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ZetaTalk - Ch.23

The US was targeted early by ourselves for several reasons, but primarily because our hybrid program was to be based in the US. The US, as a melting pot, has a broader genetics pool than any other country. Where it has been reported that the US government granted us permission to abduct their citizenry, their permission was not required. The hybrid program is conducted with volunteers, and the US government is not consulted. Period. A secondary reason we desired an alliance with the US government was due to their position of leadership in the world, a position they still hold. The US is the signal democracy, which was assisted in its birth by many aliens in the service-to-others orientation responding to The Call, and has more than met the expectations of those who assisted. Both the government and citizenry of the US expect leadership of themselves, and are tolerant and supportive of innovation because of this. The US is head and shoulders above the rest of the world in innovation, bar none.

This environment was perceived by ourselves to be the most fruitful for Zeta/human alliances in service-to-others activities during the Transformation, and is meeting our expectations in this regard. Thus, because we and others in the service-to-others orientation wished an alliance with the US government, the Roswell incident was staged in order to initiate discussion. And it was because of our desire to contact the US government that those in the service-to-self orientation rushed in to do their best to ruin our plans. Activities at Area 51 and Dulce were not our activities, but are the dying remnants of games by the service-to-self entities designed to drive a wedge between ourselves and the US government. They did not succeed, and the games are now in a mopping-up phase, closing down. Those in the service-to-self orientation have not contacted other governments because there was no party to spoil. It's as simple as that. In spite of wild rumor to the contrary, no other governments outside of the US have an agreement with alien groups.

The facts about Roswell are well known, and the facts that are known relate almost completely to the truth. This is a trye story. What is not well known is that Roswell was not an accident. The US, like other governments, was not approachable. Individuals who were contacted by the alien groups were treated as though they were infected. The block in these matters was the human desire to be in control. Therefore, in order to allow the humans in the US government to be open to our messages, we allowed them to be in contol. The plan was to allow ships to crash, ostensibly at the hands of humans, with all aliens aboard dying in the crash. This maximized the feeling of control the humans would experience, particularly as the front end of any contact was, unfortunately, through the military. Once they felt they could harm us, they were willing to parley.

The recent Roswell movie adheres closely to the facts, but it has added material for dramatic effect and it has omitted other material at the request of the government. Major Marcel knew full well what he had come upon in that field, and the impact that informing the public would have. UFOs were not unknown to those at the Roswell base, and the heavy hand suppressing chatter had already been felt. He agonized, and informed his family furtively. The rancher, Mac Brazel, was abused extensively, in many ways that leave no marks, and finally he was told frankly that he and his family would be killed unless he complied. His purchase of a new truck, which he could scarcely afford, was the only avenue by which he could get the word out that he had taken a bribe. Why would the military need to buy him off? People appropriately wondered, and came to the correct conclusions. Were people silenced via death during the Roswell incident? Yes, and more than the public suspects.

EBE, the Extraterrestrial Biological Entity, survived the crash and lived to chat, in a manner of speaking, with the government. EBE was returned to his group, alive, after contact was established over the next few years. EBE, as he was called, was one of seven aliens on board the two craft that crashed at Roswell. One craft was utterly demolished, as it was set to explode close to the ground and did so as planned. The second craft held four aliens, and crashed as planned without becoming utterly demolished. It was expected that the impact would kill all four, who expected to die, but one lived on with injuries.

This was a shock to this alien, who was unprepared for the intense interest in his digestive, breathing, and medical needs. He found himself both held at arm's length and closely examined by the very nervous humans who recovered him. An officer, called suddenly to the site where EBE was being housed, had his young son in tow, and left him in the car while he conferred inside. When he returned he found that his young son had much to tell him, having been in telepathic communication with EBE. Without having the two ever meet, and without confirming to the young boy that his conversation pal was real, the government subsequently had the two in close proximity and questioned the boy endlessly. To this day he cannot prove that this occurred, other than that questions were put to him.

The impact of Roswell on human culture, and on the government in particular, was that they knew for sure that aliens, intelligent beings from other worlds, existed. The legacy of EBE himself was essentially the quaint story of ET, where aliens are viewed as shy and nonthreatening, more vulnerable than humans, and with charming eccentricities. That they bond well with young children is considered by most to be a de facto proof of their acceptability, in line with the adage that a person can be trusted if the dog and the kids take a shine to him.

EBE was followed, however, by contacts with the government by a very different sort of alien, those in the service-to-self orientation, and this set the stage for the next phase of the government's relationship with aliens.

Omnipotent Krlll
One of the first aliens in the service-to-self orientation to contact the US government was a member of the alien race from Orion, who called himself the Omnipotent Krlll. He had studied human societies, or rather had his lakeys do this study, and concluded that a a guttural name that sounded like a growl would most induce fear. Thus the concocted name. One should tak note that it also sounds similar to the word kill, also not by accident. This alien greatly impressed the military officers who met him, in that he understood their need for order and hierarchy, their concept of command by the most powerful and well connected, and their willingness in the main to sell out sections of the populace for any gain in power they might attain. As he was firmly in the service-to-self orientation, they were in effect speaking his language. He was at home.

Krlll set to work dis-informing the military as best suited his ultimate aim. As he wished to conquer them, he told them they were in charge. They bought it. As he wished their cooperation, he told them they would receive technology in exchange. They bought it. After all these years, not much has come from this vaunted meeting with the Omnipotent Krlll. His disinformation has been unraveled, bit by bit, so that any information he provide has essentially been discarded. However, there are still information pools firmed essentially from this source that have not dried up. They refuse to be silenced, and repeat the same silly stories time and again. These sources have a life of their own, having sensed that the information comes directly from the government, having been convinced and even deliberately impressed with this fact long ago, so they are still infused with desire to get the word out. Attempting to counter these enthusiasts only seems to energize them. The story lives on link an echo that will not die.

Power Outages
Following the Roswell incident the various alien groups in the service-to-others orientation were displeased with dialog that had been opened with the US government. They found themselves not only held at arms length but also negated – treated as entities one need not worry about. Where Roswell had been staged, several aliens in the service-to-others orientation sacrificed themselves in the crash so that the military could feel they had the upper hand and thus be amenable to an approach, but now the aliens found themselves facing a cocky group who treated them dismissively. At this point in time MJ-12 had also been approached by the service-to-self aliens, whom they treated with respect as this group had not presented themselves as crashed ships or dead and injured bodies. In the eyes of MJ-12, who looked on the surface, the service-to-self aliens had their act together. We expressed, through the human translators assigned to us, that our capabilities were in fact superior to the service-to-self aliens they were giving preferential attention to, but we were brushed aside.

As the Awakening is overseen by the Council of World, this matter was bantered about, and eventually the Council granted a spectacle that would not be lost on MJ-12, the intended audience, but could be minimized to the populace at large. Prior to power outages there were several attempts to impress MJ-12 with less drastic measures. Power outages, after all, affect hospitals, little old ladies tottering to the rest room, and moving traffic. We wished to avoid this. Natural occurrences were affected first, having been announced well ahead of time. Unseasonable temperature variations, so that mid-winer would become positively balmy or mid-summer chilly, but this impressed no one and we were only credited with being good weather predictors. Light rays were deflected over broad areas, so that midday became night for a brief by very noticeable time, but as no disruption of activity took place, MJ-12 was unimpressed. So it's dark outside, then turn on the lights! Thus, we determined, and effectively argued the case before the Council, to prevent the lights from being turned on.

Power outages were not unknown, and could be caused by any number of overload or mechanical failure situations. People would buy it, on the local level. At a national level, in smoke-filled rooms and the corridors of power, the truth would be passed around and hurriedly suppressed. How do you suppose that MJ-12 came to have so many corporate leaders in its broad membership? They were initiated during the panics. Suppress the press. Issue statements that had no relationship to the truth. Use the bully boardroom, and keep each other closely informed. When spreading a broad untruth, close communication and coordination is required. MJ-12 was no longer a clique of the military, it became for a time a clique of the establishment. Subsequent to the power outages, which did not sweep without warning over broad areas, we found MJ-12 looking at us with new eyes. They now believed our explanation of the Roswell crashes. Their eyes had been opened. At this point the power outages were no longer necessary.

A major factor in the success of this Awakening maneuver was the utter inability of the government to stop the outages. Learning of our schedule, which was announced days ahead of the occurrence, they would arrange every kind of backup. All contingencies failed. Power flow was stilled for the length of time announced, and not so much as a flashlight battery worked. The mechanism used by us involved essentially irradiating the area with a countering force, affecting electron flow above a certain level. Thus, human thought or the winking of fireflies would not be affected, but human technology was at a standstill.

13 Heavens Note: For a brief reminder of this strategy, the 1951 version of the film, The Day The Earth Stood Still, employs a 30-minute power outage at a pre-scheduled time - which does not impact airplanes or hospitals. At the time stated, all power was restored.

From The Day The Earth Stood Still (1951)
(Video Duration: 31:33)

If you have never heard a song, and you now hear only one song singing, you would be inclined to think there was only one song to be sung. We and other benevolent alien groups approached your governments so that they could hear a different song. Your government, as with your populace, is not mostly evil. In the main, they wish to do the right thing by those they are bound to serve. We are attempting to help them get to this point. At a minimum, we are attempting to foil the original song they heard from those in the service-to-self orientation, so that at a minimum your government does not sing this song to you.

Why was this done, you might ask, when this different song could have been sung to the populace at large? Of course, this song is being sung to the populace at large, in a manner that elicits the least fear and anxiety. It was necessary to sing a different song to your government because they are influential to those they govern. They control the media, to a far greater extent than you would ever allow yourself to believe. They therefore control what their populace is allowed to experience, consciously.

- Pages 143-148, ZetaTalk, by Nancy Lieder

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