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Conv. Nostradamus 3 - Ch.15

Concerning Extraterrestrials and the Future

SEVERAL INTERPRETATIONS OF THE QUATRAINS concerned aliens or extraterrestrials. This surprised me in the beginning of our work, but it did not seem to bother Nostradamus. He had grown accustomed to seeing the “Others” or “Watchers,” as he called them. He called them this because they were not like us: they were “other” than us. And it had been revealed to him that these beings had been watching our planet and its development for eons of time. He knew that his church did not accept such an idea, but he had no other explanation for some of the strange scenes that he saw in his mirror. He knew they were showing creatures that were not native to our planet. Nostradamus had been delving into the unknown for so long that nothing really startled or frightened him any more. It only depressed him to see what humans were capable of doing to their own kind. He was also sad because he could never share many of the things he had seen with anyone; they were too unbelievable. I can sympathize with that because even in our supposedly advanced age we still have difficulty dealing with the possible reality of aliens from outer space. If we have difficulty, I can imagine the almost impossible situation Nostradamus had put himself in. he knew he would have to carry most of his secrets to the grave – unless he succeeded in passing them to our time.

The following are some of the most impossible interpretations to believe: his visions of ETs (extraterrestrials).

Century V-2

Seven conspirators at a banquet will cause their weapons to flash against the three who come from the ship. One of the two will take the fleet to the leader when the other will shoot him in the forehead through his armor.

W: [Wayne] I believe this has to do with a meeting between world leaders and extraterrestrials.

D: (I was surprised.) Oh? Do you want to elaborate?

W: The extraterrestrials will be betrayed by a group of seven. One will be shot, and one will escape to warn his people.

D: I can see why the seven would be called “conspirators,” but it says this occurs at a banquet.

W: This is not a real banquet. That is symbolism meaning that the meeting was gathered under the guise of friendliness.

D: Is it normal to have meetings with extraterrestrials at the time this takes place?

W: It is normal. This takes place in the future, although meetings with extraterrestrials have been going on for some time.

D: Then this isn't the first meeting they've had with the world leaders. Why did they betray them?

W: Over fear of losing control.

D: The leaders were afraid of losing control to the extraterrestrials?

W: Yes, partially because they have more or less dug themselves a hole they can't get out of.

D: What do you mean?

W: The world as shaped by these seven has gone awry, and the need for outside help was offered and accepted. The killing that took place in this meeting was a message of control, of how much help to be accepted.

Are these seven members of the secret Cabal whom Nostradamus has spoken of before?

D: Can he tell you when this might take place?

W: Before the 20th century is over.

D: I thought it might be farther in the future. Can you see what those extraterrestrials look like, or are you just getting impressions?

W: The impressions I'm getting are that they are smaller with hairless bodies.

D: Did they have any malicious intent?

W: No, they were very loving, forgiving creatures.

D: Then maybe it won't interfere with the plans they have to help us.

W: It will interfere. It will not halt.

Century IV-87

The son of a king, having learnt many languages, different from his elder in the kingdom. His father-in-law understanding well the elder son, will cause the main adherent to perish.

N: [Nina] I'm seeing into another time when we have been studied. When people were coming and infiltrating, and not all of them are benevolent. They come from other times and universes. And they have far greater capacities to use their minds, and have studied us and our languages and can infiltrate. These are beings of the skies. Some are benevolent, and some want to control.

D: You said it was another time. Do you mean in the future or what?

N: Yes. It is a time when there is major communication. When it has become the norm to have communication and traffic in the skies from other spheres, other planets, other solar systems. They believed they were coming here as teachers, to be of service and help. And instead of doing this and bringing us to their level, this one being became too encouraged by control, because we were so easily controlled and captured through the mind. So this is a time in the future.

D: Why does he use the symbolism of relatives: father-in-law, sons?

N: I see part of this as symbolism for planetary travel. Oh, it's hard to explain this picture. I see them in their big meeting room looking at this map of various solar systems. They have it divided into parenting areas just as different levels of family. But as in any family they have their own ideas. In this meeting room on one of their airships they know who has control of which sector, and the power is varied. So I guess in this way you might compare it to marriages. It takes time to discover the groups that are negative. They are all very adept at using all their brain capacity, but every now and then there is a mutant, and it can take some time to locate them because they cover vast areas.

D: I would think when they reached that stage they would be beyond anything negative.

N: That is true of many of them, but just as we evolve, some evolve slower. It's only through this process of purification, elimination, that you develop what is needed.

D: And this one negative group or person causes trouble on the Earth.

N: Yes. I see this as very far into the future. It could even be century segments.

D: So it's nothing we have to worry about.

N: I don't believe so, if I'm getting this correctly. I am still asking for clarification, as I know these are his visions and his truths. And I know this does not have to necessarily be what really happens. But the main thing I see in this quatrain is that it's the accepted thing. It's a natural, normal, every-day occurrence to have strange, unusual vehicles in and out of our space. And it is commonplace to have all different kinds of beings communicating with our planet.

D: Maybe it becomes so common we don't think something could happen. There's always that chance because no one is totally perfect.

Century X-99

The end of the wolf, the lion, ox and the ass, the timid deer will be with the mastiffs. No longer will the sweet manna fall upon them; more vigilance and guarding for the mastiffs.

N: I'm seeing a picture of the universe. And above that I'm seeing star formations that I do not understand.

This had happened before and since Nina knew nothing about astrology she was never able to explain it to me. I thought this added validity because she was being shown something she did not understand. That was proof that she was not fantasizing it.

N: I believe this is talking about the universe as a whole, and various little sections of it fighting against one another. And I think the star patterns I'm seeing are giving us a focus on time.

D: Do you mean a war?

N: I think it's universal destruction, man against man. Man destroying this planet. It seems like greed and power. What man is doing to man, and what man is doing to the planet.

I asked her to attempt to explain the star formations.

N: He says it signifies a time when the animals of the zodiac come together, and it's the climax of all the troubles. When things between humans and Earth will get as bad as they can possibly be. Then there will be much loss of lives, much disease. That is when the changes will occur.

D: What will cause this loss of life and disease?

N: I see war within certain countries. I see bombs going off. I see volcanoes and fire, and destruction on all levels. I see disease. It is a right time for the new beginning.

D: What happens to bring it all to a head? Is there an event?

N: Yes. I see one madman pushing a button to create an explosion, and that being counteracted by other countries. That puts humans against humans again, and another war. The world has to choose sides.

D: But you said it would be a new beginning.

N: Yes. After the destruction there will be a new unity, a new coming together, a new awareness, new communications from beyond. I see the original power that started the conflict being taken over and quieted. But out of this destruction the world realizes they cannot tolerate any more of this and survive. And then the new forces come in. There will be many new allies. We will be in such awe and need of these new forces that there will be a whole new attitude.

D: Do you mean the allies will not be of Earth?

N: No, they will not. They are from other areas that have been watching over us.

D: Let me see if he can clarify the symbolism. It says, “the end of the wolf.”

N: That refers to the end of the instigator of the war.

D: “The lion, ox and the ass.”

N: I see the lion and the ox up in the sky in various formations.

D: Are they signs of the zodiac?

N: Yes. I see them represented in the sky.

D: What does he show you about the ass?

N: He shows me strength and hard work. A beast of burden. I think this is over the Middle East. I think these are star formations that represent that part of the world. Symbolic.

D: “The timid deer will be with the mastiffs.”

N: I see that star formation over the Soviet Union. It seems to represent many of the smaller countries coming together

This quatrain was interpreted in early 1989, several months before the Communist satellite countries began to rebel against Russia. I did not realize the significance at the time, so I did not ask any more questions concerning that.

D: Can we get a time from the star formations? I know it's difficult when you don't know the constellations.

N: I hear “the strength of Orion,” but I don't know what that means.

D: What else do you hear?

N: That the dogs in the sky are symbolic. Maybe they're representing a time when they will be guarding, to make sure that the right parties win.

D: It's all symbolism.

Century IX-12

The great amount of silver of Diana and Mercury, the images will be found in the lake. The sculptor looking for new clay, both he and his followers will be soaked in gold.

P: [Pam] My first impressions were that the silver referred to an actual extraterrestrial mining operation. I saw planets in the initial sentences. The lake seemed to refer to an actual mercury lake that is located on another planet. Mercury, of course, looks silvery. They both have the same shine. And the person who discovers this and utilizes it will find treasures beyond the physical mineral metals. The gold will not be a natural resource of precious metal. It will be contact with the living beings of this other planet.

D: Do you mean that human beings from Earth will find a treasure on another planet?

P: Yes. They are already searching for sources of metals. These precious metals exist in concentrated amounts on other planets. The particular planet that I see has giant resources. The mercury is in fact in the form of a lake. It's so big, so shiny, so concentrated in one area, that it is visible even from space. I can see it in the mirror as a giant, shiny, silvery, shimmering, moving metal lake. This is so exciting to the geologists who wish to mine other planetary bodies. They found this huge resource that they can go and get, and that's very important to the scientific technological community. However, what they find when they get there is infinitely greater than silver or mercury. Gold, as you know, is valued and prized more highly. But the gold the humans receive is the realization that other life forms inhabit this place. It is not literal that they will be covered in gold.

D: Is this other planet in our solar system?

P: I'm having difficulty with that because immediately when you said the word “Diana,” I was shown what I thought was a planet in our solar system. I have no name for it. I have been searching since the word “Diana” appeared in the quatrain. This seems to be a planet that we have access to, although perhaps it could be a satellite.

D: You mean a satellite of a planet?

P: Yes. We call them “moons”.

D: Does Nostradamus think this is one of the reasons for the space exploration, to discover new resources?

P: Yes, of course it is. And to extrapolate those that we know already exist. The quest for new minerals, new metals is never ending, but the uses for the ones we've already discovered also seem to be never ending. So they can't go wrong. They're either going to discover more of what they already want or something brand new.

D: I always thought they were doing much of this research for knowledge, but it's also for resources. Is that correct?

P: Well, knowledge of resources is a form of knowledge in itself.

D: Is that what it means, “The sculptor looking for new clay”?

P: Yes. That is the picture that struck the moment you finished. I tried not to do any processing on the actual words, but allowed the picture to come into the glass and the meaning to come into my feeling tones. I did not concentrate on the words. The three main words that I remember are “silver, Diana and gold.” I did focus thoughts on Diana – unsuccessfully, I might add.

D: Does he think this will happen in the future?

P: Yes, because we have not yet done this. But not the far distant future.

D: And he believes this will probably be in our solar system, and not out in the galaxies somewhere.

P: I don't have a distance. It's reachable, because I see human beings accessing this place. I don't see it as any place we have so far named, which is interesting.

D: And it will be found on a satellite of a planet, and not on the planet itself.

P: I don't know. It's just a giant planetary orb in the picture, with many craters. Perhaps it wasn't seen or named yet in the 1550s. I don't know.

Century IX-97

The forces at sea divided into three parts, the second one will run out of supplies; in despair looking for the Elysian Fields, the first entering the breach will have victory.

P: I thought of Columbus sailing over to America – the difficulties along the way, and finally having landfall. That is the historical past, even the past to Nostradamus. He fussed at me again for not saying that these can have several overlays of meaning. To comprehend the experience of the quatrain the person who is affecting this link needs to be in a very receptive state. There are superficial meanings. There are deeper meanings. And in many cases there are multiple depths. Your persistence is valuable, for there are often many overlays.

D: Which does he think is the most important meaning for our time period?

P: Well, I had been editing out spacecraft and space contacts, for I was judging it wishful thinking. But it seems the sea here refers to the sea of space. The great envelope surrounding this planet really is boundless, but we can picture it as a concentric orb or atmosphere. It seemed that this definitely has to do with alien contact. Elysian Fields are fields of “forever”, the fountain of eternal youth, a never-ending place. This seems to be a quest, perhaps to continue the species of a specific other solar system or planet, and Earth is a goal. That does strange things to my reasoning because I've always thought the other way – from Earth out. And this is from space toward Earth. Our planet is of interest to three disparate groups. One seems more motivated than the other two. Perhaps because they, for some reason, can't go home. It seems a desperate search. This planet, perhaps, offering them what they are looking for: eternal life. A place where they can continue their species. It seems they have done quite a bit of groundwork to prepare the way for their eventual colonization. However, another group gets here first. This time I was only seeing this quatrain in space terms.

D: You were talking about colonization. What about the people living on Earth? How would they receive that?

P: This point of view did not include the response of humans. It was from the objective of the incoming visitors or colonists.

D: Can he give you a time frame? Is it in our future?

P: It seems to be both. It relates almost to the beginning of life on this planet, in the far distant past – early in history of humanoids walking on Earth. That's very interesting since I had not thought of that. But it also refers to right now. I had two responses.

D: I can see how it would also relate to Columbus' ships because they were looking for new land.

P: I suppose they could have been viewed as extraterrestrials by the indigenous populations (Native Americans).

Century V-79

The sacred pomp will come to lower its wings at the coming of the great lawgiver. He will raise the humble and trouble the rebellious; his like will not again appear on Earth.

N: [Nina] That sounds like Jesus, but there is another. This is a time in the future when we will have communication with other galaxies. This group will come and have our world in awe, with such truth that people will believe this is the Messiah. And that is the time of great awareness, of great new peace.

D: Does this refer to an individual?

N: This means an individual, but with many followers who have learned to live by these universal laws. They are bringing them to us.

D: When this individual comes, will people think he is Christ?

N: No. this will be different. This individual will come as another person who can walk among you, to remind you that Jesus has done this before. They are His brothers in spirit, who live by those laws in their world, on their planet. They have come to let us know we can also live that way.

D: Then you mean this person will come from another planet. Will he come as a child and be raised here?

N: No. This time that I am seeing is a communication from another galaxy, when they appear on our Earth to share information with us, to show us what we can accomplish as a group. This will be an adult person.

D: Will this man be considered a ruler?

N: He does not want this. He wants to be a teacher.

D: If someone like that were to come, people might think he wants to take over the world.

N: No, this will be made clear. This is not the purpose. This is someone who will help. I see him teaching new ways to live, universal brotherhood, universal law, universal citizenship – showing us other places where there is life, where there is abundance. Places where people can live with peace and plenty. He will teach us how we on our Earth can do this also. I believe there are many similar to him that will be sent out as teachers to help during this time period. He is not the only one with this knowledge. Most of the people from his planet have the knowledge and philosophy.

D: Will he meet opposition?

N: Yes. But at this point they have enough power, enough strength, enough telepathy, that even his strongest enemies will e turned around.

D: Can Nostradamus see a time period when this might happen?

N: A year? I see at first glance two thousand fifty (2050).

I asked for his description.

N: He might be in human form on our Earth. He seems to be human-like in appearance.

Century V-96

The rose upon the middle of the world, because of new deeds, public blood is shed; to speak the truth they will have closed mouths, then, at time of need the awaited one will come late.

N: I was seeing this same period in time, where this new teacher comes forth and sends his other teachers out. The majority of the people are in awe, but others will not part with their greed and power, so there will be upheaval. But yet eventually even the worst enemy will be turned around. So I feel this refers to this period in our history.

D: In other words, it won't be instantaneous change.

N: No. Some people will understand immediately, others will not.

D: Then the rose represents this great person.

I was very tempted to think this extraterrestrial teacher could be the same man Nostradamus referred to as the Great Genius (see Index). He certainly had some of the same qualities. But after studying the information on both, I have come to the conclusion that this is another person. In that time of enlightenment when we have entered the 1000 years of peace, it is very possible more than one great personage will rise to help the world adjust to a new way of living and a new way of thinking.

Many of the quatrains seemed to refer to a time in the distant future, after the war of the Anti-Christ and the time of troubles.

Century IV-80

Near the great river, a great trench, earth excavated, the water will be divided into fifteen parts. The city taken, fire, blood, cries and battle given, the greater part concerned with the collision.

Much of this quatrain referred to the coming revolution in China. But that was not the only definition.

D: “The greater part concerned with the collision.”

N: Now I'm seeing the skies. After the revolution, the trauma, there is something happening in the skies. These people are brought together in unification so they can survive.

D: What is the collision?

N: The collision is coming from the skies. I heard the word “meteor,” and it looks like an explosion with fire falling and raining down from the sky. There is a great impact with another meteor or another body which creates a great explosion and falling fire. And this is causing unification down below, so they learn about survival.

D: Can you get a time frame reference?

N: (Slowly) 20... 2043. I can see the numbers. They're on the screen.

Century V-41

Born beneath the shadows on a dark day, he will be sovereign in ruling and in goodness. He will cause his blood to revive the ancient urn, renewing the century of gold for one of brass.

B: [Brenda] He says this refers to a leader who will arise after the Anti-Christ. But will not be the one we have referred to as the “genius”. It will be another person. And he says this leader will be instrumental in rebuilding the world, and helping the world recover from the great war that will take place with the Anti-Christ. Changing the century of gold for one of brass refers to the rebuilding process. Some of the things will not be as good as they were before they were destroyed, but they will be repaired and back in use. He says “born in the shadows on a dark day” refers to the fact that this leader will be born during an eclipse.

D: Will he come before the great genius?

B: Yes, just a little bit before.

D: Then the great genius will probably be alive at the same time.

B: Yes. However, when the great genius stars his mission, this leader will be almost finished with his.

D: “He will cause his blood to revive the ancient urn.” What does the ancient urn symbolize?

B: This leader will lay the groundwork that will help make the genius' job easier. The ancient urn refers to a time in the ancient past when men and women were concerned with the pursuit of knowledge instead of the pursuit of war.

Century VI-2

In the year five hundred and eighty more or less one will await a very strange century. In the year seven hundred and three, the skies as witness that several kingdoms, one to five, will make a change.

B: He says those numbers refer to the number of years after the year of his death.

D: After his death?

B: Yes. He says the phrases describe a major event that will happen in each of those years.

D: Let me go over some of these lines. “In the year 580 more or less, one will await a very strange century.”

B: He says that refers to the century when the genius will be helping the world.

D: “And the year 703 the skies as witness that several kingdoms, one to five, will make a change.

B: He says in that year, within a year's time, several governments will fall. And the changes that occur will be very long-lasting and affect many for years to come.

D: They couldn't figure it out because they were thinking those were definite dates.

B: They are definite dates.

D: But they were thinking 580 was 1580 and the other was 1703.

B: He says you can do the same thing. Just do it from the year of his death.

D: He's a very clever person.

B: He said you have to be.

Nostradamus died in 1566, so 580 years later would be 2146, and 703 years later would be 2269.

Century VIII-85

Between Bayonne and St. Jean de Luz will be placed the promontory of Mars. To the Hanix of the North, Nanar will remove the light, then suffocate in bed without assistance.

B: He says this quatrain refers to when the European consortium send the first manned expedition to Mars.

D: It wouldn't be the United States?

B: Not on this ship. The United States space program will be involved with something else at the time. In a joint cooperative effort the Europeans will take advantage of good planetary positions to send a rocket to Mars. He says one of the crew members on the ship will suffer an accident and suffocate, as it is said, “in bed without assistance.” Something will happen to his oxygen supply and he will be without air for a bit, but it will be long enough for him to suffocate.

D: “Between Bayonne and St. Jean de Luz will be placed the promontory of Mars.”

B: A promontory is a place that juts out. So that refers to the rocket that will be going to Mars, and the location where it will blast off.

D: That sounds like somewhere in France. “To the Hanix of the north Nanar will remove the light.”

B: Due to the direction of their flight, they will be cut off from sight of the sun for a bit. He says Hanix and Nanar refer to astronomical things.

D: The translators had a great deal of trouble with this quatrain, especially with those words.

B: He says that's because they are earthbound! They are first-earth thinkers.

D: Does he have a time period when we might go to Mars?

B: He says it should be sometime during the 1990s, before the Anti-Christ makes such things impossible.

D: I thought we would have to wait until all the other events have taken place.

B: No. He says you're on the brink of doing it now. All the necessary technology is there. It's just a matter of getting everything together. He says so far as he knows and the United States' space program is concerned, the Anti-Christ should not be the problem. The problem will be with the economics, and the collapse of the government. That will throw a monkey wrench into things.

Century X-89

The walls will change from brick to marble, seventy-five peaceful years. Joy to people, the aqueduct reopened, health abundant fruit, joy and mellifluous times.

N: [Nina] There is a time when the great powers work together to promote peace and health, and deal with the illness of the world and environment. I see the great powers coming together and gaining control, and there will be a brotherhood. I see barriers being broken down and bridges being built in unification instead of separation. This will be the work of the United States, Russia, and China. Once you have that kind of positive power and control, you have exchanges of science and industry, and nations being fed. The most powerful nations will help take responsibility for feeding and cleansing this Earth.

D: Is that what it means, “the walls will change from brick to marble”?

N: Yes. Symbols of prosperity, positive growth, brotherhood.

D: “Seventy-five peaceful years.” Is that number literal?

N: This seems to be literal, yes.

D: Does he think this will occur after the time of troubles?

N: Oh, yes. This is beyond the revolution in China, the new government council. This will definitely shake up the whole world, the every existence of humanity. For when this new council forms there will be a joining of hands throughout the world. There will be a new unification.

D: And this refers to a one-world type of government?

N: It refers to people trying to work together in exchange, in healthy ways. When China has their council, it will work with Russia and the United States. There will be a new unity and a new exchange for the betterment of humanity and the universe.

D: This will be after the time of the Anti-Christ, and after the time of troubles. Will it be after the time of the Earth shift?

N: I can't see that. It will be a time of coming together and sharing with a new bond.

D: Does he feel that all these things he shows us have to come true?

N: These are visions he had into the future. These can refer to so many times in our history that many of them have never come true yet. But they're possibilities and probabilities. He hoped his students would teach others that they do not have an ability to see other possibilities and other realms where life can be different. So I think these were true visions, but not necessarily true probabilities. If humans are more educated, more aware, more conscious of their abilities and their connection with “All That Is” and the more spiritual side, they will gain a new awareness that shows they can control their environment and themselves.

D: And our own destiny.

N: Yes, you can change.

D: Do you think this is the reason Nostradamus is telling us all this information?

N: Yes. I think it is to bring us a new awareness again. Maybe there are pockets of people at this time who realize we aren't separate, that we are all connected, and that our envolvement into the potential of what humanity can be is our greatest mission. To teach us that power an greed breed destruction. We can change that. We can have abundance and prosperity.

D: Especially if we know that these possibilities exist. Would that be correct?

N: Yes, I think people of this time cannot be satisfied with old religious and political views. They have traveled their own path and found their own truths that make them realize all is connected – all is one, all is God. Things are resurfacing because there is a new philosophy within humanity that can change events.

- pages 200-216, Conversations with Nostradamus 3, by Dolores Cannon

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