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Conv. Nostradamus 2 - Ch.14

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666, The Secret of the Number of the Beast

WE ONCE AGAIN JOURNEYED through the tapestry to locate Nostradamus.

J: (Sadly) He looks unhappy today.

D: Do you know why?

J: (With much compassion.) He's been crying.

D: Does he know you're there?

J: (Pause) Not at this moment. I'm letting him feel his grief.

D: Do you know what's the matter?

J: (Sadly) Someone close to him has died. He looks a lot older.

D: You know we don't like to intrude, but we would like to speak with him. What do you think?

J: (Pause) He's felt my presence in the room and looked up from his grief. (Pause) I've given my complete love and compassion to him, and I'm filling the room with love to let him know that he is loved and cared for.

D: Does this help?

I really felt that we were intruding and that we should leave, but maybe we could help Nostradamus in some small way...

J: (Pause) He seems to be collecting himself a bit. (Pause) He's got a bowl of water now, and he's washing his face and his hands. Now he's drying them with a towel and this has awakened him a bit. And he says, (resolutely) “I will be here to assist you.” He's drying his face and his hands now. He takes the bowl of water and opens the window and dumps it outside. Then he puts the bowl back onto the tripod. And hes' sitting down at the table and taking the black obsidian mirror out of a velvet bag.

I could only think, “What wonderful dedication!” To be willing to work even though he was overcome with grief emphasized that he must truly feel an obligation to this project.

D: He keeps the mirror covered?

J: Yes, he keeps it covered. And he says, “We'll talk about visions of the future today, John. I will show you how I see the future.” He sits in meditative repose and it looks like he does some breathing exercises, then he concentrates and imagines a candle-flame in his mind. All of a sudden the mirror explodes with light, and this is how he sees the future.

D: Can you see anything in the mirror?

J: It's very cloudy. With all the clouds, it looks like an approaching thunderhead. He's still in meditative thought.

D: I want to impress upon him that we appreciate his doing this, even though he's not in the best frame of mind. This shows his dedication to the project.

J: He says, “Well, let's get on with talking a bit.”

D: Would he care if I read some quatrains and asked him for the translations?

J: He says he will talk about the mirror. Do you have questions about what you would like to see in the future? He will show me the answers in the mirror. At another time we can go over quatrains because now it's more important to see through the mirror.

D: With the other vehicle I read quatrains and he told me what they meant

J: He knows that, and he understands. But he doesn't want to do that now because he's feeling such grief. It's easier to work with the mirror. He says you'll have lots of questions for the mirror.

D: All right, I respect his mental state, and I wouldn't want to do anything to upset him.

J: He says this is a wonderful way of meditating on human life and its fulfillment. I have a feeling that Nostradamus doesn't believe in reincarnation. As a result, he felt bad about the child's death. It's his own personal belief. There seems to be a wall around the possibility of us talking about that area with him, so I better not even speak about it. But he's happy to talk with the mirror. He says, “I could show you things I see in my meditations.”

I looked at the others in the room. This was so unexpected, it was difficult to think of anything to ask. I had planned on working with the quatrains. The others only shook their heads. I shrugged and continued.

D: Okay. Can he see the upcoming elections of the late 1980s in the United States?

J: Well, … I'm picking up that election. (Pause)

D: Tell me what you see.

J: He's showing me a picture of a victory speech at an election. (Pause) And he's saying that this man won't live his term of office. He will die in office.

D: Can you see what he looks like?

J: He has dark hair with some gray, and he appears to be in his late 50s. I don't think it's George Bush. I think it's someone else. He can't give me a name, but he says that's not important. Elections and people, they're constantly changing. He says, “Don't trivialize what information I have in my mirror.”

At this time in April of 1987 no one had any idea who would be running for President. Later, so many candidates entered the race that it could have gone in any direction. There were no clear-cut favorites. After the 1988 primaries, Michael Dukakis had been nominated. John didn't recognize the man Nostradamus showed him except to acknowledge that he didn't think it was George Bush. This would make sense since few people would have recognized Dukakis before the primaries. After the election, George Bush was elected President. I don't know if this counts as an error on Nostradamus' part or not. He could have been showing John one of the candidates giving a speech, and it didn't necessarily have to be the winner. In the final count with this type of work it comes down to individual interpretation of what is being shown, or how one relates to concepts being presented. Since we are all human we are not infallible. We were put into the same position in Chapter 21 when Nostradamus asked us who would be the next king of France.

J: He's showing me more pictures.

D: Okay. Maybe he can show us something and then we can come up with questions.

J: Yes, he's showing me how the Anti-Christ comes to power.

We learned our lesson when we were zapped by the force of the evil priest. And while we were no longer interested in looking into the present life of the developing Anti-Christ, it would be intriguing to look further into his future.

J: He's saying that the Anti-Christ will have great communication systems at his disposal because I see him talking into computers, and it's his voice that's activating the computer. There are big computer banks all over the place. (Pause) He's saying there's a coalition of other men that will be of service to him, and that he will mesmerize them. He means religious leaders... like the Ayatollah Khomeni. He tries to unite people like Jerry Falwell and the religious right in the United States with the spirit of ecumenism and projects like helping the poor countries of the world. But he will really be duping them.

D: Is this how he's going to begin?

J: Yes. But Nostradamus says, “Don't worry.”

D: It seems we will have a lot to worry about if this war occurs.

J: He says that's still a bit in the future. In the beginning, the Anti-Christ will be looked up to as a world savior. He will have wonderous inventions that he will market and use to help people. In other words, he comes across as a world savior to help humanity.

D: Are these inventions that his country will provide?

J: No, he himself will invent them.

D: What type of inventions?

J: He will make advances in computers, hydroponic gardening, and in farming intensively to help alleviate hunger in the starving nations. He will appear with these helpful inventions, and people will look up to him because he will make a lot of money from them. He will be quite innovative, and this is how he will rise to power.

D: At that time will he proclaim to be a savior for the world, like a religious leader?

J: No, he won't say he's a savior for the world, but he will try to influence people with rational thought. He will tell them that they are thinking, when he is actually manipulating.

D: Then he won't appear to be a religious leader?

J: He'll appear to be a spiritual leader, but not in the conventional religious sense.

D: Will these other religious leaders unite behind him because they think he's on the right track? I mean, how is a Moslem going to influence fundamental Christian leaders?

J: Money will answer a lot of people's problems, and this is one way he'll gain their respect. He will try to unite the world by helping the poorer nations. It doesn't matter what their religions are. He will be seen as a strong humanitarian who is trying to help the afflicted, the poor, and the sick. He will really help a lot, but he has his other plans. This is just a part of his manipulation plot.

D: What will he finally do to show his true nature?

J: Up until this point he is functioning from his true humanitarian self, but after the death of the imam the mantle of evil descends upon him. This is when he seemingly will scheme to bring the world under his control.

D: What do you mean by “seemingly”?

J: He will be asking the richer nations of the Earth for money supposedly to give to the poorer nations, but he'll be funneling some of that money into his own private resources. He will also start huge communication networks. And he will be successful at helping other countries. In that way he will win the total respect of all religious leaders as well as all governments.

D: And they will think that because of all the good things he is doing that everything is all right. Up until this time even he will believe he's doing the right thing?

J: He has a very strong humanitarian streak which will turn against itself after the death of the Imam. Then he will be jaded and corrupt.

Someone in the room wondered: if we're being given all this information on the Anti-Christ so we'll be aware of the situation, were there any steps we might take to prevent this, or if we had any choice in the matter of stopping him?

J: He says this is his own fate that has been foretold for centuries. To become the Anti-Christ is his destiny in his life. But others will know who he is. They will not fall into the trap of his false glamor. When all the world acclaims him as a humanitarian or as a peace-server within the world, there will be a vocal minority that will say, “Hey, this is him. This is the Anti-Christ.” They will recognize him and finally mushroom into an underground network that will help advance the cause of truth, rather than the man of deception and lies. Thus, information of this nature will be of service, because it will help in the resistance.

D: Do you think he will be taking over countries before they realize what he is doing?

J: No. He will try to reunite the world by being of help to it. He first unites the world by being a true humanitarian. This is very difficult because at the time he comes to power, we will have gone through an economic and financial loss, and famine. He will then try to unite all the nations of the world to help all people. He uses a banner of humanitarianism. We must remember that! Please remember that! That is what this man will use.

D: It will be very hard to convince anyone because they will say he is only doing good things. People aren't going to believe that he is evil, and the resistance movement won't be very popular.

J: That's right. When we see all the signs of this leader coming to power, many people will almost bow down and worship him because he has helped the world so much. He will be looked up to and admired and he will win all types of prizes and acclaim. (John said later he even saw him winning the Nobel Peace Prize.) Everyone will think he is wondrous because he's helped bring a sense of prosperity to all the countries that have been suffering economic loss. But you see, by helping all these other countries and through his communication networks he will have access to the files of all people, birth data, financial information, and things of this nature. So it will be doubly hard to oppose him when he controls the world banking industry and the world economic credit. Eventually, he will try to starve the underground and crush the resistance. But he will do this clandestinely, not overtly.

D: Someone in the room would like to know the significance of the 666 in Revelation. Does it have something to do with this or not?

J: He's showing me columns and columns of numbers and more numbers. It looks like information that is usually stored in computers. And this number, 666, might be the Anti-Christ's personal code number that he enters into the different world systems because he establishes a world system of communications and a computer network.

D: In Revelation it mentions it as the number of the beast. Is the Anti-Christ the beast that is referred to? Nostradamus said before that they could foresee him even as far back as Biblical times.

J: He will be a beast in sheep's clothing. He will seem to be a sheep on the surface, but will actually be a horrendous beast within.

D: Is this the meaning of some of the predictions in Revelation in the Bible?

J: I'm communicating that to Nostradamus and he says, “I study the Vulgate Bible which was written in Latin. Because the translations of many Bibles are different, to read about the Revelations of Saint John is like reading an allegory.”

D: Then it is probably different from the Bible we have today. He said before that the Anti-Christ would make a lot of advances through the use of his golden tongue. He said that would be one way he will take over.

J: Well, doesn't it make sense? He would help so many nations that have suffered economic loss and famine. By giving them grain and food and helping them to rebuild, he will be looked up to as a world server and a world savior.

D: When he changes to become this evil being, is that when he starts taking over countries?

J: He will have already set up a computer network that will leave countries vulnerable. He will be able to destroy their economic base by having access to information. Nostradamus is showing me a picture of a globe with a lot of threads surrounding it. He says, “He will have the master key to it all and will bring nations down to the ground by cutting off their communications with the rest of the world.”

A member of the group asked if the Anti-Christ wanted to be like Napoleon and control everything.

J: He does not want to be Napoleon. Napoleon only wanted the vision of Europe united under him. The Anti-Christ wants the whole globe.

D: Well, Hitler also wanted to take over the world.

J: Yes, Hitler wanted to take over the world, but he did not succeed. None of these men will truly succeed, but haven't they all caused havoc?

D: Will he be using psychic warfare and not just computers and technology? Will the resistance or vocal minority have problems because he will be able to psychically tune in to what they're doing against him?

J: This is one area where he will have great powers. He will have the power to use his energies on a high level, to the point where he will even invent a computer that will function from a psychic brain level. A person will be able to turn it on by mentally commanding it, rather than even speaking to it. So he will be looked upon as a genius, for he will be very creative, inventive, and helpful.

D: I imagine our country will have computers also. Will he be able to control all of them?

J: He says all computers are networked at this present time throughout the world. Our communication systems, our satellite systems, and things of this type are all networked right now. Gaining the key to that system will give him a sense of power that he will use to unite the world systems in an attempt to help alleviate the economic chaos that is taking place. Networked communication systems will help him do it quickly and easily. Economic chaos will have taken place in the world and famine will have grown. So not only countries in the Third World will be suffering, but countries of the developed world will also be very hungry. By instituting plans and changes he will gain power through the power of communications.

D: We already translated several of his quatrains that dealt with atomic explosions and wars, and I thought he meant this happened as the Anti-Christ took over these countries. Do you think he will be taking over countries before they realize what he is doing?

J: No, not initially. He says it is through the communication network that he has gained power. He is like a child playing cat's cradle by pulling all the right strings.

D: We also translated quatrains that said he would assassinate the leaders of the world.

J: In a way he is assassinating them just by having them under his control.

D: Well, won't the countries try to rebel later?

J: They'll experience a lot of prosperity, you see, by using his system. Financial considerations will be given to them if they become part of his system and if they do not “play ball,” they will be cut out and suffer as a result. Remember, he is a world server and a humanitarian. He will seem to be of light, but will not be.

D: What will he finally do to make people suffer?

J: The resistance movement will gain in popularity, and when the mantle of complete evil takes over he will start exterminating the people he feels are useless to his system. This is when the chaos and the rebellion begin.

D: Exterminating people?

J: This is where he will cause difficulties. He will portray the future as being prosperous and bright. And then as the evil descends and he changes, he will try to wipe out people who have no economic benefit for his world scheme.

D: Do you mean countries or what?

J: He will wipe out groups of people. Just as Hitler exterminated the Jews, he'll exterminate people that he feels are not worthy to live on this planet: the sick, the poor, the enfeebled, and people who have no value in his eyes. Using his network, he will instigate mass euthanasia. There will be no escape because everything will be on file. For example, if one's son was retarded, or if one's mother was too old and unproductive, or if one's sister was mentally or emotionally unbalanced, they would all be slated for extermination.

This sounds a great deal like the plan Hitler had to control the world and produce the master race. Nostradamus said the Anti-Christ will study Hitler in great detail so he will be able to use him as a model, learning from his mistakes in order to succeed where Hitler had failed.

D: By the time this happens he has the world under his spell.

J: Yes. He says it's because the communication network will be so strong.

D: Once he receives the mantle, how long will it be before he is overthrown? How long do we have to live with all this extermination and control?

J: For a while. Nostradamus shakes his head and says, “I cannot say.”

D: Does he mean that by that time people can't fight back?

J: Everything is crippled because he controls the communications network. As a result, he knows what is going on everywhere. We've become a computerized society at that point and everyone will have a certain number that will be stored in this main computer. This number will be indelibly tattooed on your hand, forearm or forehead, depending on what level of his system you belong to. The people in the upper echelon of his system will have this engraved on their forehead so they can walk in any place. The number will be automatically read, to bid them to enter. For most of us it will be indelibly engraved on our forearm or our hand. This will be done with a laser and will be painless. It will not look like a birthmark or a defect but will be invisible unless scanned by optical equipment. This was we will be able to go shopping, buy food, and enter certain places that are necessary to our work or career.

A member of the group wanted to know if the resistance movement would have any outside influences helping them combat this man, such as guardians from other planets or the higher planes.

J: There will be guardians from other sources. Keepers from all over the universe will be watching this drama. There is a great spiritual lesson to be learned as a spirit goes through complete annihilation. A cosmic law will be broken here, and it represents the extension of that energy. This is a very important lesson. So, many other beings from all over the universe will be gathered here to watch this spectacle.

I thought this sounded familiar. Then I remembered that in my book, Keepers of the Garden, my subject, Phil, said the same thing. That beings from throughout the universe were gathered to watch the events that were unfolding on Earth at this time. That these happenings had far more importance than anyone could imagine, and their effects would be cosmic in nature. At the time I was working with Phil on that book, I could not have imagined the gigantic scale these events would take.

D: What is the cosmic law that will be broken? Can he clarify that?

J: It's the cosmic law that represents beings in harmony with the universe. The Anti-Christ will try to use the universe to make his own harmony; to become omnipotent in his own harmony. This is the cosmic law he will break. It's not very often that a soul is destroyed.

D: Oh? I didn't think it was possible to destroy a soul. Does he mean that literally?

J: It is not possible … (Pause) This is more information than he wants to share.

D: All right. I thought he might have meant it figuratively and not literally.

J: No. He says this information is from higher levels that he has contacted, and that he can't reveal it at this time. This is not in our hands. It's up to a higher council or high spiritual beings who are observing this. Even though this power is being played out in the physical world, it is a very important spiritual lesson to be learned by more advanced souls or spirits, rather than the people of Earth.

A phrase kept running through my mind and it never seemed more appropriate than now. “What shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his immortal soul.”

D: Is there anything we can do as a resistance movement? Or should this drama actually play itself out?

J: The drama will play itself out. The resistance movement will be aware of what is taking place, but people aren't going to listen to the underground. They will be renegades who are unable to fit into the society that is made by the courts or communication networks. They have to live as outlaws. They will be made up of people from many different financial and spiritual belief systems, but they will all be united to overthrow. But they will not be able to overthrow the Anti-Christ's network of communications, because if they do, their country will suffer immensely. As a result, these people will have to live like outcasts.

D: Is this where the figure we know as Ogmios comes in?

J: Ogmios will have a sense of destiny and will gather people around him from all over the world. They will collectively use their intuitive powers to make battle. I see them retaliating in psychic warfare. It will be more like giving the giant a headache.

D: Instead of warfare?

J: No, it will be played out. This is a drama that is being enacted not only for Earth people, but to teach more evolved beings. It is a part of their knowledge and soul growth. So we can't understand the many different layers that this story will have. (Abruptly) Nostradamus says he's tired now. He's still grieving. He says showing pictures in his magic mirror has been a better way of explaining his centuries. Don't fret, he says he will help you, Dolores, with the quatrains in the near future, but he wanted to give this vehicle an idea of how the Anti-Christ manipulates to become powerful. He says it has not really been explained in detail how the Anti-Christ conveys the sense of power he has in his life, but he was showing this vehicle how he would achieve this power.

D: Yes, it seems so impossible that one man could attain that kind of power.

J: He will have subordinates that also will be very powerful, but he will be the ring leader. He says it is similar to the concerts we have to help farmers and the famine stricken. People are networked together in different parts of the globe for a common goal. This is where he got the idea of how to connect them and unite the world.

D: Is he using all of this in the plan he's developing?

J: Yes. Nostradamus says he would like to be at peace now. He would like me to leave. He says, “It's wonderful to be of service to you and I will help you with more quatrains in the future, but for now I am in a bit of grief.”

D: It shows his dedication to the project to be able to put his grief aside for a little while. I appreciate it.

J: He would like me to leave. I am in the mirror but I am moving to the tapestry. I'm in the Tapestry Room now, and it's just beautiful.

John was raised as a Catholic, but he is not as familiar with the Scriptures as I am. Thus, he did not know the implications in this session of the fulfillment of the Biblical prophecies in the book of Revelation. This part of the Bible is very heavily shrouded in symbolism, and people have had difficulty understanding it since the time it was written. It is supposedly a vision, which would explain the symbols. In Volume One Nostradamus said Saint John was seeing the same vision he had seen, and had described it the best he could. The Anti-Christ is not called by that name in Revelation, but the Beast seems to refer to the same man.

These are excerpts that seem to apply (Rev. 13:11-18):

“And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon. And he doeth great wonders, so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on the Earth in the sight of men. And deceiveth them that dwell on the Earth by the means of those miracles which he had power to do... saying to them that dwell on the Earth, that they should make an image to the beast. And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed. And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads; and that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the best, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man, and his number is Six hundred three-score and six (666).”

It is interesting that the George Lamsa translation of the Bible from the Aramaic reads almost like Nostradamus' predictions. Rev. 13:17-18:

“So that no man might buy or sell unless he who had the mark of the name of the beast or the code number of his name. Here is wisdom: let him who has understanding decipher the code number of the beast; for it is the code number of the name of a man; and his number is six hundred and sixty-six (666).”

Chapters 14 and 15 of Revelation speak of a man who comes to help against the beast, and some of the verses could symbolically refer to the underground movement. During this time there are seven plagues delivered upon the Earth, each more terrible than the last, which create more and more turmoil upon the citizens of Earth. There seems to be no hope for mankind until the last plague is delivered at a place called Armageddon when a great voice from heaven cries out, “It is done.”

The chapters after this refer to the doing away of the old world and the establishment of the 1000 years of peace which could refer to Nostradamus' description of the reign of the Great Genius who he sees coming after the time of troubles and restoring harmony to the world. (This is described in detail in Volume One.)

In my desperation to deny that what Nostradamus sees will come to pass, I find myself grasping at the fact that Nostradamus was familiar with the Bible of his day. He has said repeatedly that the saints and the prophets have seen the same events that he has seen. I keep hoping that this partly influenced Nostradamus and that what he sees is an extension of these Biblical prophecies and will surely not happen. But there are too many correlations here to be coincidence. John's interpretation of the Anti-Christ's creation of a computer network is a better explanation of the number 666 than anyone else has been able to come up with by using logic.

- pages 129-140, Conversations with Nostradamus 2, by Dolores Cannon

13 Heavens Note:  There are three points to add: 1) If you were in the Obama administration, and you raised $666 million dollars with a new online computer network, would you really want to report that figure or would you drop a "6" to adjust the amount to $660 million? 2) When considering all of the Nostradamus material contained within the 3 volumes by Dolores Cannon, it becomes clear that even though it appears that the translations can be taken literally, it isn't necessarily the case. For instance, "...I see him talking into computers, and it's his voice that's activating the computer. There are big computer banks all over the place. (Pause) He's saying there's a coalition of other men that will be of service to him, and that he will mesmerize them." could mean that the millions of people who receive an email from him (his words urging them into action), would activate or energize this communications network. With the millions of followers already registered online, this "army of activists" could be of service... as they will be mesmerized by him. The "big computer banks all over the place" could simply refer to all of the database servers used to reach voters (eg, MySpace, Facebook, iPhone, gaming sites, Twitter, Flickr, Youtube, etc. - click here).  3) A new Alex Jones documentary will be released on March 15, 2009, as seen below.

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The first half contains some material from other Alex Jones' films, which shows many connections and processes not widely known. The second half really gets into the Obama Administration's activities thus far...

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