Sunday, February 22, 2009

Secret American Empire - TOC



Part 1: Asia
3.  Geishas
4.  The Bugiman
5.  A Corrupt and Brutal Country
9.  Fruits of Corruption
10.  Attacked and Beaten in Indonesia
12.  Biological Imperatives
13.  Dictatorships of Finance
14.  The Quiet Giant

Part 2: Latin America
15.  Hired Guns in Guatemala
16.  Obsessed with Anger
17.  Recruited as President of Bolivia Power
18.  Maximizing Profits in La Paz
19.  Changing the Dream
20.  Venezuela's Chavez
21.  Ecuador: Betrayed by a President
22.  Bolivia: Bechtel and the Water Wars (pending)
23.  Brazil: Skeletons in the Closet
24.  The Beautiful Carioca
25.  Taking on the Empire
26.  Kindred Spirits
27.  A History of Assassinations
28.  Lessons from Latin America

Part 3: The Middle East
30.  King Dollar
31.  Manipulating Governments
32.  Lebanon: "Stark Raving Mad"
33.  USAID Speaks (pending)
34.  Egypt: Controlling Africa (pending)
35.  Infidel Dog
36.  Iran: Highways and Fortresses
37.  Israel: America's Foot Soldier
38.  The Iraq-Iran War: Another EHM Victory
39.  Qatar and Dubai: Las Vegas in the Land of Mullahs
40.  Into the Abyss

Part 4:  Africa
41.  Modern Conquistadors
42.  Sitting in America's Lap
43.  A Jackal Is Born (pending)
44.  The "Non-People's" of Diego Garcia (pending)
45.  Assassinating a President
46.  The Highjacking of an Air India 707
47.  An Environmentalist Is Executed (pending)
48.  The Least Understood Continent
49.  NGOs: A Stake in Keeping Africa Poor (pending)
50.  Laptops, Cell Phones, and Cars
51.  Ex-Peace Corps Volunteers Offer Hope
52.  Resolved: To Turn Things Around (pending)

Part 5: Changing the World
53.  Four Essential Questions
54.  Change Is Possible
55.  Modern Minutemen
56.  Changing the Myth
57.  The New Capitalism
58.  A List of Grievances
61.  Buying Off Third-world Debt
62.  Five Commonalities
63.  Times of Opportunity
64.  The Most Important Question of Our Time
65.  Today Is the Day

Appendix A: Organizations Described in This Book (pending)
Appendix B:  Entry Points for Living Democracy (pending)
Appendix C:  Recommended Reading



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