Wednesday, February 18, 2009

God Grew Tired of US

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Sudan has been living armed conflicts for more than half a century now. Since 2003 it is the War in Darfur (called the Darfur Genocide by the United States Government), that killed several hundred thousand person. However, the most deadly war happened in the two previous decades (between 1983 and 2003) in the south of the country. This so called Second Sudanese Civil War was one of the longest lasting and deadliest wars of the later 20th century. Roughly 1.9 million civilians were killed in southern Sudan, and more than 4 million have been forced to flee their homes at one time or another since the beginning of the war. Amongst them a group of some 27,000 children and young men had to flee to Ethiopia and subsequently to Kenya. The 12,000 who survived this five year journey found relative safety in a refugee camp in northern Kenya. They became known as the “Lost Boys of Sudan“.

The documentary “God Grew Tired Of Us” tells the story of three of these lost boys, who in 2001 (together with other 3600 children and young men) had the possibility to go to live in the United States and start a new life. An amazing story of adaptation, fight and success.

This is not the only documentary about this dramatic transition. The Lost Boys of Sudan, for instance, has many fans. But by following the immigrants for a longer period, both before they arrive and after their shock immersion into American culture, God Grew Tired of Us is the most rewarding and the deepest. 

One thing can be learned from this film: no matter how amazing modern amenities are, people will take them for granted after about 5 minutes. However, as these really remarkable and likeable "boys" show, it's people and relationships that really count for one's wealth and peace of mind!

Movie Premiere

Leaving Kenya

Barely Alive

In Refugee Camp

Destination: New York City

Welcome to America!

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