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ZetaTalk - Ch.27

MJ-12 Documents
A still hotly debated topic is the validity of what are purported to be documents from MJ-12, dating back to President Truman's era. These carefully manufactured documents are authentic enough in appearance to convince many that they are real, yet flaws exist that have others convinced they are a fraud. Both situations are true, as the documents are what could be termed a half truth. Where the documents line up with the facts is in the existence of MJ-12, perodic meetings in secret, and in those days the involvement of the President of the US. Where the documents part from the truth is where they give the impression that MJ-12 was a fleeting response, that the matters they addressed were limited in scope, or that they were almost casual about dealing with the alien presence and what this would mean for humanity.

The Hubble
The public gets less and less information from NASA, the iron doors slamming shut, the information archived rather than displayed, and made available in dribbles and drabs like scraps of meat thrown to hungry dogs from the master's table. Never mind that the public, the taxpayers, have paid for the information that is so arrogantly withheld from them by NASA. And what are the excuses given for withholding simple views of the universe from the public, who foots the bill? A principle Investigator has first rights. Does the Principle Investigator pay for the Hubble, that he or she has first rights? In that NASA is not a government agency, though they have arranged to line up at the public trough along with the politicians, the public cannot easily take them to account for their elected officials. NASA and the Hubble trouble are an arm's length away, and by design.

What is it that the public is not supposed to see? The public is not supposed to see the UFOs that the astronauts saw with their bare eyes and that the Hubble records regularly. The public is not supposed to see the evidence that NASA and JPL hold like candy to dribble out when they need funding, such as evidence that planets suitable for life exist, orbiting around other suns. The public is not supposed to see evidence that NASA is publishing erroneous infrared catalogs, so that the 12th Planet, aka Planet X, does not appear in the official IRAS catalogs and so it is not sought in the skies where it now rides. The public is not supposed to see evidence that would tell the truth about any distractions, such as comet and meteor alarms, that the establishment wishes the public to chase after.

Underground activities have taken place all over the US in conjunction with actives desired by the service-to-self aliens who early made contact with the government. The government soon became wary of these aliens, and rightfully so, but have not disrupted the agreements they entered into for fear of reprisals. The service-to-self alien goals are to gain recruits, and fear and suspicion, rather than cooperation and enlightenment, are their mode. They have taken to emitting low-frequency sounds, which some but not all humans can detect. This affects health, and makes everyone uneasy, especially as the government can't explain what's going on and gets the blame. Humans hearing that the government is up to something down there, in conjunction with evil aliens, are discomfited, and that, of course, is the goal.

HAARP is not a real project, and the tale has simply been put forth in order to afford a cover for other activities. The US Military is deeply embarrassed by their past involvement with service-to-self aliens, and involvement which is rapidly ending but nonetheless lingers on. Some of the rumors put forth by humans wanting the populace to keep aliens at arms length had given the impression that humans should fear aliens, what with human body parts floating in vats and the like. To correct the mis-impression, MJ-12 cooked up the HAARP mystique. Since activities in association with service-to-self aliens included strange low frequency sounds, HAARP took on that aspect. Since aliens had been known to create blackouts and MJ-12 wanted the illusion of a human hand at the switch should this ever happen again, HAARP took on this aspect also.

Gelatin Rain
A theme in movies about space travel, and in particular about visitors from outer space, is the dangerous microbe that arrives, against which there is no human immunity. For those who wish the populace to keep aliens at arm's length, this seems a perfect scare tactic. To test the response, both to the physical reaction to various substances that were candidates for such scare tactics and of the psychological reaction to such substances arriving from the sky, several small and isolated towns were selected at random as guinea pigs. The infecting substance was dropped, the result of a sky shot that burst and scattered when it reached a certain altitude. CIA plants in the town, postured as transients or lurking in bushes with listening devices, watched and recorded the resulting reactions.

To the dismay of the cooks, the brew did not result in the panic and fear of the unknown that was expected. To the contrary, the townspeople in all the towns so subjected to this experiment refused to do anything but scrutinize the gelatin substance that was dropped on them from the sky. They hired scientists, and elicited free examinations, and probed and questioned. Most scams succeed only when such scrutiny is prevented, as inevitably there is evidence that points to the truth. In order to infect humans, germs of some sort that grow in human tissue had to be involved, and thus human tissue to support these germs until they could reach a new host was required. Thus, the alien glop proved to have human cells present, a dead giveaway to the origin of the infecting gelatin. And since the reaction of the public was so alarming, these particular experiments are not likely to be repeated.

Cattle mutilations were a service-to-self scam we anticipated would fail, as fail it has. Humans are only mildly discomfited by mutilations, and understood they were unlikely to become targets. This was a joint alien-human activity. The aliens involved wished to instill intense fear and a sense of hopelessness in the human society, so that they would be inclined to be self-focused from their fearful state and lean toward the service-to-self orientation. Thus they targeted the genitals and other sensitive and protected organs such as eyes and mouth and the anal opening. The message was also disseminated that mutilations were done while the animal was alive, tortured not only by the pain by by the knowledge of what was being mutilated.

The humans involved are part of what is loosely called the New World Order. Their motives are to keep human society moving in its present tracks, under the control of the present establishment. Human participants selected and marked the cattle, and having thus tagged the target, they were in a position to be alerted when the mutilation began. No actual communication flowed between the humans involved and the aliens, as mutilations at first began as a human activity and to the surprise of the human perpetrators, aliens began doing the mutilations before they could arrive on the scene. Not ones to turn down a favor, they just went along.

Black Helicopters
Reports of black helicopters harassing and following ufologists and contactees and associated with mutilations are so frequent and numerous as to be considered a fact, even by skeptics. Everyone expects them to be an arm of the government, and would be shocked to learn that their ownership and activities are not under government control. Private members of the establishment have funded and run this enterprise, with the goal of maintaining the status quo. Consider how the activities of the black helicopters and MJ-12 differ. Clearly by being noisy, flashy, and lingering about in public view, the black helicopters are not the arm of a government group concerned with secrecy. Mutilations are also by design noticeable, leaving large carcasses mangled in ways impossible for anyone to ignore, and this would not be something a secret government arm would engage in.

The black helicopters are housed at private facilities, the perfect cover. A barn, a warehouse, or a hollow dirt mound work as well as a vacant hanger at a private landing strip. Helicopters, of course, need only a spot to land upon, and can be draped with camouflage cloth or have collapsible walls of a shack or garage erected around it once it has landed. In a sheltered and isolated spot, such activity goes unnoticed, with the exit and return of the chopper accomplished in minutes. How does this enterprise learn who the contactees or ufologists are, and of their schedules and routes? Establishment groups who can afford fleets of sleek choppers can certainly lure ex-CIA members into their employ.

Why hasn't a private operation like this been exposed, by either the government, the media, or private individuals? Money buys silence, and where money is not effective, accidents are arranged. They are not prosecuted by the federal government because they can blackmail the prosecutor, being aware of the existence and operation of MJ-12. Squeeze us and secrets you don't want revealed may come out, is the threat, so an uneasy staring contest has ensued, with neither party blinking. In addition, a number of the perpetrators, captains of industry, are members of the larger MJ-12, and the good-old-boy system is alive and well.

Remote Viewing
Lest anyone be confused, what is termed remote viewing is simply telepathy, a natural and fairly common occurrence among mankind and the animals who call the Earth their home. Telepathy is intrinsic to life, but only about 10 percent of the human populace has enough native capacity to take note of it. The government has never failed to use telepathy to accomplish whatever they might consider their ends, but after observing the seamless way aliens could work together, without a word spoken, the issue got hot. As MJ-12 was in those days heavily dominated by the CIA, they took up the topic and infected the goals of the operation with their own twists.

Remote viewing under the CIA's auspices was not done to simply garner intelligence on legitimate government-security concerns, it was used to invade privacy, secure blackmail material, assist break-ins and thefts, amuse agents who wanted to snoop for personal reasons, and keep tabs on rival government agencies. When the operation failed to curtail enemy actions, it ostensibly was shut down, but as with all bureaucracy enclaves, it sought to perpetuate itself by reinventing its goals. Remote viewing would become a handy disinformation tool. To ensure that a gullible public will believe, the remote-viewing track record is supported by information supplied by the CIA.

Mass Landing
The rumor of a pending mass landing has been spread by service-to-self groups, periodically, because of the fear and anxiety this engenders in humans. This is by design, as frightened humans are more easily pushed into becoming recruits for the service-to-self orientation by emotions that tend to focus one on the self. There will be no mass landing. None. The Council of Worlds will prevent this, and in fact has prevented this in the past. As such a landing is much desired by the service-to-self aliens, they have of course pushed endlessly for this. The only circumstances that would allow for a mass landing to occur would be for the majority of Earth's inhabitants to turn to the service-to-self orientation, and by majority we mean that almost 100 percent would have to be at that point. This high percentage is required, because the service-to-self group, being coercive intimidators, is not given to free will latitudes.

- page 169-174, ZetaTalk, by Nancy Lieder

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