controls. “Control” and “the leader of” are not the correct terms for this individual. I want to say that he is a very influential person to listen to. And if you would call that a leader or a controller, then that is the term. The area that he will try to control is the Middle East because of its wealth in minerals and antiquities. It is also a controlling pivotal point. To have control of the Middle East is to have a type of control of the world.

D: Does Nostradamus have any word or title that we can know this person by?

W: The only thing I'm getting is, we'll know who he is when it happens. He is here now. He is in training. He's practicing.

Century VI-16

That which the young hawk will carry off, by the Normans of France and Picardy. The black ones of the temple at the Black wood will make an inn and fire at Lombardy.

W: This has to do with a kidnapping. The black ones would be the pursuers that are coming after the kidnapped. It seems the kidnapped is not actually a person. It's something stolen.

D: The young hawk will kidnap something that is not really a person.

W: Steal something, I think is a better word.

D: Do you have any idea what?

W: Yes. It's a book.

D: Why would a book be that important?

W: It is a book of … a belief system, of practices. I'm trying to think of more correct words than “spells and enchantments”. The book contains different meditation techniques, physical techniques and exercises for specific results. It is a book that was carefully guarded and kept by a group of people.

D: “That which the young hawk will carry off, by the Normans of France and Picardy.” Does that have anything to do with that book?

W: This is the area where it is kept.

D: The last part is, “the black ones of the temple, at the black wood, will make an inn and fire at Lombardy.”

W: This is where they will go to retrieve their book. They will use their collective knowledge against the thief, who has not yet had the time to keep the book and study it. The young hawk knows the book is important and could be used as a helpful tool in his cause. Yet he will not have it in his possession long enough to study the contents.

D: Then the black ones are the ones it is stolen from, and they will attempt to get it back. Will they be successful?

W: Yes. The knowledge in the book was used and practiced by a group of people, a family, a community that did not share the knowledge with the general population. They didn't realize the danger, as they felt protected. They had no way of knowing that anyone even knew of the book's existence. It was like a thief in the night.

D: I wonder how the young hawk found out about it?

W: The young hawk knows many things. He could probably get that information in much the same way you're getting this information. But he will not be successful in keeping the book, and I suspect they will guard it more carefully after this. When I look at this individual, he seems very powerful. He has practiced and accentuated his natural gifts. They are similar to the gifts that Nostradamus has with the mind.

D: But that would be good, wouldn't it?

W: It could be good.

D: What do you mean?

W: Nostradamus could also use his gifts for harm.

D: Do you think this person will use his gifts in a harmful way?

W: He will use his gifts in a bid for power.

After Wayne awakened, we discussed this quatrain, and he added his impression:

W: The group that went after him was like a concentrated energy. They knew what their goal was, just as this “young hawk” knew his goal when he came after the book. Once the book was gone, the objective was to get it back, and get it back soon. So they went after him, and their concentrated and combined knowledge was able to outsmart him. At this point he doesn't have the power he will have later.

D: Did you get a feeling this was a Satanic group? Everything was in black.

W: No, I didn't. It was not Satanic or evil at all. I would say it was a religious group, but religious is not a good term. A coven maybe.

D: They have secret knowledge that is contained and practiced within their group, and no outsiders are allowed into it.

W: It seemed as if part of the ritual they performed to get the book back was through the fire. That might not have been mentioned. There was something about fire in the quatrain.

Century X-67

A very great trembling in the month of May, Saturn in Capricorn, Jupiter and Mercury in Taurus. Venus also in Cancer, Mars in Virgo, then hail will fall greater than an egg.

B: [Brenda] He was thinking the astrological person will be better suited for this one. He says this quatrain refers to a situation coming up in the future when the Earth will be about to plunge into another war. And he says it will be happening in the month of May. The “hail bigger than eggs” refers to some of the weapons used. But he's saying the crucial thing is that this situation can be avoided. It would be a matter of communication. Don't let the communication break down. He's saying he saw this particular situation, and thought if it was to happen it would be a matter of a stupid misunderstanding. It is something that could be avoided.

D: What kind of communication?

B: Regular communication between governments.

D: Can he tell me what countries are involved?

B: No. He says you'll have to find that out from the astrologer through the astrological signs given. He said if you will recall from past quatrains, in addition to referring to dates they can also refer to countries according to the country's astrological sign. He says once again you must remember he uses multiple meanings. He was trying to squeeze everything in, information-wise, when he put these into epigrams. He says that by following these signs and conjunctions you could pin it down to an approximate date range. But at the same time one can use the symbology to figure out what countries would be involved.

D: Can he give me an idea of the time period?

B: No, that's what the astrological signs are for. He says sometimes time is hard to untangle. He can see events and it is difficult to pin it down to a year. But he can see the planets swirling above, and he wrote it down because that will be their positions when this event is occurring. But he will say that it is in our future.

D: That will help. Then this will take a great deal of study from the astrologer. This quatrain has caused much controversy because they thought it meant a great earthquake, or maybe something to do with the shift of the Earth.

B: He says the Earth will be shaking from the threat of war.

When I showed this quatrain to my astrologer, it would seem to be an easy one to interpret because of the mention of so many explicit astrological signs. But again, I discovered Nostradamus had woven an ingenious trick into the quatrain. This quatrain caused quite a bit of excitement a few years ago when it was publicized that it predicted a terrible earthquake for California. When the earthquake didn't' materialize, many people said it proved Nostradamus was a fraud, and his predictions were inaccurate. As we have seen before, that depends on the interpretation of the prophecies. So we set out to explain this quatrain in the manner instructed by Nostradamus himself, and came to an amazing conclusion.

The astrologer found that Saturn was in Capricorn from February 1955 to February 1991. In May 1988 almost all of the signs fit; Jupiter and Mercury were in Taurus, and Venus was in Cancer, but Mars was in Pisces instead of Virgo. What did this mean? We studied the French translation because we had already discovered from past experiences that the fault often lies there. The French read: Mars en Nonnay. Ms. Cheetham's book explained how she had come to the conclusion that Nonnay was Virgo. She said the word came from Nonne or Nonnain, a nun or virgin.

The astrologer did not agree with this explanation because another translation for “nonnay” was colloquial slang expression for “zero” or “nothing”. She said if you asked someone what they were doing, they could reply, “Nonnay,” or “nothing.” Taken in this context the quatrain could mean “Mars in zero, or nothing.” She then found that on May 22-23, 1988, Mars was zero degrees of Pisces.

I also thought Mars could stand for war, and the interpretation could be “War in Virgo.” So by applying Nostradamus' instructions to check the astrological signs for countries, she found certain significant countries represented by the sign of Virgo. Assyria (ancient empire in the region of the upper Tigris River), Mesopotamia, between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers (present-day Turkey and Iraq), Babylonia, Turkey, Greece, Croatia. Countries under the sign of Capricorn: Albania, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Macedonia (an area comprising parts of Greece, Bulgaria and Yugoslavia), parts of Persia, Afghanistan. Countries under Taurus: Persia, Poland, Belorussia (White Russia). A country under Cancer is, of course, the United States.

Can this be coincidence that these names began to appear in the news during 1988 to 1991 as unrest spread through these areas, and the Persian Gulf War began and ended within this timeframe? Also the problems escalated in Yugoslavia, and the breakup of the Soviet empire began. Nostradamus said at this time the Earth would be about to plunge into another war, due to a stupid misunderstanding and a breakdown in communication between governments. He said the quatrain did not refer to an actual earthquake, but that the Earth would be shaking from the threat of war.

With great exhilaration we realized that Nostradamus was correct once again. We had the tremendous satisfaction that comes when you solve a complicated puzzle.

Century V-19

The great golden Royal, augmented by brass breaks the covenant; war is started by a young man. The people are afflicted by a lamented leader, the land will be covered with barbarian blood.

B: He says this quatrain refers to the time of the Anti-Christ. There will be great restlessness because of economic difficulties, being referred to as the “golden royal being betrayed by brass.” He says the advisors will not be advising wisely, and so things will be very unstable economically. It will make it very easy for the Anti-Christ to start shaking things up – to his advantage.

D: That's what I thought it might mean by “the war is started by a young man.” The people are afflicted by a lamented leader”?

B: The leaders who are in power at the time, the duly elected representatives of the people, will be weak, vacillating men. They will not have what it takes, and meanwhile the people will be calling for decisive action.

D: This will be in the beginning when the economic problems start. That's what he means by the golden royal – it's referring symbolically to a coin?

B: Yes. And to economics in general.

The following conversation took place upon awakening:

B: I saw that the United States government will not solve its deficit problem. It is beyond control now and it will continue to snowball. When that reaches the ultimate horrible conclusion, it will have a destabilizing effect all over the world which makes it easier for the Anti-Christ.

D: That figures. It seems as if we're heading into economic trouble everywhere.

B: Yes. And with a major government like the United States collapsing from it, you know it's going to have some drastic effects. There'll be other things going on as well. But I guess that's the main thing that stuck in my head because I'm an American and it would affect me.

D: Three years ago when we started this project, we wouldn't have thought these things could really happen. Now I'm not so sure. They look very possible. And it looks, as he said, threateningly close.

B: Exactly. I get the feeling that when the government and the economy collapses, the United States dollar will be like the Deutsche mark during the 1920s. It will be absolutely worthless. This is my own hypothesizing now, but I think that if the United States currency is basically worthless, the people will turn to other mediums of exchange. They might use various substances and items for bartering, like bushels of wheat and corn and such for basic units of measure. I'm theorizing, but I daresay that in certain areas of the black market there will be substances such as marijuana being used as an item of exchange in place of money.

Century V-16

The Sabine tears will no longer be of value, human flesh through death is burnt to ashes; the island of Pharos disturbed by (man of) the cross, when at Rhodes a dreadful sight is seen.

B: He says this quatrain refers to the fact that some nuclear weapons will be used during the battles with the Anti-Christ in the area of the eastern Mediterranean Sea. That is the terrible sight that will be seen.

D: That would also refer to “human flesh through death is burnt to ashes.” “The Sabine tears will no longer be of value”?

B: Traditionally the tears of the Sabines were considered symbolic of jewels of wisdom gained through painful experience. People will no longer heed past advice and experience and wisdom, and it will contribute to the holocaust of using a nuclear bomb.

D: “The island of Pharos disturbed by the man of the cross.”

B: This is referring to the Anti-Christ.

D: Why is he called the “man of the cross”?

B: Because before he is totally defeated he continues to try to put himself forward as the natural leader of humanity.

Century IX-32

A deep column of fine porphyry is found, inscriptions of the Capitol under the base; bones, twisted hair, the Roman strength tried, the fleet is stirred at the harbor of Mitylene.

D: I had trouble pronouncing that word. Is “porphyry” a stone or something?

B: Your pronunciation is close enough. It is a substance. It refers to one of the ingredients that make up so-called “tar or asphalt.” This quatrain refers to the general political situation at the time when the Anti-Christ first comes. “The column of fire porphyry with the carving of capitals at its base” refers to how basic government and moral structures will be turned upside down, so to speak. Everybody will be confused, and into this confusion the Anti-Christ will come. And that will make it easier for him to take over.

D: What does “bones and twisted hair” symbolize?

B: That symbolizes the old values that have been tossed out, but should have been kept: things like fair-dealing and honesty. Things will become so topsy-turvy and so turned around, that it will be rare to find an honest person you can trust dealing with.

D: And “the Roman strength tried” dealt with Italy?

B: He says that refers to how he will come up from the south into Europe.

D: Yes, we've covered other quatrains that dealt with his battle plans (in Volume One; see Index). Why would he use the symbolism of the porphyry?

B: He says one of the key issues of the conflict will be control of the oil fields.

D: They didn't even try to translate that one.

Century IX-74

In the homicidal city of Fertsod, again and again many Oxen plough, not sacrificed, again a return to the honors of Artemis, and to Vulcan the corpses of the deed to bury.

B: He says this quatrain refers to the wars that will be taking place with the Anti-Christ. He says it's a representative example of how a city or place will get so involved with fighting and the war that they will forget to cover the basics. The land will be so torn up with war and destruction that the farmers will find it very difficult to farm. The people will have to rely more on hunting to put food on the table.

D: Is that what is meant, “again a return to the honors of Artemis”?

B: That refers to hunting. Artemis was goddess of the hunt.

D: And “to Vulcan the corpses of the dead to bury.”

B: That means there will be so many people dead that they will return to cremation because they will not be able to bury them all. Vulcan was the original blacksmith and forger of metal. He was the one who invented how to make fires hot enough to melt metal. That's the type of fire you would need for cremation.

Century X-6

The Gardon will flood Nimes so high that they will think Ducalion has been reborn. In the colossus the greater part will flee, Vesta's fire appears extinguished in the tomb.

B: He says this quatrain refers to an incident in the next world war.

D: In the next world war?

B: Yes, in the one coming up. The conflict that will be in the process of developing that the Anti-Christ will take advantage of. He says this describes an opposing power bombing the Pentagon.

D: (Surprised) The Pentagon?

B: Yes. The “colossus” refers to the Pentagon. He says “Vesta's fire appearing to be extinguished in the tomb” is a descriptive phrase describing the bomb dropping down on the Pentagon with a fiery wake, exploding there, and being covered up with smoke. And he says, “being extinguished in the tomb” means it will be the type of bomb that kills people without damaging the structures too much. It will turn the Pentagon into a tomb.

D: What does the first part mean? “The Gardon will flood Nimes so high they will think Ducalion has been reborn.”

B: He says that refers to the country who casts the bomb. Their political leader will flood the press with misinformation, plus he will draft and conscript so many into his army that it would appear to be a flood of war-making pouring out to sow discord on all involved.

D: It's not a flood of water, which would seem obvious with the reference to Ducalion. Is Gardon an anagram?

B: He asks that you spell it.

D: Well, they said it was an error in the French.

B: Spell it both ways.

D: The English has GARDON, and in the French it's SARDON. They said that's an error, and Sardon should be Gardon. What does he think?

B: One moment please. (Long pause) He says it is correct with the “S” because the word is “Sardon.” He used it in a misleading way so they would think he was making an anagram on the name of a river or perhaps some major body of water. Actually the anagram was on either the name or title of the political leader involved. He says in some cultures titles are used as names, and that sometimes blurs the distinction for seeing it.

D: So sometimes when they think there's an error it might not be.

B: This is true. And then sometimes there are.

D: I think he mentioned that New York might be bombed. But this refers to Washington.

B: Yes. The object of this would not be the bombing of the United States in general. Specifically, the object would be bombing the military center; that is, the Pentagon, in order to throw the United States sufficiently into chaos to assist the other side in attaining some of their goals. They want to create confusion – perhaps to keep the United States from actively participating for a period of time.

Century X-27

Through the fifth and a great Hercules they will come to open the temple with the hand of war; one Clement, Julius and Ascans put back, the sword, the key, the eagle never once felt so great a dislike.

B: He says this quatrain refers to when the Anti-Christ takes over the Vatican. One who is inside the Vatican, who is particularly known for his wisdom and foresight, will try to hide some of the more valuable documents, in order to save them from the Anti-Christ. The symbolism regarding the sword, the key, and the eagle represents the hatred that the Anti-Christ feels toward Christian institutions. It will be so great that any other rivalry or hatred that has occurred before will seem very minor by comparison. He says for example, the hatred that has existed between the United States and Russia will seem very minor and mild compared to the hatred the Anti-Christ will have for Christian institutions.

D: Does he want to explain the symbols of the sword, the key and the eagle?

B: He says the sword represents the force being used against the Vatican. The key represents the Vatican, in that they have knowledge locked away. And he seems to be saying that the eagle represents the pope.

D: “Through the fifth and a great Hercules.” What are those symbols?

B: Those were symbolizing the Anti-Christ and his forces.

D: He is a great Hercules?

B: That is representing brute strength without wisdom.

D: What does the number “fifth” represent?

B: He says that refers to the Anti-Christ, who would be numbered among the great tyrants of history. He says look at your historical works and count such tyrants as Hitler, Napoleon, Attila, and Genghis Khan.

D: Those other names in the quatrain are Roman names: Clement, Julius and Ascans?

B: He says he has already explained that part. It refers to the Vatican.

Century VII-7

Upon the struggle of the great, light horses, it will be claimed that the great crescent is destroyed. To kill by night, in the mountains, dressed in shepherd's clothing, red gulfs in the deep ditch.

B: He says this quatrain refers to unrest in the Middle East. The great light horses refer to atomic power. And he says the destruction of the great crescent refers to what has been called the “fertile crescent.” The area that used to be Mesopotamia (Iraq), and the area of Israel, Jordan, Sudan, the Middle East. Countries that used to be, a thousand years ago, fertile, but are now basically dry desert. The red gulfs refer to the bloodshed that will be taking place.

D: “To kill by night in the mountains, dressed in shepherd's clothing.”

B: He says this refers to stealthy attacks. The Anti-Christ's forces in the Middle East will disguise themselves as countrymen of the country they are trying to take over or destroy. The way they will be dressed and the way they will appear, the other countries will underestimate them and think them harmless.

Century VI-47

The two great ones, assembled between two mountains will give up their secret quarrel. Brussels and Dole overcome by Langres in order to execute their pestilence at Malines.

B: He says this quatrain refers to the United States and the Soviet Union standing together to fight the Anti-Christ.

D: That's their secret quarrel, because they have been enemies in the past. It says these ones are overcome “in order to execute their pestilence at Malines.”

B: That will be one of the areas where they'll be fighting the Anti-Christ.

Century IX-44

Leave, leave Geneva everyone, Saturn will change from gold into iron. Those against RAYPOZ will all be exterminated. Before the rush the sky will show signs.

D: Raypoz is a word they don't understand. (I spelled it and tried to pronounce it.)

B: Close enough. He says this quatrain refers to the time when the Anti-Christ is taking over Europe. Due to the great threat he will be posing to the world balance of order, Switzerland will not be neutral for the first time in all of its history. Switzerland will take the side of those who oppose the Anti-Christ. This is what is meant by “Saturn will change from gold to iron.” Currently Switzerland and Geneva are represented by gold because they are neutral and because of their banks and financial structure. But in this situation they will be fighting against the Anti-Christ, and so their assets will be geared to warfare, represented by iron, for the weapons and such. And so the warning to leave Geneva will be because there will be bombs dropping on and around Geneva. He says there will be signs in the sky, referring to the fact that the people will know the Anti-Christ's army is advancing, because of the aircraft flying over and dropping bombs. And because of the shells and such being shot into the city. They will see the rockets streaking across the sky. He says he uses Saturn, in this case, to represent patience and wisdom. The Swiss people have been very patient across many countries by staying neutral, and they have been wise to do this. But when this particular conflict comes along, they realize this is a case where you can't stay neutral because you're going to be swallowed up anyway. So they join those that are against the Anti-Christ because they're fighting for freedom. The Swiss are fiercely independent and fiercely in favor of freedom. He says Raypoz is representing the man who will become known as the Anti-Christ.

D: Is that an anagram of his name, or how does it represent him?

B: He says in the Anti-Christ's culture the people have something like a traditional title that is considered part of their name in addition to their family names. First Nostradamus got the title and one of the names the Anti-Christ will be known by, and condensed them together into one word. And then he made an anagram of that.

D: So it really is taken from two longer words. Are the letters reversed?

B: He says they are moderately jumbled around. And he says those who like to break codes and try to figure things out should have fun working with it. He feels he was quite clever in the way he switched the letters around.

D: The translators thought it might be a name, an unsolved anagram. They're saying this quatrain refers to the Protestants and the Vatican because Calvin was from Geneva.

B: He says that could be a reasonable interpretation, but he was mainly talking about he who will be known as the Anti-Christ because he will have such an adverse effect on world history.

D: Does the Anti-Christ end up taking Switzerland?

B: He says he thinks he probably will take Switzerland.

D: I think Nostradamus once said the Anti-Christ wanted the money there.

B: Yes. He says he can't tell if the Anti-Christ successfully gets the money or not because he feels that many of the Swiss will start taking the money out of the country by various secret ways. Thus it will basically end up being an empty victory for the Anti-Christ.

Century IX-14

The dyers' cauldron put in a flat place, wire, honey and oil and built over furnaces. They will be drowned, without saying or doing an evil thing, seven of Borneaux, the snake extinguished from the cannon.

B: He says this quatrain refers to the establishment of a research facility where scientists come and expand human knowledge. But due to the political situation the people in charge of this research project will be betrayed and the project canceled. The wine, honey and oil represent the resources put into it in their pursuit of knowledge. It represents economic wealth. The fires underneath represent hidden knowledge that they were trying to expose. The snake extinguished from the cannon represents the research project being canceled. The snake is being used symbolically as the bringer of knowledge from the book of Genesis. The snake gave the apple to Eve and opened her eyes and extended her knowledge. The cannon represents the political situation. Apparently this particular research facility interfered with the Anti-Christ's overall plans. Had this research facility not been closed down, the Anti-Christ would have been defeated much sooner. It is something that the people who fight the Anti-Christ will be desperately needing.

D: Then the “dyers' cauldrons” represents the facility. Why does he use that symbolism?

B: Because the cauldron is one of the tools used by alchemists in their pursuit of knowledge. They use it for melting down metal, and for trying to find the Philosopher's Stone or what-have-you. That is why he used this symbolism. The dyers' cauldron referring that the knowledge they were seeking was knowledge that could be used in warfare as well as in peace.

D: The way the word is written it indicates people that dye clothes.

B: Yes. He says when dyers dye clothes they change the color. He's using that to represent something that can be changed from one use to another. For instance, changed from white for peace to red for war.

D: There's one more, the “seven of Borneaux.”

B: He says that represents some of the backers, the supporters of this research facility. They will have to disband.

D: Is Borneaux a country or city?

B: No. He says that represents a family who in his time were active in the pursuit of knowledge, a family of seekers and learners. This family would help others who were not as well off as themselves, but who were wanting to seek and learn. So he was using that to symbolize people of like mind who wish to be supporters of knowledge.

D: Can he see where this facility is located?

B: He says this research facility will be somewhere on the central east coast of the United States.

D: Is he able to see what they are working on?

B: He thinks it is probably nuclear research. But the way they are going about it, they're not researching nuclear bombs or anything like that. They're researching things like nuclear-powered medical equipment, and various devices that are very intricate.

D: I would think those would be things they would want to continue researching.

B: But the Anti-Christ does not want those against him to have those things. That's why he has it destroyed, to hurt his enemies.

D: That's what it means by they “will be drowned.” I'd like to read him what the interpreters say, but I'm afraid it will make him angry.

B: He says his mustache needs a good bristle anyway.

D: (Laugh) They never even attempted to translate it. They said, “A typical, unintelligible Nostradamus quatrain at its worst.”

B: Well, he's not angry. He's just nodding his head and saying, “Well, I guess I did a good job.” He finds it reassuring, because if centuries of people have not been able to decipher what he was writing, then he doesn't need to worry about the Catholic Church figuring it out any time soon.

D: Not that one. It has very complicated symbolism. The church might have been able to recognize that family name, but that would be about all.

B: That is true.

Century VI-11

The seven branches will be reduced to three, the elder onces will be surprised by death. Two will be attracted towards fratricidal (strife): the conspirators will die while asleep.

W: [Wayne] This deals with the future. There are people in power that actually control, you might even say, world history. These people are not the president, not the kings. The controllers are unknown people and their numbers will dwindle from seven to three. This will be during a time of great chaos in the world. It will not be as a result of four dying, but in conjunction with four dying.

D: Are those four individuals or groups?

W: They are individuals.

D: It says, “the seven branches will be reduced to three.”

W: When three are in power rather than seven, it is still a majority but in a different sense. Whereas it would take four to be against three, two could be against one. It has something to do with brother killing brother in that power struggle. The seven are not blood brothers, but symbolic brothers. They are... like a fraternity. This fraternity is not well known. It is known by their puppets.

D: But not by the people at large?

W: Correct.

D: It sounds like this will occur during a time when things are, more or less, out of their hands. I would think if they were controlling events they wouldn't allow things to get to that stage.

W: Well, they haven't done a good job. Control is manageable and unmanageable. Circumstances often dictate how much control any individual or group of people can have. To be able to manipulate stock prices, to be able to manipulast food growth and money, precious gems; to be able to strangle a market in one area and free flow it in another area, is all something that can be controlled. Population, on the other hand, is something that got out of control. And of course that's what wars and disease are all about, trying to control it.

D: The natural control, you mean?

W: Natural and unnatural. Natural disasters and diseases control population of the Earth as well as unnatural disasters and disease control a portion of the population. The less to control, the easier to manage.

D: Then the population increased to a point where they could not control it the way they used to?

W: It's more difficult.

D: Is this a part of what causes their downfall is death of their members, if indeed a “downfall” is the correct term. The other part is disharmony, disagreement.

W: A loosening or a slipping of power that is not lost, but is harder to grasp, to pull back and keep.

D: Then Nostradamus sees these people as very important to history.

W: Yes, this group of seven. It hasn't been the same seven people controlling the world for the past hundred years. It is an inheritance.

D: Like a responsibility. I think we have spoken of this group before, so I am aware of it.

This apparently refers to the secretive cabal described in both Volumes One and Two (see Index, this volume).

Scientists around the world agree that increasing population is a major problem for the Earth at this time. They say that the world's population is growing at an unprecedented rate of almost 100 million people every year, and the total could nearly double to 10 billion people by the middle of the next century. They say something must be done to avoid possible “irreversible damage to the Earth's capacity to sustain life.”

D: Nostradamus has spoken to us many times about a figure he called the Anti-Christ.

P: [Pam] Nostradamus would like to say there is a figure whose thoughts dwell in the realms of darkness. Whose motives are distorted and who has expended knowledge in the realms of manipulating power. This person has conscious awareness of the great power we all possess, but this person also has conscious awareness of how to use and manipulate this power. This person is of the lowest, most disharmonious vibration. This is a person seen in Nostradamus' darkest nightmares and greatest fears, who does possess power to wreak great havoc and distortions on truth.

Pam then gave a description that has been echoed by all the subjects: a handsome young dark charismatic man.

D: Can Nostradamus tell you what country this man will come from?

P: This man seems to be in the Middle East. Nostradamus is showing me a map. I see Africa, and the Suez Canal, and then I see Saudi Arabia. That is an interesting question to myself, the reporter, because I would not have said “Saudi Arabia.” However, it looks like the top part of Saudi Arabia. I don't know the countries that are there, so I can't tell you the name.

D: As you look at this figure, can you see what he is doing at this time period in the beginning of 1989?

P: I see he is conferring with many powerful people. These are not necessarily governmental people, but some are. They have much money and much power. And they also have a great deal of ego, and a strong desire to have more power and more money. These people are like a “board of directors,” if you will, who meet on a regular basis with this man. They have a network of some kind.

D: Where do you see him meeting with these people?

P: In various locations. I see him traveling about by airplane. When you asked that, I immediately thought “London,” and then I also thought “Buenos Aires.” So obviously he flies.

D: He meets with different people in different locations?

P: They come to him in the main.

D: If they came to him, where would they meet him?

P: It seems very desert-like, almost like tents in the desert. Far from prying eyes and newspapers, reporters. Away from anyone who would be curious enough to try to see why these people were coming here and what they were doing. He seems very worldly. He can adopt the western dress of an American businessman and walk through an airport undetected. He doesn't seem to have a job or any visible means of support, other than these rich, rich people. He seems to be taken care of by this group of people. And I might say, they're all men. I see men in suites. I have no distinct visual images, except that there are many of them.

D: Do they have a headquarters?

P: Their “headquarters” is a loose term for when they gather with this man at his place in the desert. The rest of the time these are powerful corporate leaders, business people, who have their own little empires, their own high-rise buildings, their own personal headquarters.

D: They don't have a leader among themselves.

P: They definitely give him their power. He is their leader. He has a very magnetic personality, and is very forceful. I might say he's physically attractive, which is magnetic. But he also has that charisma that makes people want to come to him.

D: This is not similar to a religious type leader though. They also have a power, a charisma, over people.

P: No! He gives no credit to God or the creative source, the power of love. No, that does not exist in his realm of thinking at all.

D: Do these men look like different nationalities?

P: Yes, they are. They have the financial resources to construct what appears to be underground cities equipped for human habitation when the surface becomes unlivable. They are building these at his request.

D: Do you have any idea where these underground cities are?

P: I see many of them all over the place. I see them in England and Brazil. I don't know all the names of the countries. It looks like several, maybe five or more.

D: Are there any in the United States?

P: We have underground cities in this country, yes. But right now they are built by our government and we are not dealing with this man. Although our government is aware that this man exists, they are not connected with this “board of directors” at this time. But the board also knows of the underground cities that have been built by others than themselves. Thus they have plans for taking them when necessarily.

D: Why are they building these underground cities?

P: They know that the surface of Earth will become uninhabitable, due to the machinations of this fellow. He will some way – and at this point it seems more psychically than physically – convince those paranoid people who have the power to detonate massive explosions, to go forth and do so.

D: Then who will be living in these underground cities?

P: These rich people, their families, and others that they choose, but not the general populace. It seems that there is a plan to eliminate the mass numbers of human beings who inhabit the surface of the Earth, so there can be a starting over, if you will, after a time lapse.

D: What would be the purpose of destroying a great deal of people?

P: Most of the people.

D: What would be their purpose? We can all live here peacefully.

P: But these people cannot control all the human beings on the planet, as it exists now. It was easier in the past when there was less population. It is impossible for these men to control four or five billion people.

D: That sounds drastic. They would rather eliminate people so they could have their own little world?

P: Absolutely. We're not dealing with clarity, harmony and beauty. We're dealing with distortion taken to the ultimate distortion.

D: That doesn't sound sane.

P: You could label it “insane,” yes, for it is.

D: Is that how far their plans have gone – just to construct these cities?

P: At this point, yes. They're not ready to go any further at this point (in 1989). The cities are not supplied and capable of sustaining all of those they select to inhabit the new planet, as they choose to call it.

D: Are they planning to come forth at a later time, or are they going to stay underground?

P: They assume they will have to live underground for many years, but not their entire lifetime. This is a plan for them and their progeny to rule the planet. They have very short-term thinking though. They realize that the world will be uninhabitable for some period of time. But they have very large egos, so they think they will personally be alive to re-enter the external atmosphere.

D: They're not thinking that they might contaminate the surface to the point where nobody could live on it, themselves included.

P: That is not what they think. You have to remember that ego and big desire distort reality, or their perceptions of what reality is.

D: Won't there be people that will have to do the work in these underground cities?

P: Those are some they will choose.

D: They won't necessarily be family or members of the group.

P: Absolutely not! They will choose many to carry out the most mundane, trivial things to do, to take care of them. They'll be chosen beforehand. But many of those who do these menial jobs will not be there of their own free will. They will take people. Actually some people have already been taken.

D: It seems as if this would take a great deal of money.

P: They have it.

D: Can he show you in the mirror this group's next plan?

P: The plans after the cities are equipped is to move the families and the chosen people there, and become functioning cities. They must have all systems in place. This is incredibly complicated. They need an artificial light source, and of course pure water. There has to be some way to grow food. It looks as if they choose a hydroponic way. I see vast gardens already underway. They have to create means of transportation. But one of their big problems right now seems to be communicating throughout the planet from this underground city system. How do you communicate between, say London, Beirut and Buenos Aires, if you can't use surface or aerial means? So they're working out their communication systems. They must have people in place with all systems functioning before they themselves will enter the cities. Once all of these men and their families have entered, then they're ready to go forth with the detonations.

D: That is the next plan, to detonate on the surface?

P: That is correct.

D: Will the Anti-Christ do this from these underground cities or from the surface?

P: He could do it from anywhere.

D: But is he that powerful, or is it the group that is powerful?

P: He is powerful because the group has given him that power. This is an aberration of nature that he has been able to consciously gather this power unto himself. This is not what we would call “normal” by any stretch of the imagination. To have this much conscious control of power, and to channel it only in negative, destructive, harmful ways is an aberration. They came upon a plan of collecting and focusing negative powers on one individual who would then be able to utilize them. He chooses to do what he is directed to do by this group, but he doesn't think he's a pawn or puppet. He has this enormous ego and believes that he is the generator of this energy, not the recipient of the collective negative energies. He doesn't have it straight in his own mind how he's getting it. But there are forces at work at this moment. There are many visitors from other realms who are here to assure that whatever distorted power he may project will be counterbalanced by their energies. This man, this force, is known. Not particularly well-known on this planet, but he is known off this planet as a … what I see looks like a decay. He's known as a festering sore. These extraterrestrial entities exist in various places on the planet, and their purpose is balance and harmony. They are counteracting agents. Once you know there is something so terribly distorted and out-of-balance, it becomes incumbent upon you to send help. And it's here. But the Anti-Christ's ego doesn't allow him to say there may be forces even stronger than himself.

D: Is there anything we can do to stop that group, besides letting people know about them?

P: It seems that in the world as we know it, there are no such things as accidents. And this group of people exists, not by accident. The way I feel this story evolving, it is for the purpose of bringing forth this information in order to uplift all of humanity. So for us to go in at this time and physically remove them, for example: blow up the underground cities, or assassinate this man, would then relieve all people from their responsibility of clearing up their own emotional actions and judgments. We need to change. This would certainly be an impelling reason to change.

Century IV-88

Anthony, great in name, in his actions base, at the end will be devoured by lice. One who is eager for lead, passing the harbor will be drowned by the elected one.

B: He says this quatrain refers to the fall of the Anti-Christ. The Anti-Christ will be great in name. His name will be on everybody's lips all over the world, but what he will be doing will be very evil.

D: The name Anthony is not his real name, is it?

B: No, it's an anagram for Anti-Christ.

D: “At the end will be devoured by lice.”

B: That means the common people, whom he considered to be dirt beneath his feet, no better than lice, will rise up, pull him down and defeat him.

D: “One who is eager for lead, passing the harbor will be drowned by the elected one.”

B: That means he will, in his quest for power, overreach himself. And the wise one will be able to defeat him and cast him down.

D: Who is the wise one?

B: The one who will come after the Anti-Christ to help rebuild the world. The great genius.

D: This quatrain is a little complex, as all of these are. The translators, of course, are associating it with someone named Anthony, although they can't understand who this Anthony is.

B: He says he isn't surprised.

D: They just called it a difficult prophecy.

Century VIII-7

Vercelli, Milan will give the news, the wound will be given at Pavia. To run in the Seine, water, blood, and fire through Florence, the unique one falling from high to low calling for help.

B: He says that quatrain refers to the fall of the Anti-Christ. The first line represents the underground network of those who are working to pull down the Anti-Christ. When the time comes for them to coordinate their efforts for the big push, they ware able to swiftly get the word sent out and everyone coordinated.

D: “To run in the Seine, water, flood and fire, through Florence.”

B: He says that represents the power of the people themselves. Even though they are of different nationalities and different backgrounds, basic humanity will pull them through and help them to stay united for overthrowing the Anti-Christ. Next line.

D: “The unique one falling from high to low, calling for help.”

B: He says that line is self-evident. The actual overthrow of the Anti-Christ.

D: I would think he would be so well established that it would be very hard to overthrow him.

B: He says he won't be established that well because of the way he got there to start with. He says he'll actually be like a man trying to stand on a floor covered with shot.

The word confused me, but I assumed it was something they used in their pistols of the time period, probably similar to bee-bees.

B: From the day he began he was already building his downfall because of the methods he used.

D: This shows that the people will have something to say about it. They will have a part in all of this.

B: Yes, the underground and the people.

Century IX-2

A voice is heard from the top of Aventine Hill. Go, go, all on both sides! The anger will be appeased by the blood of the red ones. From Rimini and Prato, Colonna expelled.

B: He says that quatrain refers to the end of the time of troubles, when the Anti-Christ is being defeated. The red ones refer to known followers of the Anti-Christ. And the shout from both sides of Aventine Hill refers to the fact that everybody will be united against the Anti-Christ. People of different factions that disagreed before about other things, are agreed in working together for the downfall of the Anti-Christ. He says all known followers and agents of the Anti-Christ will be pulled down and killed. Towards the end they'll be so desperate that they won't even bother with jury trials.

D: “The anger will be appeased by the blood of the red ones.”

B: Yes. The anger they feel toward the Anti-Christ. The red ones are the followers, as I've already said.

D: At least this one is a little more positive, because it's showing events occurring towards the end. Most of the quatrains deal with the war while it's going on.

B: He says he felt the most help would be needed to deal with it while it was going on. Towards the end when things are winding up, it's going to be already decided.

This next quatrain contains two strange words that have puzzled Nostradamus scholars for generations. They are thought to be anagrams, but have never been successfully translated. As usual, I had difficulty pronouncing them. He asked for the spelling before we could proceed.

Century X-96

The religion called after the seas will overcome, against the sect of the son Adaluncatif; the stubborn lamentable sect will fear the two men by A and A.

D: That last part has been translated as “wounded by A and A,” instead of “Aleph and Aleph” because they are letters in Hebrew and Arabic.

B: (He abruptly corrected my pronunciation of Aleph.) He says there's no “t” at the end of it. He says the Hebrew alphabet is aleph, beth, gimel, daleth, he, vau, zayin, cheth, teth, and he goes on. But he says it does start with Aleph. He says this refers to when the world is recovering after the Anti-Christ. When the Anti-Christ is gone, most of the organized religions will be in total chaos, particularly Christianity. Peace will be the main philosophical viewpoint everyone will agree upon. Everyone wants peace. Therefore Nostradamus used the phrase “the religion named after the seas will overcome.” And he says, “Pacific,” the name of the Pacific Ocean, is one of the words that can also be used to mean “peace.” He's saying that feeling will be so strong it will be almost like a religion. It will take precedence over all other religion, and beliefs. Various people will perhaps stay with their old religion, but their fore-most feelings will be for peace.

D: Now we're getting down to that strange name – Adaluncatif.

B: He says that refers to the Anti-Christ.

D: Why did he use such a strange word?

B: he says it is referring to certain pieces of information from the Kabbala. Those who are familiar with that type of information will be able to figure out more concerning the Anti-Christ.

D: Now we come to the letters, “The stubborn lamentable sect will fear the two men by Aleph and Aleph.”

B: (He again corrected my pronunciation.) No “t”, just Aleph (Patronizingly) He says that symbolizes the defeat of the Anti-Christ. He says he has already explained this quatrain. Why do you keep...?

D: Because those are the first letters of the Arabic alphabet?

B: No. “The lamentable sect” refers to the Anti-Christ and his followers. He is defeated, first by the fighter, the hero, the main one who will rise up to fight against the Anti-Christ (Ogmios). And then he will also be defeated by the genius who will come later.

D: So the letters A and A refer to them. That's what I wanted to clarify. The translators thought he meant some kind of Arabic name beginning with A. that's as close as they could come.

B: (Pause) I think he's referring to a French idiom here. It really doesn't make much sense. But he says, “Okay, so they had beet porridge for breakfast.”

D: Beet porridge?

B: I get the impression that a person would not voluntarily eat beet porridge for breakfast. And those that do have got to be crazy anyway.

D: Oh, it's some kind of idiom. (Chuckle) He probably has a hard time understanding some of our slang.

Century IX-75

From Arta and the country of Thrace, people ill by sea, help from the Gauls; in Provence their perpetual trace and remnants of their customs and laws.

B: He says this quatrain refers to after the Anti-Christ is vanquished, and Europe is trying to recover. It particularly refers to how people of different nationalities and backgrounds will work together to help recover. He says, “ill by the sea” refers to two things: firstly, it refers to the fact that the Anti-Christ came over the sea, and so the illness came by sea, so to speak. Secondly, due to the type of warfare the Anti-Christ waged, part of the land and ocean will be poisoned from his weapons, and it will kill off many of the fish and other oceanic life.

D: And this will be afterwards when they're trying to regain and rebuild their civilization?

B: Rebuild, yes.

D: And that's what it says, “trace and remnants of their customs and laws.”

- pages 171- 202, Conversations with Nostradamus, by Dolores Cannon

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