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Conv. Nostradamus 1 - Ch.3

The Great Man Cometh

I HAD INTENDED TO FORMULATE more rational questions about the life of Nostradamus that I would ask Dyonisus the next week, but the tourist season descended on the resort town with a vengeance. Elena worked late each evening and was very tired, so months began to go by without my having contact with the student of Nostradamus. At the time I was involved in many other projects with other subjects and Elena's story was just another possibility to follow up on when we could get together. I am usually working on several possible books at one time so I will have continual projects going on. I mistakenly assumed there would be plenty of time to follow up on this since I thought it would be only an interesting chapter or two in a book of miscellaneous regressions. At the time I never dreamed it would evolve into a book on its own because I could not conceive of obtaining that much information from one of his students.

Summer lengthened into fall and dissolved into winter. I occasionally saw Elena, but we had no more sessions. During winter the resort town shuts down and turns into a ghost town. Most of the residents either migrate to warmer climates or hibernate, awaiting the next influx of tourists in late spring. Elena productively used this time to work on her commissioned portraits. We still could not work because durinfsg the winter I also go into hibernation. I live in a rugged rural mountain area and it becomes inconvenient and difficult to go anywhere when the snows come. During this time my sessions cease and I work on the tiresome transcribing of the tapes that I wish to use. This is a necessary but time-consuming and tedious part of my work, so I save it for the dreary winter months when I am snowed in.

Thus it was spring 1986 before Elena and I could finally find time to meet again. She had moved into an apartment in an old building the residences in that town were very ancient, thus it was not extraordinary that Elena had a trapdoor in her bedroom near the front of the bed. This caused the floor to creak when anyone walked over that spot. On the day of the session, we were alone although you could occasionally hear people moving around in the other apartments. Before beginning, she put her small dog and cat outside. Since we were expecting a friend, Valerie (or “Val” as she was known to her friends) to come before we were finished, she closed the outside door but did not lock it. These facts are important to what happened during the session. Every session I conducted with Elena had contained something unusual, and this one would be no exception.

Since it had been several months since I had worked on this story, I could not remember the student's name. So I directed her to go back to the time when she was a student of Nostradamus. When I finished counting I found him in his room writing.

E: I'm writing information that I have received from the voices within. I had questions within myself that I felt needed to be answered, so I turned inward. They are questions about myself that would not have any meaning to others.

He was apparently receiving this information through meditation. He said his name was Dyonisus and I wondered about this. Nostradamus lived in France and this name did not sound French. A possibility had been suggested that maybe it was not the student's real name. Perhaps they were given other names in order to protect them. But he insisted that it was the name he was born with.

E: We live with the master. He has a large home. There are five of us students. We have separate quarters. Some by choice share a room, but I do not wish to. However, we all share a common goal.

D: Where did you live before?

E: We lived in my native land, Athens.

This would explain his foreign-sounding name. He wasn't French but Greek.

D: There are many wise minds in Athens also, aren't' there?

E: There were.

D: I just wondered why you chose to come here and not study in Athens.

E: My family was into the merchant's trade. They dealt with different types of spices and cloth goods. And in the course of business decided to move. Some of my family still live in Athens, but my parents moved to Paris. They wished to establish a better communication from one port to the other with the products that were needed.

D: Did they expect you to go into their business?

E: Yes, they did. But I had always felt there was something more. That everything was not as... was written.

D: Did you have schooling in Athens?

E: Yes. We came over when I was very young and I studied with the priests at Notre Dame. I was learning to be a .. (searching for the words) man of the law. But I felt that the present laws were unjust for the poor class.

D: Yes, but that's usually the way it is in most countries, isn't it?

E: That's true. I felt it was necessary to learn something that would be helpful to them. I decided to become a physician. I had heard of Nostradamus and wished to study with him. When I met him I felt this was indeed the person who could teach me many things. I am still what they call an “apprentice.” At the university there are people who have been brought from the hospitals so we can watch the surgeons perform. I prefer to work with Nostradamus because he showed a method of making the people not feel the pain when it was necessary to operate.

There has long been speculation about how Nostradamus was able to perform his miraculous cures. He mystified the other doctors of his time. Maybe I would be able to find out his secret. He lived before the discovery of ether when doctors supposedly performed operations without any anesthetic.

D: Is he the only one who uses this method?

E: Yes. There were some that I had heard of in my land that did this, but not so much in France. It's a method that lets the person help the surgeon. But it goes beyond that to a quieting of the person's heart and a lessoning of the pain in the person's mind.

This sounded very much like a form of hypnosis. I have always thought the hardest part of trying to control pain would be getting the patient to listen to you.

E: There are narcotics that are mostly from the Orient that we can give them; that quiets them. One is a … opium. It is one of the main types. The other is ladanum. But they are still aware of things. It makes them drowsy but it would not be enough to make them not aware when a leg or arm has been removed. We have better control. By using the method of working with the mind and the ability to quiet the heart, we can bring them to a point where they have a better chance of recovering and not dying from the shock. We have to use this method in a very secretive manner and make it seem that the other medicines we use are what are causing the patients to respond.

D: Why do you have to be secretive? I would think the other doctors would want to learn.

E: This is a time in our land that is very superstitious. Anything that is involved that people do not understand makes them think it is associated with the Devil or witches, and it is very much misunderstood. Society has not learned to understand the unknown yet.

D: Then he is only teaching his personal students how to do these things?

E: That is true.

D: What types of illnesses are the most prominent or most common right now in the land?

E: Diseases that are caused from the filth that is prevalent in the cities, the unclean conditions. A type of black lung or consumption. There is no way to really treat the poor with this because of the conditions they live in. but we try to tell those who are able to, to drink plenty of liquids, to be in the country and not in the city where there seems to be so much smoke and filth. And there is a type of plague that has caused much concern with us. It is one that even Nostradamus has not a cure for. It causes the throat to swell, much mucus in the lungs and the face turns black eventually. I believe from the lack of oxygen or air.

D: Is the university the only place where surgery is performed?

E: No, there are chambers in the hospitals where surgeries are performed. But for learning procedures, some are done in the university.

D: Is there one type of surgery that is more common than the others?

E: An amputation of the limbs is not uncommon, because of the gangrene that will set in with wounds and sores that have gone uncared for.

D: Do they every do surgery on the abdomen and that area of the body?

E: Yes, but for so many this is an unsuccessful procedure because of the shock and trauma to the patient.

D: When women have children, do they have to come to the hospitals?

E: There is no need.

D: You told me before that you were taught meditation by staring into the fire. Is this the way Nostradamus does it or have you ever seen him do his own meditation?

E: This method is the one that has helped me the most. Once we feel comfortable with ourselves, a mental image is sufficient. He has several methods that he uses. I have seen him work with the sand. He uses a very white fine type of sand over a very clear... (Had difficulty finding the words.) I don't remember the material.

D: Is it like a piece of cloth?

E: No, it's solid.

I was distracted by Elena's dog barking outside. I assumed Val must be arriving early.

I continued, “ the material like glass?”

E: What is this?

She seemed confused. He didn't know the word “glass.” It is amazing that I have had other subjects who regressed to this same time period and also did not know the word.

D: Glass would be very smooth and you can see through it.

E: It's very smooth.

D: Or is it a type of metal?

E: No. I don't understand why I can't remember.

D: (I had an idea.) Do you know what a mirror is?

E: (Emphatically) That's it!

D: A mirror is something you can see yourself in.

E: That's it, yes.

D: But what does he do with the sand?

E: He makes a type of design with it, letting his hand guide him. And through this he is able to see with his inner eye.

D: All right. I'm trying to visualize it. He has a smooth mirror. And he takes the sand in his hand and then sprinkles it over the mirror?

E: He covers the mirror with it. And takes a small object like a quill and lets his hand trace designs.

D: That way it would be a different design each time, wouldn't it?

E: Right. And then he writes what he hears inside.

D: Then the making of the designs is just a method of concentration?

E: yes. Sometimes he gets visions that he sees in the mirror, but we do not see them. Usually there will be an area cleared by the time he's finished with the free design, and he sees things there.

D: And he writes down what he sees. Does he do this for very long?

E: Two or three hours at a time.

D: We have what are called his quatrains. Is that what he is writing at those times?

E: Yes. He receives the vision or he hears the voices. And turns to his writing tablet to write down what he receives or sees.

D: While he is doing this, if someone were to talk to him would he hear you?

I was trying to determine whether he was in a trance during these times.

E: We are instructed not to speak to him during this time.

D: You said sometimes he uses other methods?

At this point strange things began to happen. Although Elena's dog and cat had been put outside before the session began, they suddenly came into the room and stood together at the foot of the bed staring up at us. I had heard the dog barking outside, so I thought maybe Val, the woman we had been expecting had come into the house and the animals had followed her. I assumed she was probably in the front room which could not be seen from the bedroom. I had heard no one enter or any noise, but this could be explained because we were in the back of the apartment. I had told Val it would be alright if she came back to the bedroom when she arrived. I shrugged it off, presuming she had just decided to remain in the front room rather than disturb us. The animals stood attentively at the foot of the bed for a long period of time which Elena said later was not their normal behavior. I was curious as to how they got into the apartment, but since they were not creating a disturbance, I ignored them and continued with the session.

At this same time Elena's eyes moved under her eyelids. She seemed to be following someone who had apparently entered the room in the past life scene she was involved in. here eyes followed the person as he entered and sat down on her left next to the bed where a trunk was located in her (real) bedroom. Dyonisus had apparently been alone and meditating in the first part of this session. He had been answering my questions with no hesitation. Now he suddenly became evasive and reluctant to answer. I presumed it was because he was no longer alone.

E: These are things that are secret and I cannot describe now.

Dyonisus seemed uncomfortable, as though whoever had entered the room had caught him in the act of revealing forbidden secrets. I proceeded to reassure him that it was all right to confide in me, but that I would not pressure him to do anything that made him uncomfortable.

I had assumed he would speak no more on this subject if someone else was present, so I was surprised by his answer, “Let ma ask him first.” Apparently Nostradamus was the one who had entered. This was a very strange feeling, especially since she had her head turned away from me and was concentrating on the empty air above the trunk. There was a long pause as she seemed to converse with someone who was on that side of the room. I almost felt that I, too, was in the presence of another person. She then turned back to me and stated, “I can't share this at this time.”

D: That's all right. I will never ask you to do anything that you do not feel really right about. I'm glad you asked him though. Does he think at some time you will be able to share it?

E: He says he will talk to you at some time.

This was a shock. I felt the hair stand up on the back of my arms and a cold shiver run down my spine. I had the distinct impression he could see me and was looking at me at that moment. During my regressions the subject is seldom aware of me as a separate entity. I like to think that only their subconscious is aware and answering my questions, and I am only a voice buzzing inside their head. It is always amusing and sometimes startling to have the personality suddenly notice me and ask, “Who are you?” But to have a third party suddenly sense my presence was a very strange development.

As calmly as I could, I reasoned that if Nostradamus truly was the greatest psychic that ever lived and had such highly developed mental abilities, why couldn't he be aware that his student was conversing with someone. Would that really be so unusual? It still gave me a very weird feeling to think I might be in the presence of an invisible someone who was aware of me but whom I could not see. Nothing like this had ever happened in my work before.

But even more curious, I couldn't understand what he meant. Just how could he talk to me? The odds against my finding the reincarnated Nostradamus and conversing with him through regression were astronomical. I assumed I could continue to question Elena about Dyonisus' experiences with him. But that was not what he said. He clearly indicated that he would converse with me personally. I was confused and was getting a little dizzy as I tried to comprehend this.

“Oh?” I asked. “Does he plan to do this through you? Or does he know how this will occur?”

The next remark was ever more puzzling. “Not only through me but … through another.”

That was even more far-fetched. I didn't know how to take this. How would it be possible to accomplish that? Was I going to locate another student of his and gain more information that way? This was the way I worked. If I was lucky enough to find a subject who knew someone famous, ie, Jesus, Nostradamus, etc, then I would question to find out facts about their life. I could have shrugged this off as being too crazy and off-the-wall to even consider, but there was something about her tone of voice that told me he was serious. I had the feeling that if it were truly to occur, I would have nothing to say about the method or procedure and wouldn't have to worry about it or try to make it happen. (Even if I had the foggiest idea how to make something like that happen.) Maybe it would be as spontaneous as this unexpected announcement had been. Oh, well, I figured why question it, maybe anything was possible after all. This was certainly not the time to analyze it anyhow. My head was swimming with confusion. I had to push it aside for now and continue.

D: I think he should realize that I'm searching for knowledge, for lost knowledge, and I'm always happy for anything I can receive.

E: He says that he's aware of this.

D: And I mean no harm at all. I would appreciate anything that you can tell me at any time, or anything that he feels free to tell me. Will you thank him for me?

E: Yes, I will.

At this point I had to turn the tape over, but I also took this opportunity to quickly go into the front room to see if our friend had arrived. I couldn't understand why I had heard no noises or why she had not at least peeked into the bedroom to see if we were finished. But to my surprise the apartment was empty and the front door was standing wide open. I quickly returned to Elena, more confused than ever. The animals had also retreated and did not return.

I knew I would receive no more information at that scene because Nostradamus had stopped the flow. In order to return the session to familiar grounds, I moved Dyonisus ahead in time to an important day in his life. Elena was answering questions much more spontaneously than in any other session. There was none of the confusion and uncertainty that had crept into the earlier sessions when we touched upon this life. It had been a little bothersome to have the sessions continuously interrupted by Andy or whoever was looking after her benefit. I counted Dyonisus forward to an important day and asked what he was doing.

E: I am receiving information that astounds me.

D: How are you receiving it?

E: Through both my eyes and my mind.

D: Can you share it with me?

E: (In awe.) I dare not.

I was curious enough to attempt to get around her objections. This had worked before under similar circumstances.

D: Well, it's perfectly all right if you don't want to share it with me. But why is this an important day?

E: Because it is the first time that I have had the visions. Before I would only hear voices.

D: Are you going to write down what you are seeing when it's over?

E: Oh, yes! But this is just for myself.

D: Are the visions something to do with your own life?

E: Ohhh, it's far into the future.

D: I wish you could tell me some of it anyways.

E: You would not believe me.

D: Oh, I bet I would. I believe many, many strange things. Is it near where you live now?

E: I have no idea. I'm looking at what appears to be a city with tall buildings that reach into the sky. There are things flying. They look like birds, giant metal birds. And these objects have people. There are fast things moving within the city. They are also carrying people.

D: Similar to your carriages?

E: Oh, no! I've never seen this. Seems to be metal containers with clear... clear metal.

It is interesting that again he did not know the word for glass. This showed continuity. It was obvious that Dyonisus was looking ahead to our time in his future. He was seeing a scene that Elena would have been familiar with. It was fascinating to hear him describe these things in such foreign terms, as though he was seeing it through new eyes. This phenomenon also happened in my boo, Five Lives Remembered, where a young girl living in the 1770s saw a vision of the future and described it in very similar terms.

D: It really does sound wondrous. Do the people look different?

E: Yes, very – healthier.

D: They must have very good physicians in that time.

What would be more natural for a doctor to notice? That the people of the future were healthier than the people in his own time. This added a touch of validity.

E: Healthier. And different garments. So many different types. I could not explain just one. Nostradamus told us there would be things that would be beyond our comprehension.

D: I wonder if this is the type of thing that he sees all the time?

E: I believe it is.

D: Well, you never know; that may be what the world in the future will be like. What do you think of it?

E: I think it is very different. I'm afraid of it. I've never seen so many people.

D: I thought Paris was a large city.

E: It is. But I've never looked at Paris from this view. I'm looking down on it. I see the biggest bridge I've ever seen in my life. It looks like it's made out of metal and... ropes.

Probably the cables of a bridge like the Golden Gate or something similar which he would naturally not know how to describe in any other way.

E: It's suspended over the water. And these things, these containers, are moving on it.

D: Is there anything in the water?

E: Just... they're boats. Very different, but I know they're boats.

D: Then you can see all the tall buildings and all the strange-looking vehicles (She looked confused.) Do you know that word? (She shook her head.) It means something to ride in. it's another word for it. Like a carriage. Even a boat could be called a vehicle. Something that you get into and it moves.

E: I see. Thank you.

He seemed content with my explanation and happy that I gave it to him.

D: Do these containers make noise?

E: I don't hear anything.

D: Is there anything else you could share that looks different?

E: (Long pause) There's so much. I'm trying to decide which – the lights! The lights are so much brighter than we have here. And there is... ah... lights with pictures on them. Very colorful.

D: What kind of pictures?

E: Ah... so many different. A woman holding an object in her hand. (A cigarette perhaps, or a bottle of Coke?) A man in strange clothes on a horse. (Perhaps a cowboy?)

I wondered if he was seeing billboards or advertisements made with colored neon lights. I was enjoying this. It was fun to see our world through the eyes of the past.

E: They have lights on the streets.

D: That would be good; people could see at night. Does Paris have any lights on the streets?

E: They have burning lights but not fueled the same way these are. And not so many.

D: This is indeed a strange city you're looking at. It sounds like it must be a long way in the future.

I took her out of that scene and asked him to move ahead to another important day in his life.

E: I am helping sew up. It's a young child. The boy's foot has been run over by a carriage and I had to amputate. I had the boy brought to my own chamber but I was able to make him see that I would help and quiet him. (Emotionally) An this is the first time. This has much meaning for me.

D: What do you mean, the first time?

E: I was able to put to use the teachings I have learned. I mean, in addition to the practice of the medicine. To put to use what Nostradamus has taught me of how to relieve the pain. It even made the bleeding less than it would have been. Nostradamus guided me with this.

D: Have you finished all your training?

E: The physical, but the mental, no.

D: Where do you practice the medicine?

E: I have many people that come to me. I also go into the poor section. I want to help them.

D: What about your family? Do they understand what you are doing?

E: Yes, they know I want to work with the poor.

He said he had been practicing the medicine for about six years and had been going into the poor section and working with them for about four years. Several of the other students had returned to their own homes in order to help the people there.

D: Does your country have a ruler?

E: You mean France?

D: Yes, that's the country you made your home.

E: Yes, it does. I can't think... He came after King Charles. I can't think of it's Louis or not.

D: I was just curious. Have you ever seen him?

E: No, I have never met him.

I remembered from what little I had read about Nostradamus that he had predicted the future for his king when the ruler heard about his strange gifts.

D: What about Nostradamus? Has he ever met the king?

E: Oh, yes. He is aware of the prophecies. Nostradamus tells him of some of them, yes. Those concerning France. But he does not know all of what he does.

D: Do you know what nay of these prophecies are?

E: I know some of them. But they are not of interest to me.

D: You don't care about what happens in France?

E: What I have learned goes beyond the physical.

D: Have you had any vision of your own that you think is important that you could share with me?

E: Perhaps another time. I'm feeling weary now.

D: Is that because of the work you've done with the little boy?

E: Yes. May I talk with you at another time?

D: Oh, yes. I'd enjoy that very much.

Elena might also have been weary because this was the longest we had been allowed to hold a session without being interrupted.

Upon awakening Elena seemed confused. There was only one thing that she remembered while in trance. She asked if anyone had come into the room during the session. I told her about her dog and cat and that I had found the front door standing open. She said sometimes if the animals tried hard enough they could get in, but it was strange for them to come into the bedroom and stand at the foot of the bed and watch her. That was unusual behavior.

She said, “The reason I asked was because I distinctly heard someone come into the room and walk across the floor. Then, they sat down on the trunk.”

I drew her attention to the fact that there were many things (pictures and knick-knacks) on the top of the trunk and under normal circumstances no one would have been able to sit there. I told her that her eyes had moved toward that direction as though she saw someone enter and go to that side of the bed. I said she might have heard the people upstairs moving around, because during the session I heard sounds that seemed to be coming from the other apartments.

She shook her head and replied emphatically, “This is strange. I know it doesn't make any sense. But I am certain the sounds came from within the room because there is a trapdoor right there by the foot of my bed. When anyone walks across the room, the floor creaks in that spot. That is what I heard.”

The animals were obviously too small to make the noises, especially the sound of footsteps. The tape recorder picked up sounds similar to what she described, but as I have said, they could have been coming from upstairs.

It is interesting to speculate about the possibility of the animals actually seeing and accompanying someone into the room. I had heard the dog barking outside as the phenomenon began. Did they see a presence that was invisible to me? Why else did they force themselves into the house just to stand at the foot of the bed and watch?

When I told Elena that Nostradamus had said he would talk to me himself, she was puzzled as I was. We couldn't figure out how he was going to accomplish such a feat.

“How could he come through me?” she asked. “It is quite obvious that I couldn't have been Nostradamus if I was one of his students.

We were also curious about the other person he was supposed to come through. The prediction she had made about the extra Jesus material coming from someone else had come true when I received it through Brenda. This had also been an unlikely occurrence. At this point we had no idea where this story was going or what else would happen. I planned to wind it up in a few more sessions when I found out the rest of Dyonisus' life story. I thought there would be nothing else worth obtaining.

In this session her ability to speak more fluidly and give more information had improved dramatically in comparison with the first sessions. Maybe the reason for the forced delay and the interventions by her guide was so we would become more secure and familiar with this procedure.

After this session we sat up several appointments that she was unable to keep due to various personal reasons. She then went to California for a month to be with a daughter who was having marriage problems. This, it was again several months before the work on this project could resume.

- pages 21-32, Conversations with Nostradamus 1, by Dolores Cannon

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