Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Calling on Extraterrestrials Back Cover

Would You Like To Meet Extraterrestrials?

This is a mystical book that can transform your life. The mere act of reading it has caused many people to have encounters including:
  • being awakened by explosions of light or having dreams of ETs
  • seeing UFOs and coming face-to-face with ETs
  • developing psychic abilities overnight
If this happens to you, consider yourself contacted! These are telltale signs that enlightened beings - not victimizing "aliens" - are knocking at your door.

ETs have a crucial spiritual message for us, but fear of the messenger has kept us from listening. Based on a recent Gallop poll, 34 million Americans have seen UFOs. More than 3 million Americans claim to have had face-to-face contact with ETs. Will you be next?

By reading the 11 steps contained in this book, you will begin a wondrous journey. When you learn to shift your perspective and trun a key in a golden door, extraordinary opportunity awaits.

After publication of Lisette Larkin's Talking to Extraterrestrials: Communicating with Enlightened Beings, thousands of her readers asked, "Why did they choose you?"

Larkins tells us that the extraterrestrials are not doing the choosing at all, you are. By reading this book, you learn how to invite them into your life.

Millions of people are already being contacted by ETs and millions more soon will be. These encounters are part of a profound awakening. It is our species' destiny to evolve and to meet our universal neighbors. This book challenges the ferful UFO "abduction" model and replaces it with a perspective that makes sense to spiritual seekers everywhere.

It all begins with the 11-step invitation. This book will lead you to an understanding as to why that invitation is vital for individual spiritual growth - and for the survival of our species.

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