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Conv. Nostradamus 1 - Ch.2

I Meet Dyonisus

TWO MONTHS WERE TO PASS before Elena and I were able to meet for another session. The tourist season was in full swing in that resort town and the restaurant had been swamped. Elena was also busy with portraits she had been commissioned to do. She tried to set aside a little time each day to practice meditation as she felt that it calmed her mind and helped her to relax. A few times she was certain her guide, Andy, had come to her and given her encouragement and advice about problems. I had been busy with several other subjects on various projects and only saw her at the group meetings. Finally we were able to meet for a session on her day off.

After giving her the keyword, she lapsed into a deep trance, and I began the session by asking her to go back to a time that was important to her. I was hoping we might again tap into the lifetime with the teacher, but it would all depend upon her protective subconscious. I really had no idea where we would end up, but I knew that wherever it was it would be important to Elena, if not to me.

When she entered the scene, she was again a man walking on a road going to the teacher who had a home on the outskirts of the city. It would seem we had again contacted the same life. However, this time her answers were much more spontaneous. She did not seem disturbed, although at times she was hesitant to reply. I gave her reassurance to try to bypass the secrecy that bad been present at the earlier session. Although she felt more at ease about talking to me, she was still cautious. She said she was one of six students who were studying with this teacher. They would occasionally all meet with him as a group, but he also gave them private lessons. She said in a voice filled with awe, “He's teaching me the study of life. How to heal the body. How to heal the mind. How to see the future. He knows more than any man on earth.”

D: To me those are wonderful things. Why does this have to be kept secret?

E: Because the people are superstitious. The people of the church... the Catholic church.

D: Does this man have to hide because of his beliefs?

E: No. He's a good doctor. But he's also a doctor of all things. Some of the things he believes in, he keeps secret.

I was trying to find out who this teacher was without putting any suggestions into her mind. She could not think of the name of the city or the year we were in, but this is not uncommon. Scientific studies have shown that during my type of work, the subject is utilizing primarily the right side of the brain where imagery and visualization are located. I have discovered that names and dates are located in the left half of the brain or the analytical, logical part. Experts also say that the subconscious does not understand numbers or time. After working with a subject on a specific lifetime over a long period, all the details of that life eventually become readily available. But in the beginning, it's as though we are merely grazing the surface, and mistakes with names and dates are common and can be overlooked. The story and the emotions are the important thing, and I can usually determine where we are by questioning. Like a detective looking for clues, these answers can be utilized to pinpoint the locale and time frame. She described what she was wearing. “I have on leggings. Footwear. A shirt with pantaloons. My cloak has a hood.* She was a middle-aged man named Dyonisus. Since that was such a strange foreign-sounding name I knew I would have trouble pronouncing it.

I decided to move him ahead to when he was at the teacher's house and he was studying with him. She went there immediately and began to describe the scene.

E: The room is big. I see the table, books. The steps leading up to the entrance of the house, the main part of the house.

D: Then you are in the lower part?

E: Yes. The fireplace is against the wall. There's a raised hearth in front of us, and we're sitting on cushions looking into the fire. The teacher says with this we can clear our minds.

D: Is there someone else there besides you and the teacher?

E: There are two others.

D: Men or women?

E: They're men. No women!

D: Is there a reason why no women are allowed?

E: It's the culture of our times. Only men are allowed to learn. I understand the need for women to learn. But society has not allowed this with the classes.

D: Do you mean you have different classes in your society?

E: Yes. There is the wealthy and the working class which would consist of the doctors, merchants, tradespeople, and the poor that work at the most menial tasks. The men that have families in the trade would learn to read and write and the necessary things to be able to perform that trade well. I have been very lucky in that my family had money enough where I could continue learning beyond what was necessary for my family's trade.

Dyonisus was about 30 years old at this time and had never married.

D: Then your only desire is to learn from the master?

E: Yes, it seems that there is so much to learn.

D: How much longer will you have to go to the university to become a physician?

E: The time I have spent is sufficient, but to learn more I feel it is necessary to continue. I prefer working with Nostradamus as I feel he has the information I need, not only to help the people as a physician but to help myself within also.

When he mentioned Nostradamus I was elated. I had suspected he was the teacher because of what Andy, the guide, had said. But now I was puzzled as to what questions to ask about him. I was trying to remember what I had read about the man, and I was wondering just how much one of his students would really know about him.

D: Do you have an idea how long you will study with him?

E: I hope never to stop.

D: That would be good if you could do both, practice your medicine and still work with him. Are all the other students studying under him of the same level of learning?

E: No, there are three that came to him approximately the same time, and two that have started at a later date. I started with the other three.

D: Does he teach you all together or does he have separate classes?

E: Regarding the healing of the body, we work together. Regarding the teachings of the mind, we work separate.

I asked for a description of Nostradamus. He said he had long brown hair, a beard, and large eyes. He was not old at this time and had been a doctor for about 10 years. Dyonisus said that he worked with him every day like an apprentice, helping him and learning from him.

D: What has he taught you that has been especially helpful?

E: To see. To open the mind. To hear.

D: These are very important. Didn't Nostradamus write things down?

E: Yes. He says there will be people that will learn from him many years ahead.

D: I've also heard that he writes in rhyme or in mystery or in puzzles that are difficult to understand. Is that true?

E: He does this. Those that will understand, there will be no difficulty. Those who aren't able or ready to understand will not comprehend.

D: Wouldn't it be easier to write things down in normal language?

E: For those who are not ready it would be frightening. They don't comprehend or understand.

D: Has he ever told you how he receives this information that he writes about? (He answered with an emphatic: Yes!) Can you share it with me?

E: There's so much to say.

D: We have to begin somewhere.

He seemed to be confused as to where to start or how to explain it to me. Faltering, he began.

E: The fire... opens the way.

D: Do you mean by staring at the fire?

E: (Emphatically) Yes! The mind's eye sees the fire. The voices come to you, to help and guide you. You get inside... within yourself. It has to be prepared. The calming of your body, of your mind. The using of the elements to help guide you. The four elements.

D: Has he given you an exercise or something that helps with the calming?

E: Your voices tell you the exercise that is best for you. Our teacher helps you use it to its fullest purpose. Looking into the fire helps you control the wandering of the mind.

This sounded like basic meditation. To be effective, there should be something to concentrate on. Sometimes an object can be used as a focus instead of a fire.

E: I hear... I hear many voices right now.

I asked her if she could tell me what they were saying, but they seemed to be a jumble and she was afraid she was losing my voice among the others. I gave suggestions that she would always be able to hear me clearly and distinctly and that my voice would override the others, but she was still confused.

E: They're not... they're part of the voices... They are trying to tell me things I'm not understanding.

He was obviously in a meditative state and was concentrating on something besides my voice. It would be useless to try to question him under such distracting circumstances, so I moved him out of that scene. I asked him to go to where he lived, where he ate and slept and carried on his daily life. When I finished counting, the distractions were obviously gone. He said he did not live with his family but shared this place with another one of Nostradamus' students, named Tellvini (phonetic). I asked for a description of the house. He said, “It is nice, but I have no need for material things.”

The two students had a housekeeper who lived with them and did the cooking. Dyonisus liked to eat fish and the breads that the woman prepared. The cooking was done in an area near the outer wall where there were tables and a fireplace for cooking. I wondered how he could afford these things, and he replied that the money came from his family. This was obviously why he didn't have to work.

While I was speaking to him he was sitting at a table reading. This would not have been so unusual except that he said he was reading “The Lost Books... of the Book of God.” Apparently he meant the Bible.

D: Yes, I've heard there are some books that were lost. No one knows what they have in them.

E: There are those within the church that are trying to separate and remove parts.

The book was written in French but he also knew Latin, so he apparently was highly educated.

D: How did you find these books?

E: Through my teacher. He said it's important to know all the things.

D: I agree. What part of the lost books are you reading?

E: The childhood of Christ.

I was naturally interested in this because at the time I was involved in the re-writing of my book, Jesus and the Essenes, which dealt with the life of Christ. It was so uppermost in my mind that it was difficult for me to work with other subjects on other projects. I had trouble thinking of questions dealing with any other time period. This was part of the reason I had difficulty formulating questions about Nostradamus. I knew this would be a tremendous opportunity to find out about the famous psychic, but I could not get my mind off the Jesus subject. Thus, when Dyonisus mentioned he was reading about the childhood of Jesus from the lost books of the Bible, I leapt on it as a chance to get more information to add to the other book. I asked him to share with me what he was reading.

E: That when he was very young he had the powers he did as a man. But he did not have the compassion he did as a man, and sometimes used his gifts willfully and mischievously. That he had a playmate fall down dead because he was angry with him. And he brought him back to life because he was sorry for him. These are the things they are taking out. People want to know only the good.

D: I suppose they don't want people to know that He was capable of human emotions. Does that part you are reading have a name or is it all in one book?

E: There are many different times... passages, but it's in one book.

D: I thought the book might have sections or something that had someone's name that wrote them. (Similar to our present Bible.)

E: (Pause) I don't have that information.

D: What else does it say about the life of Christ that they are taking out?

E: The family that he had. Brothers. Sisters. The foolishness. He was a normal child growing up. And they don't believe that he should have been.

He said the book didn't tell how large a family he had. It just told of some of the events of his life such as the incident with the playmate.

E: It seems like there are excerpts from different things, as if parts that were in the first book have been deleted.

D: Was there anything about the early times, like on his birth, that have been taken out and put into this book?

E: Yes, but I can't recall.

I thought I would attempt an experiment. You never know what will bring results in work such as this. It's all hit-and-miss; there are no guidelines. I asked if he would look at that part in the book and read it to me. He was perfectly willing to do it. He said the book was arranged in order so it would be easy to find. Then another confusing thing happened. He apparently found the part and was silently reading it, but for some reason he couldn't repeat it to me.

E: I'm sorry, I can't. I don't know why. (Se seemed uncomfortable.) I feel like I have a weight on my chest.

I didn't understand what she meant but I didn't want her to be uncomfortable. I assumed that her subconscious still felt bound by some code of secrecy and was not totally ready to let everything be revealed.

D: Is it something you shouldn't talk about?

E: It seems like it hasn't been... known yet.

D: But you're allowed to read it, aren't you?

E: I know. But the voices are telling me... (Surprised) It's not to come through me! You are going to receive it from another source.

I couldn't imagine what she meant, but I had to go along with it. “I thought maybe they didn't trust me.”

E: (Emphatic) No! That's not it.

Any other questions about the lost books were met by stony silence, so I knew I would have to change the subject. I wondered if Nostradamus lived near him.

E: He has more than one home. Sometimes he stays with others. Sometimes he stays with his family.

D: You said that Nostradamus was a medical doctor. Does he have a hospital, or do you know that word?

E: He treats the people in their homes.

D: Did he study a long time to do this?

E: To be a doctor? He did not study very long. He was able to understand everything the first time he was taught.

D: What about the other training he had, the one with the mind. Did he study that somewhere?

E: Through several different wise men that taught him.

D: Was he taught these things at the same time he was learning the medicine?

E: Part of it was during that time, more of it came later.

D: You said he had other methods of healing besides the conventional methods he's teaching you. Can you speak of that?

E: (She paused and seemed confused again.) Not this time. (The voice changed. It was more confident. Was it Andy?) There is a lot that you are to know from this life. But what I don't understand is... they just block some of it.

D: It's all right if they want me to wait. I have lots of patience. I want you to become very secure with me and to feel that you can trust me.

E: They trust you. But they say that part of something else that you will learn will come together with the telling of this life. And to learn only part of it now would not make sense. You are to learn something from a different source that will blend in with the telling of this life.

I didn't understand what they meant, but I felt obliged to go along with it. Maybe it would fall into place later.

D: Then they want me to do that first before I work with you or what?

E: It will happen before and you will know it.

D: And then I will put the two together?

E: Yes. It will be clear to you. You can... we are to talk again.

D: Yes, I look forward to speaking again, for I am always searching for knowledge. I am very glad that they have allowed you to speak with me. Last time they didn't want you to talk about it. This is an encouragement if they feel you should know of this life. Is there anything particular that they wish you to know about it that you can speak of?

E: (A long pause.) Not at this time.

D: I suppose that's why these feelings are being re-awakened. What you learn is never taken away. It's always there.

E: That's part of the reason. There'll be much learning for you from this life. And something that will tie in with it will occur before you come back.

I realized I had been a little muddled about what to ask because of my pre-occupation with the Jesus material.

E: When you come back, you will know the questions to ask. It will occur to you.

Since they would not lest us have any more information, there was nothing to do but take her out of that life and bring her forward to full consciousness. I was a little relieved, because, as I have said, I was too pre-occupied to devote my full attention and energy to this project at that time. Apparently they sensed this. I kept thinking it would be interesting to find out something about Nostradamus. But what kind of information could I obtain from a student? How much had be been taught? Had Nostradamus told him anything about the real meaning of his quatrains and would he be able to understand them even if he had? I thought at the time I might be able to find out something about his life during the time that Dyonisus knew him and maybe discover some of his healing methods, but surely nothing intimate about Nostradamus' inner thoughts and visions. Under the circumstances I thought maybe I would be able to get enough information for a chapter in the future book of miscellaneous stories, surely nothing more. But I believed Dyonisus was right, by the time I came back I would be better prepared for asking questions.

SOMETHING STRANGE did happen before I came back. Dyonisus would not give me the information about Jesus because he said it would not come through Elena but through someone else. Katie Harris (pseudonym), the subject that had given me the material for A Soul Remembers Hiroshima and Jesus and the Essenes had moved away and I was finishing the re-writing of that book on the life of Christ. I still felt there were a few gaps that I would like to have filled. At the time I was working with Elena, I was also working with a young college student named Brenda who was majoring in music at the local university. She was also an excellent subject, and I had already received a great deal of important information from her which will be transformed into future books. None of these three women knew each other and they all lived in different cities.

The strange incident happened while I was working with Brenda a few weeks after this session with Elena. She was in a deep trance when a strange voice suddenly announced that it had information that should be included in the Jesus material. For a hour it supplied the answers I had been seeking to fill the few gaps in the book. Later, when I inserted them in the proper places they meshed so perfectly it was as if they had always been there. Ninety-nine percent of that book came from Katie and only a small one percent from Brenda, but I now knew that book was complete. It was as though somehow “they” (whoever “they” are) knew I needed the additional pieces and also knew I couldn't get it from Katie, so they very cleverly found another method to get it to me. But Elena was correct, the information was not to come from her. Her story would concentrate on a totally different area. With a sense of relief I now knew I could devote my full attention to other projects.

It became apparent that someone or something else was participating in this and helping to direct the flow of information. Although I did not understand it, I was glad to have their assistance. I was unaware at this time that this was only the mere beginning of an adventure that would be full of incredible twists and turns and improbable consequences. Things were to occur that I, as a rational, thinking human being, would have thought were in the realm of impossibility.

- pages 12-20, Conversations with Nostradamus 1, by Dolores Cannon

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