Tuesday, February 17, 2009

ZetaTalk - TOC

Table of Contents

Being Human
1 - Early Man: Early Man, Neanderthal Man, Homo Erectus, Angola Man, Indonesian Man, Gypsy Man, Northern White Man, African Black Man, China Man

2 - The Human Animal: Violence, Humor, The Immune System, Diet, Biorhythms, Auras, Psychics

3 - The Brain: Thought, Reptilian Brain, Brain Capacity, Brain Waves, Amnesia, Psychosis

4 - The Soul:
The Soul, Chakras, Past Lives, Rule of Forgetfulness, Near Death Experiences, Ghosts, Possession

5 - Other Worlds: Life, Percentages, Wager Cradle, Size and Shape, Intelligent Carnivores,
Intelligent Insects, Other Worlds

6 - Incarnations:
Robots, Stuff of Souls, Soul Nature, Incarnations, Forming Entities

7 - Reincarnation: Reincarnation, Aborted Entities, Animal Souls, Crowded Incarnations, Old Souls, Star Child, When We Die

Life Forms
8 - Life-Forms: Green or Gray, Sexual Variations, Reptilians, Hominoids, Mythological Creatures

9 - 12th Planet Hominoids: 12th Planet Hominoids, Crystals, Mining on Mars, Great Pyramids, Sphinx,
The God Myth

10 - Zetas:
Zeta Reticuli, Early Zeta, The Zetas, Meals, Emotions, Names, Schools, Entertainment, Triads, Religion

11 - Hybrid Form: Hybrids, Engineering Technique, Physiology, Diet, Genetic Diseases, The Perfect Body

13 - Engagements: Rules of Engagement, Disagreements, War, Supremacy

14 - Council of Worlds: Council of Worlds, Travel Protocol, Participants, Voting, Elections, Minority Vote, Sucession

15 - Limitations: Transformation Vote, Exploration Limits, Space Shuttles, Collisions Course, Escape Routes, Alien Technology, Time Travel, The Future

16 - Sightings: War of the Worlds, Stages, Sightings, Saucer Shapes

17 - Visitations:
Traces, Light Form, Ugly Aliens, Identification, Contactee Confusion, Initiation and Orientation, Mutual Fears, Children, First Meeting

18 - Recall: The Subconscious, Recall, Signs, Physical Signs, Staged Visitations

19 - Contact Techniques: Telepathy, Paralyzed State, Eye-to-Eye, Out-of-Body, Soul-to-Soul, Gaining Time, Standing In

20 - Density: Density Shifting, Dangers, Transporting, Bermuda Triangle, Landing Sites, Mothership Clues, Lightning Clouds, Missing Pilots

21 - The Call: Non-Interference, Technology Call, Healings, MJ12 Rules, Leadership Call, Answering, Prayer, Seances

22 - Examples: The Devil, World War II, Satanic Rituals,
AIDS, Ebola Virus

23 - Roswell:
Contact, Roswell, EBE, Omnipotent Krill, Power Outages, Motive

24 - MJ-12: Agreements, MJ-12 Operatives, Elected Officials,
Project Blue Book, Crashed Ships

25 - Coverup: Global Conspiracy, Bilderberger Group, Trilateral Commission, Council of Foreign Relations, New World Order (NWO), Silencing Methods,
President Kennedy (JFK)

26 - Opportunists:
Alternative 1, Alternative 2, Alternative 3, Moon Installations, Star Wars, Philadelphia Experiment

27 - Disinformation:
MJ-12 Documents, The Hubble, HAARP, Gelatin Rain, Mutilations, Black Helicopters, Remote Viewing, Mass Landing

28 - Truth: Proof, Crop Circles, Dead Aliens, Madmen, Pseudo Fiction

29 - Openness: Coverup Cracks, ZetaTalk Role, The 12th Planet, Balancing Act

30 - The Earth: Tides, Atmosphere Building, Light Particles, Ferromagnetism, Planetary Magnetism, Rotation

31 - Gravity Factors: Gravity, Repulsion Force, Gravity Particles, Spin, Revolutions, Orbits

32 - 12th Planet Orbit: Suns, Sunspots, Brown Dwarfs, Retrograde Orbit, The 12th Planet, Moons

Pole Shift
33 - The 12th Planet: Cataclysms, Past Cataclysms, The 12th Planet, Continental Drift, Wandering Poles

34 - Pole Shift Legends: The Flood, Jewish Exodus, Atlantis, Lemuria, Bermuda, Edgar Cayce, ZetaTalk Predictions, Mayan Calendar

35 - Pole Shift Signs: White Buffalo, Deformed Frogs, Trends, Weather Changes, Deep Quakes, Booms and Flashes, Illness

36 - Countdown: Signs, Rotation, Comet Trail, Panic, Safe Places

37 - The Pole Shift: The Shift, Earthquake, Plate Adjustments, Continental Rip

38 - Wind, Water, and Fire: Tidal Waves, Wind Storms, Fire Storms

39 - The Aftermath: The Most Terrible Day, Climate Change, Geography Change, New Rotation, Polar Melt

40 - Impact on Society: Government Collapse, Death Rate, Starvation, Money

41 - Survial: Cooperative Groups, Safety Measures, Crops, Safe Water, The Internet

Troubled Times

ZetaTalk, by Nancy Lieder

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