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Planet X During Eclipse

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From Planet X

The following comes from the ZetaTalk Newsletter, #120, Feb 15, 2009. Be sure to check out related videos #1 and #16.


Often there is some capture of Planet X on film during an eclipse, as occurred recently on January 26, 2009. The photos on official NASA related sites never show any evidence of this, but filters can affect what is captured and what is screened out.

IMAGE: Official Photo

SOURCE: SpaceWeather

Compare the photo above with this capture, which obviously is using a lens that screens out less sunlight. Can you see the orb at the 2 o'clock position?

IMAGE: Eclipse Photo

There is no solar flare at that position on that date. In fact, the Sun is quiescent lately.


Per the Zetas, an eclipse is assisted by aliens so that those who would be too anxious will think that all is normal -- nothing amiss. But for those with eyes to see, evidence of presence of Planet X is there.

ZetaTalk Response 1/24/2009: Such events are needed by many who would go insane if they realized that the presence of Planet X and the pending passage are real. These individuals will go insane when the time comes, but until the last weeks the Council of Worlds has deemed it important that the influence of their self-focused insecurity be kept at a minimum. The Council wants the level of anxiety to be reduced, as then empathy and love can reign as the stronger emotions rather than fear and protection of the self. Thus, until the progress of the passage of Planet X is at such a point that the last weeks are imminent, allowing a simulating of the seasons or moving planets to effect an anticipated eclipse will continue.

There is a threshold, when it will be no longer possible to deny the presence of Planet X - for instance, the rolling of Earth into the 3 days of darkness, or the lean to the left that precedes these days of darkness. There will be increasing evidence for those who can address reality such that they can make their plans for themselves and their loved ones. But at the same time, there will be an appearance of normalcy for those who would be gripped by fear and driven into hardened denial. Thus, a duality which has been emerging will be evident with an even stronger polarity. For those who need denial, hallmarks of normalcy will be present. For those who can handle the truth, the Earth changes will become stronger and the wobble more apparent. Both will be present, simultaneously.

- ZetaTalk Newsletter #120, Feb 15, 2009.

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