Sunday, February 22, 2009

Conv. Nostradamus 1 - BCover

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Published in 1989

Through a million-to-one-chance contact through hypnosis, Nostradamus has broken through to our time period to reveal the events he foresaw rushing toward humankind. The master himself explains the puzzles he carefully concealed in code within his famous quatrains or prophecies. By speaking from his time to our time, he warns us so we can use our free will to help change the future. He said, “If I show you the most horrible things man can do to himself, will you do something to change it?”

“Dolores Cannon has performed her role admirable as the recorder of Nostradamus' interpretations of his own prophecies. She's written astounding accounts of her experiences with Nostradamus in a matter-of-fact, journalistic style that adds a sense of credibility to the records. She has also done a thorough job of research in order to substantiate most of the information received from Nostradamus.” - Friends Review

These new revised editions of the Conversations with Nostradamus trilogy contain updates of events that have already occurred since the original printing in 1989. Will the others also occur?

  • When will the third World War occur, and what countries will be involved?

  • Who is the terrible Anti-Christ that has been foreseen since Bible times?

  • What is the fate of the Catholic church and the last three popes?

  • What natural disasters will occur before the end of this century and where?

  • Experimental weapons being developed by major world powers.

  • Who “The Great Genius” is and how he will benefit humanity after the Anti-Christ is defeated.

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