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ZetaTalk - Ch.22

AIDS is both a natural and unnatural occurrence. In the beginning, the AIDS virus was much the same as it is today, infecting humans. This virus has a great propensity for adaption, so over any period of time it changes form somewhat. It has occurred naturally within certain simians for centuries. I has outcropped among humans in Africa and the south seas periodically, but due to limited population spread, it simply devastated those groups it invaded. When there is no written record and no survivors, there was no trace. AIDS was unknown to the civilized world, and would not have been discovered were it not for intervention by those of the service-to-self orientation. The intervention by these aliens was one of knowledge, directing those humans desiring such a tool to the simians harborering this virus.

The service-to-self aliens involved in the spread of AIDS had to work through humans. They found these humans within the United States government, in the CIA. The men who made The Call were offered a bribe. They were assured that they could possess the continent of Africa, which is rich in natural resources and human cultures easily dominated. The men of the CIA who gave The Call to our counterparts were of the service-to-self orientation to a high degree. These aliens do not squander their time idly. Their objective in assisting these men was the misery they could spread. Agony, a sense of abandonment, rage and the desire for vengeance, all these emotions work to bring recruits to their orientation. This was the objective of the aliens assisting in the spreading of the AIDS virus.

It has been assumed that AIDS was initially spread through a vaccination program. This is incorrect. It was spread through diet, by blood improperly cooked, as blood is a natural component of the diet of those initially infected. It was spread through the dietary norms of the initial groups infected. Sophisticated isolation was not required. Infected simian blood was mixed with blood naturally occurring in the diet.

13 Heavens Note: This appears to refer to the initial contact and infection spreading in Africa and the south sea areas. Later, it is believed to have been distributed by the human service-to-self oriented agents, such as the CIA mentioned, via vaccinations as described by other sources.

Ebola Virus
As with dissemination of the AIDS virus, the Ebola virus was a matter done by service-to-self aliens in the past, as a matter now at rest, which we therefore can discuss per the Rules of Engagement. The Ebola virus was one of many gleaned from the bowels of the African jungles. Africa and South America are targeted continents. Aliens in the service-to-self orientation, along with human converts in the CIA, extracted the AIDS virus and other viruses for use in what they termed cleansing of the continent. The land, rich in resources, was then to be theirs, and any human inhabitants having natural immunity to the viruses unleashed would be their docile servants.

The Ebola virus did not catch on as did the AIDS virus, and the reason was simple – it tended to kill its handlers! When cast out among the swine, as was the phrase used to describe dissemination, the swine would die, but those casting their evil seed could not run fast enough. They carried it home with them, and they died in secreted hospital rooms, infecting their frantic nurses and doctors. After a time or two, they gave up on the Ebola virus, which refused to be tamed. The original plan of dissemination was to be by airborne means. This never came about as the early tests ran amuck.

- Pages 139-140, ZetaTalk, by Nancy Lieder

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