Friday, February 27, 2009

ZetaTalk - Ch.25

President Kennedy
President John F. Kennedy was killed under orders of MJ-12 as he was threatening to tell the American public the truth about Roswell. JFK was of the opinion that the public would accept the fact of the alien presence without undue panic, but in those days MJ-12 was still affronted with the personalities and actions of the service-to-self aliens that the CIA, as an arm of MJ-12, continually made alliances with. JFK believed in the strength of the human spirit, in its ability to sort things out, and in any case felt the public had the right to know what they were facing. The CIA wanted the knowledge they hoped to get from the service-to-self aliens who were playing them along, and they wanted this knowledge for themselves and themselves only. Thus, they used their influence with MJ-12, which in those days was considerable, to press for JFK's assassination, which they were allowed to implement when the order was finally given.

MJ-12 has recently released us from our agreement to remain silent on the Kennedy assassination. This agreement to remain silent covered certain matters involving the Secret Government and the alien presence. Should humans be incensed by this, that we knew something they desired to know but would not share the information, they should contemplate what life might be like without or having an agreement with the government. In this situation, only the service-to-self aliens would be communicating, having, as you say, the inside track. Such was the situation when we first encountered your government, which had been vastly misinformed and was engaged in all manner of harmful practices under the influence of the service-to-self crowd. This has now turned around, but we are honorable in our agreements, and a promise made was to be a promise kept.

The JFK incident is one which hardened and increased the determination to keep elected officials in the dark as much as possible about the existence and activities of MJ-12. Prior to JFK, presidents and other elected officials were already being kept in the dark, a decision made by an exiting president who did not want a rival political party granted such knowledge. JFK learned what he did due to leaks, shared this with a girl friend long known to be so reliant on sedatives that she could be expected to murmur forth this information with the next man who shared her pillow, and argued incessantly with MJ-12 representatives who came to visit him under other pretenses. The CIA also had Marilyn Monroe killed because of her mouth. Drug overdose is a painless and quiet way to go, and in one given to relying on the temporary comfort that sedatives can bring, raises little suspicion.

JFK, Jr.
The accident that plunged JFK, Jr. into the waves below was not an accident in the normal sense. The small private plane faltered, plunging several thousand feet in seconds – sure death as those who arranged this accident knew would occur. The impact of a rapidly dropping plane shatters the plane, destroying mechanical evidence which would be the only clue to what actually had occurred. Why was JFK, Jr., targeted, when he was just a small boy, surely out of the loop, when his fathers suspicious death occurred? The family talks, behind closed doors, the elders passing information down to younger members now and then. JFK, Jr., was noted for a certain rebelliousness, being unconventional and adventurous, and these traits doomed him. Those responsible for his father's death watch closely lest the secrets they have kept from the public leak out, and they knew that such information was unlikely to rest easy in the hands of an offended and affectionate son.

- Pages 161-162, ZetaTalk, by Nancy Lieder

13 Heavens Note: In a recent documetary (JFK-II, by Alex Jones), evidence connecting the father's assassination to the CIA - and then employee George Bush Sr., and the son's death to George Bush Jr. - is made public for the first time. 

Dr. Steven Greer, in Forbidden Knowledge: Hidden Truth, also discusses JFK's desire to speak openly about the UFO presence and Marilyn's death connection.

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