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Conv. Nostradamus 1 - Ch.4

Nostradamus Speaks

Since the last session Elena repeatedly canceled appointments as she was preparing to go to California to be with her daughter. Before she left the thought occurred to me that it might be possible to utilize her abilities as a portrait artist. Wouldn't it be wonderful if she could somehow draw a picture of Nostradamus? I pondered over how I could giver her the suggestion that she would be able to see him clearly in her conscious state. I didn't want it to become an obsession and I didn't want her to be haunted by him, seeing his face wherever she looked. Thus, it had to be handled carefully. I decided I could give her the post-hypnotic suggestion that when she wanted to draw him, she would be able to see him clearly and distinctly. The rest of the time he would not even be in her thoughts. His face would only appear when she wanted to see him.

She agreed it was a wonderful idea and it would be a great challenge for her, to see if she could reproduce a picture of him. She did not think a suggestion would even be necessary because when I mentioned him, she could see his face very clearly. She described him with a faraway look in his eyes. He had a high forehead and an aquiline nose, but his eyes were his most prominent feature. She agreed to attempt it when she found time from her busy schedule.

She was gone for a month. When she returned she immediately began a new job in another restaurant and was exhausted from the new adjustments. After a few more canceled tries we were finally able to get together. It was now May again (1986) and the tourist season was beginning anew.

When I picked her up after work, she collapsed into the seat of the car. She leaned her head back and closed her eyes. She was very tired from a bad day at work. She was having difficulties with the new employers, and the pressures were beginning to show. There were also other family problems that I was unaware of. I reminded her that, although she was tired, the session would relax her more than a good night's sleep and that afterward she would feel wonderful. My subjects always enjoy this work, it's much more refreshing than sleep.

She announced, “I think it's only fair to tell you that we are thinking seriously of moving back to Alaska.” Her husband was dissatisfied with his job, and the money situation had not been what they thought it would be. She really liked the peace and slowed-down atmosphere of our mountain country and wanted to stay, maybe even retire here some day. But he thought they should return north, accumulate some more money and be able to buy a permanent home when they came back. She had made many friends and really didn't want to leave, but she could see no alternative. So it was possible they might move as early as July, which was only two months away. “I thought it was only fair to warn you. It wouldn't be right to suddenly announce that I was going to leave next week.”

My mind was trying to think ahead. There was no sense of urgency. It might be possible to get the rest of Dyonisus' life story if we had no more delays. I expected his story would make no more than an interesting chapter in a book of miscellaneous regressions, and she could always mail me the picture when it was finished. More than that, I knew I would miss Elena and her loving nature. We had become good friends. But the important thing was for her to do what she felt she had to with her life. If that meant moving back to Alaska, then so be it. I had no idea that my plans would be changed by the end of this session.

Since Elena's apartment would be full of people at this time of day, we decided to go to Val's house where we would have more privacy. Val had never seen regression work done so she was interested in watching. Later I was very glad to have a witness present, as this turned out to be one of the strangest and most unusual sessions I had ever conducted. Without a witness and the tapes to back me up, I know it would be difficult for anyone to believe what happened that day, for I find it difficult to believe myself.

Elena was so tired she eagerly went into trance so she could have a nice rest. I counted her back to the time when she was the student of Nostradamus and found Dyonisus writing. He was doing some translations from the Latin to French for Nostradamus. These were old medical remedies and he was seeing if they could adapt them and use them. He said Latin was a language he was required to know. Actually Elena does not understand either language. Dyonisus said that he had found some interesting theories on brain surgery while doing the translations. I was surprise because I didn't know they performed dangerous operations like that. He assured me that they did. “We can only go so far. Drill holes in the skull and relieve pressure on the brain.”

This is called trephining and had been known since ancient times. Mummified Egyptian remains show that it was practiced then and that the patients survived and lived for several years afterward. This was not really what I thought he meant by brain surgery, but I was not aware that any time of surgery was performed on the head in Europe before the days of anesthetics.

D: How do you know when there's pressure on the brain?

E: By the eyes... and the hands and legs if they're swelling. And pricking their fingers and telling by the amount of blood that's there. There's too much blood in the system.

D: How can you tell if there's too much blood in the system?

E: Like the continuous bleeding from the nose. The nails are extremely rosy. Under the lids of the eyes, the smaller of the veins are congested.

D: Then what do you do?

E: Drill holes in the head. Sometimes there is even a slight swelling. Depending upon where the greatest amount of pressure is. We take measurements of the skull.

D: What kind of an instrument do you use to do that with?

E: It's a metal instrument. Consider it similar to the type of instrument that navigators use on a map. It has a … (searching) I can't find the word for it. It's like a half-moon with a swivel end on it. … Calibrate? … I believe caliper. Something similar.

D: But wouldn't this cause pain?

I was thinking of instruments used for the drilling. But he was talking about a measuring device.

E: (Emphatically) No! No, there's an adjustment on the top. It turns. That widens it or brings it in. it's open at the bottom. It has two ends in, and a turn on the top. And it's notched so you know where the measurements would be. The closer you get in, you can measure the distance. So you get a circumference of the total measurement.

D: Oh, I see, you're speaking of the measurements; that they wouldn't cause pain.

E: No, the instrument does not cause pain.

D: But I was thinking that the opening of the skull would.

E: Oh! I see what you're saying. Nostradamus has a technique that he uses that causes very little pain with his patients. I believe I've spoken of this before with you.

D: Yes, you have. It is a method similar to the method I use. We call it hypnosis. What do you call it?

E: Trance.

D: I believe you said that the other doctors didn't know he did it.

E: That is correct. It is a secret.

D: Are the other doctors able to perform operations like this?

E: Yes. But they have a greater fatality rate than Nostradamus does. The patient goes into a shock. Sometimes does not live. Nostradamus believes that shock can be a greater cause of post-operative death than perhaps the surgery itself.

D: It's a shame he can't share his methods with the other doctors.

E: (Abruptly) He has a message for you.

D: He does?!

E: Yes. Just a moment.

This was so sudden it was a surprise. Again, I almost dropped the microphone. It was as though Nostradamus had once more picked up that I was speaking to his student. He apparently had seized upon this as an opportunity to speak. Although I thought it was fascinating to learn how physicians practiced their craft in bygone days, he probably considered it trivial and unimportant. Apparently he thought he must interject because his message was more urgent. I looked at Val and shrugged my shoulders. I had no more of an idea than she did about what was happening. During the last session he had said that he would talk to me. Was this what he meant? What could he possibly want to tell me?

What followed was very strange; an unusual three-way conversation. Elena turned her head to the right as though listening intently to someone who was invisible to me. Then she turned back to me to speak. Every time this happened there was a long pause as she appeared to listen before relaying to me what was said. I felt my scalp tingle. It was an eerie feeling to know that somehow Nostradamus knew I was there and was aware what I was doing.

He proceeded to take over the session.

E: He says that you have to work on translation. The quatrains. That there is something happening now in your time that would be understood more by the translation of certain quatrains.

D: An interesting idea. But I wouldn't know how to begin.

I was totally unfamiliar with any of the quatrains. I did not have a book, so I made the only suggestion that made sense to me at the time.

D: Does he know which quatrain I should talk about?

I thought he would suggest one. It was not going to be that easy.

E: He says that you are to – I don't understand – use your guide? That they will be able to come to the right ones and translate them.

D: Can he give me any indication which quatrain it would be? There are many, many of them.

E: (A long pause as she turned her head again and listened.) He says not to question, that to please do it this way.

D: What? To look through a book?

E: That's correct. It seems your guide has the facility to be able to read fast.

I naturally thought he was speaking of our invisible guides or guardians, such as Elena's Andy.

D: All right. I will have to get a book and read through it. And ask him the meaning when I find a quatrain?

E: No. Your guide would read it and know that this is the one that has to be translated. This is to be done as soon as possible.

D: (This was confusing) I'm trying to understand how I can do this. If the guide will do it, how can we get the message?

E: The guide is the person that you are working with. I'm sorry I did not make myself clear.

D: You mean this vehicle (Elena) is to find the quatrain? And we will be led to know which is the appropriate one for the things that are happening in my world at this time.

E: That is correct.

D: Can you tell me why this is so important?

E: There is both an atmospheric condition and planetary changes and (She raised her hand to keep me from saying anything.) There's more, just … (She was listening.)

I could not believe this was happening. He really knew I was there. It was so implausible. A man I had long respected and been in awe of was actually delivering messages to me across time and space. I couldn't have been more astounded if Jesus himself had begun to speak. My mind was swirling. I kept thinking that this was impossible.

E: (A long pause.) I don't understand, but he is saying that because of the weaponry that you use in the present time, it has caused a change in the atmosphere that is going to be felt within a year's time. And if the knowledge from the quatrains can be translated, it would be beneficial for the people of your time. – There's more (A long pause as she listened.) He also says that because of the planetary alignment, there will be earth changes. And with the translation of certain quatrains it would help people to understand where these changes are going to be strongest. Then they would be able to make their decisions. He said that the quatrains will be easily known to your vehicle. He was hoping it would be done at a faster rate.

This was an interesting possibility and one that would never have occurred to me without his suggestion.

D: Is he in a trance at this time?

E: I don't understand your words.

D: Is he meditating at this time? I was just wondering how he knew I was speaking.

E: Because he's at a different space right now. I can't explain it. At this point in time I'm not in a room. When he talked to me there was a change in the surrounding area.

D: (I don't understand.) Then he's in a different room?

E: (Emphatically) No! - He's with me, but we are not in the room. We are not... (Had difficulty explaining.)

D: Do you mean that when he's talking to you, it's as though you're in a different place?

E: That's correct. It's a place with … misty clouds. There's no substantial foundation.

D: But it's a nice feeling, isn't it? Because that's important, I don't want you to feel uncomfortable.

E: Oh, yes!

D: That was what I thought. He would be in a different state, a state of meditation or something like that, so he can hear me.

E: That is correct.

D: Does he approve of what I'm doing?

E: (Emphatic) Oh, yes! - He does not come through to you direct because of a prophecy he made. That no man shall hear from him again through the ages. In person. He would not speak directly.

D: I didn't know of that prophecy. Is that in the quatrains?

E: Yes, it is. It was not his decision to make this announcement. He was guided to say this in his quatrain so there would be those aware of... (searching for the word) of imitations?

D: Impostors? Somebody pretending that they are him?

E: That's correct.

D: Yes, I can understand that. - Then I feel greatly honored that he has chosen to come and talk in this way.

E: He says it's not so much an honor as a need. He wants you to warn the people. - Just a moment! (Listening again.) He says that he is able to see that there is a book, a large volume, containing all the quatrains. He wants you to direct your vehicle (Elena) to study the quatrains. He says that intuitively she will know which ones. You are to give her a suggestion that will give her confidence in the translation and have her work on them. If there is a question on them or a problem in the translation within her, she's to write it down. And the next time you meet with your vehicle, you are to contact us. And we will, through me, look at them, verify them, and tell you.

D: And clarify the points we don't understand. Then she can do this in her own time and she will be led to find the proper ones.

E: That is correct. - He says one thing that is confusing to people is that the quatrains have more than one meaning. It has something to do with … continuous time, he says. That there is a repeat of patterns within the planets that allows there to be a double meaning. They do not understand this.

D: That will be a new way of looking at them. Then he will explain how they are interconnected and help us to understand?

E: That's correct.

D: We've been taught that we can learn from history. That it does repeat itself, and we can learn lessons from the past in this way.

E: That is what he means. He says also that word meanings have changed somewhat. So that what one would have translated two or three hundred years ago would have a different meaning in your time.

D: That's true. Even the language I speak, the words are different than they were in your time.

E: He says that the book he spoke of has the French on one side and the language you speak on the other. And that if the language – English! - if the English is not correct then he will look at the French words and make the correction.

D: All right. Because we don't know how to speak French or read it. We will have to read the translation. This would be the only way we could do it.

E: He says that your vehicle will have the gift of knowing.

D: There is always the problems of whether they have been written down correctly, even in the French, over all these years.

E: He understands that.

Since I had ever really looked at a book of his quatrains, I wondered if they were arranged in some kind of historical order, either by Nostradamus himself or by the translators.

E: Again, he says not to go by the dates that have already passed, as a new meaning could be found in them now.

D: I have heard that he does list some dates in the quatrains. And some of them contain what is called a “play on words.” A name that is twisted around to make a puzzle or a riddle out of it. They say that he did this on purpose.

E: The translation that will be given to your vehicle will be a clear meaning in your language.

Since he was not going to supply the quatrains, I obviously could go no further with this until I bought a book. I planned to move Dyonisus from the scene. I went over his instructions again.

E: One moment. (Pause, listening.) I don't understand everything he is saying. Perhaps you will. He says that one of the first quatrains she is to look for refers to Biblical material that will affirm the work you are doing.

I was startled. Could he be referring to the Jesus material in the book I had just completed?

D: Do you mean some work that I've already done dealing with the life of Jesus?

E: This is a work from Biblical times that will be discovered in another country that will affirm what you are doing. Evidently these Biblical passages have not been discovered yet in your time.

I was thinking he might be referring to the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls in the late 1940s and early 1950s which I refer to many times in my book on Jesus.

D: I thought you were referring to some discoveries that were made about 40 years ago. This is not true?

E: No. Because this is work that is going to be discovered in the near future. It's hard to measure time, but within a year or so after your work is published, perhaps sooner. This will coincide with the work that you are doing now in publishing. Do you understand?

I really didn't. Everything about this session was too far-fetched to really understand until I would have time to delve into these strange developments. But at least I knew that he was referring to my book on Jesus.

E: On moment. (Pause, listening.) He said that he will also work with … drawing maps and locations of certain things such as the buried Scriptures that pertain to your work. He can now at this time give an actual location.

This was an interesting development. I reached for my tablet and marker that I always keep handy during regressions.

D: Could he do it now?

E: (Pause, listening.) He said that it would be more of a clarification and easier done with the quatrain first translated correctly. Then he would work on the map.

D: Maybe the countries have not changed too much.

E: It doesn't matter what names the countries are now.

I found this information really exciting. If he were able to do this, draw a map and pinpoint where a valuable archaeological discovery of Scripture similar to the Dead Sea Scrolls would be made, it would be very valuable to the world. It would also prove that we were truly in touch with the actual Nostradamus and that he was a genuine prophet. I could hardly wait to begin work on this.

D: Wasn't it true that many times he gave countries and nations symbolic names and used symbolism in his quatrains?

E: That is correct.

D: This is where some confusion has come in, as to what countries he was referring to with these symbols.

E: He has been deliberate in his confusion. He says that fewer would have understood in his time, but that you are more into an age of enlightenment. He said that man has grown to a point in time where understanding the quatrains are easier for those who take the time, not only to read but to listen to what is inside of themselves.

D: And the people in his time weren't like that?

E: Not as aware as the people of your time.

D: Maybe that was why he made them puzzles, so they would survive. Do you think that is true?

E: (Pause, listening.) He said that was part of it. He translated in a clearer manner for the King, the rulers of that time. For work that was necessary for them to know about or events pertaining to them. - I am just asking your forgiveness. Being in this space has tired us. It's a newer experience for me. But he said we will be strengthened each time.

He wants you to understand one thing: that this is a time that is present for us now. That we are able to project into your time. That we are still surviving in our moment of time. And that you are not talking to people that have passed on, but are as alive as you are now. It is very important that you understand this.

D: Yes, I've always thought that. People have accused me of speaking to the dead, and I tell them, “No, they are very much alive.”

E: I am glad you understand.

D: What you are doing is just looking at our time.

E: That is correct. We are not in the same time frame as when we first spoke with you. But in a different time frame now, to be able to view your world.

D: Well, there's nothing wrong with that that I can see. But there are skeptics. They're the ones who don't understand.

E: With the information you will derive from the quatrains, there will be less skeptics. But he says there will always be skeptics. He says that you have important work to do and this is important information for you because of your ability to write. As long as the information is given to you, he will work closely with your vehicle. He said that time is of the essence now. That it's necessary to get the information out to the people.

Since Dyonisus was tiring of being in that strange formless place, I started to move him to another time in his life. She raised her hand again to stop me.

E: He said that when you need to speak with us again, to refer to talking to us at the special meeting place, so we will be at that different space in time, instead of in our own time. It'll be easier for us to talk with you.

D: All right. But according to the method I use, I will have to first take you to your time. And then I will ask to go to the meeting place?

E: That's fine. It would be with the understanding of a meditative spot for us to be able to communicate better with you.

It was a good thing that he stopped me to give instructions on how to locate them again. When a subject is involved in reliving a lifetime, it is a different process. I was so overwhelmed by this entire procedure that I had not even thought about how we could get together next time. Nostradamus had thought of this detail even though I had not. He had prevented me from leaving until he had given instructions. He was definitely completely in charge of this whole phenomenon. I suppose it would have been more difficult to rely upon Nostradamus sensing my presence each time and interrupting to relay information. This way we had specific instructions on how to reach him the next time. I knew I could not keep them there if they were tiring. Maybe they were both in a meditative trance and it was causing some kind of a drain on their bodies, especially Dyonisus since he was not accustomed to that type of altered state.

Since I still had a little more time left in my session, I removed Dyonisus from that scene and asked him to move forward to an important day later in his life. I knew that once I moved him, the tiredness would leave. At the end of the count I asked what he was doing.

E: I'm watching a surgery I've never seen before. It's part of the hand that has been severed. And Nostradamus is working on putting the hand back together. I'm assisting. I'm listening to his instructions. He is directing me to perform the surgery while he keeps the patient in a trance. He is instructing me to take the tendons and to attach them to the ones that are protruding from the hand itself, and to sew them. The amazing thing is that the patient has been able to slow down the flow of blood, according to Nostradamus' instructions, which is an exciting thing to see. Making it clearer for me to work.

D: Is it difficult to do?

E: Oh, yes. It needs all my concentration.

D: What type of material are you using on the sewing?

E: A needle and thread. It's thread that's been dipped in tar to make it stronger. The patient will have some use of the hand, but unfortunately I do not have the ability to sew all the nerve ending s together. - This is amazing. He has given the patient instructions to visualize his hand healing itself. I have never seen him use this technique.

D: Is anyone else in the room as you do this?

E: No, it must be kept secret. The others would never understand.

D: Let's move forward till the operation is finished and you can see the results, because you are concentrating on what you are doing. I don't want to interfere with that. - All right. We've gone forward some. Was the operation a success?

E: In most part. The patient has the ability to move the thumb and the finger. The feelings are not in the hand, so he will have to be extremely careful against a cold or hot, because he would not know if he were hurting himself. - The unfortunate thing is … (sigh) we cannot explain how this work was done. Physicians do not have the ability yet to slow down the flow of blood.

D: What is he going to tell them?

E: (Pause, then a broad smile.) I am amused because what he tells them will not work for them. He tells them to pack the hand in ice. (Smiling) It could only be done in the winter. Where else would he get ice?

D: (Laugh) That's very true. That's not the secret, but it would numb the hand.

E: Oh, yes, and it would slow the blood to some extent, but not enough to be able to clearly hold the tendons and the certain muscles in the hand to resew it.

D: Yes, the blood would block the view and you couldn't see what you were doing.

E: That's correct.

D: Do the other doctors think this is the explanation?

E: They're aware that Nostradamus does not tell them everything. He has many secrets. There are many spies also. (Emphatic) Oh, yes! Everyone would want to be able to accomplish the same.

D: Could this be dangerous, even for a man in his position?

E: The society accepts so much, but there is a limit to what they will or have the ability to comprehend. Being a religious society, it makes them afraid of things they can't explain. Works of the Devil. He tries to avoid people's questions.

D: I thought he was such an important person that they wouldn't dare accuse him of anything.

E: He is still just a man that they would question. He is not the king!

D: Then he must be careful. You and the other followers protect his secrets. I shall protect his secrets also. They won't learn from me. - I'm afraid I'm tiring you. Is it all right if I come again and speak with you?

E: Yes. I don't know why but it seems like it's important.

I brought Elena up to full consciousness, and she wanted to tell me what she remembered about the session.

E: It was very strange. I remember as if I was in another room and I cold hear voices on the other side of the door. I've had this kind of experience before, like when Andy comes in. and then the door opened but I couldn't see anyone. But I know there were two people on the other side and they were talking to you. One of them was... Dyonisus (unsure of the name) and the other one was Nostradamus. And it was a room... it wasn't really a room, it was like walking through clouds and mist.

D: Yes, you said there was no form. - Is that all you remember, just that scene? You could hear the voices but you couldn't see the people who were talking?

E: You know like when you have a dream? You can visualize them but their form doesn't stay distinct in the dream? Okay, it was like that. But I remember seeing these eyes, these wonderful eyes looking directly at me. They were turned toward me but they were talking to you.

D: Whose eyes do you think they were?

E: Oh, I think they were Nostradamus'. I mean, I know they were. I do know they were. That was really something, they were so much more magnificent than anything I have ever seen. But it was like his eyes were telling me I have work to do.

I chuckled, “Oh, yes, he gave us an assignment, all right.” Val also laughed. It was quite an assignment.

“Oh?” Elena laughed. “Well, are you going to tell me?”

This session had been very exciting and unbelievable but it had been Val's first experience of this type. She could hardly contain herself and had been bursting to tell Elena what had happened. I had made her wait until Elena told me any memories she had about the session, because I didn't want them to be colored by anything we might say. I now let Val bubblingly pour out her enthusiastic report of the session to Elena. We told her about the important assignment she had been given, and the instructions that Nostradamus wanted her to follow. When we finished, it was obvious that Elena did not share our enthusiasm.

She sat in deep thought and finally spoke, “Do you mean he wants me to translate quatrains that will predict the future of our world? Gee, that's an awful responsibility. I don't know if I even want to do that.”

Val spoke up, “What do you mean, you don't want to? He said it was something that you had to do, and you had to do it right away.”

I was also surprised by her apparent reluctance. I knew it must be a shock to come out of a trance and be told something of this magnitude. Her face displayed confusion, puzzlement, and disbelief. I knew that she had free will and if she did not want to do this there would be no way to make her participate. I would not even want to try. I would never make anyone do anything they were uncomfortable with.

According to Nostradamus, the bulk of the experiment, the burden of the work, would fall on Elena. She would have to find, meditate, and translate the quatrains on her own. My only part would be helping with the verification by Nostradamus while she was in trance. It was a terrific responsibility.

Elena shook her head in disbelief. “The whole idea is impossible. It's almost laughable. There are people who have spent years trying to figure out what Nostradamus meant. And here we come along, who don't even know anything about it, who haven't even read it, and we're going to try to solve the puzzle, to do what they can't. The whole idea is absurd.”

“Yes,” I said, “absurd, but intriguing.” I agreed it was egotistical to think we could solve mysteries that had puzzled mankind for over 400 years. “Maybe it could be our advantage not knowing anything about it. That way we don't have any preconceived notions about what they should say. Maybe that's what he intended, someone who could look at them with a fresh approach and an open mind.”

I had thought it would be a remarkable accomplishment for Elena to draw a portrait of Nostradamus. But now that idea paled before the possibility of translating his puzzles, an enormous and incredibly challenging project.

She said she would think about it. Maybe after the initial shock wore off, she would also see the wonderful possibilities of this experiment. She reluctantly agreed to at least get a book and see if any of the quatrains sparked an interest in her. She thought a friend might have an old book she could borrow.

When I left she still looked confused and lost in thought. I hoped it would not turn her off since Nostradamus had seemed so emphatic that this be done immediately. He said he had hoped it would have been done before this. He had expressed such a sense of urgency and importance that I felt we should try to comply. It would all rest on Elena's reactions to this strange development and her decisions. I felt there was no way it could be accomplished without her. This was an intriguing experiment and one which I would have never thought of on my own. It never would have occurred to me that we would ever have contact with the true Nostradamus. The odds are so inconceivably and impossibly high against this happening. It was also obvious this idea had not originated with Elena, as the prospect frightened and confused her. Although it sounded crazy, it seemed to me the only other explanation was that Nostradamus himself had initiated this whole project. Maybe it occurred to him spontaneously when he found out his student was somehow communicating with a person living in the future.

Why should this seem so far-fetched? Nostradamus was only doing what every psychic down through time immortal has attempted to do: to warn others. Every psychic that has ever had a premonition or vision of the future has felt this same responsibility. To try to stop the event from occurring by warning those involved, in the hope that some way they may be able to take action to avoid the event that was foreseen. What could be more natural than for Nostradamus also to try this? With his truly remarkable precognitive abilities he could see that in our time his predictions were not being translated accurately. He had been forced by their circumstances of his time to be deliberately obscure. Now it had become obvious that he had probably been too obscure and no one could truly understand what he was trying to warn us about. Thus, Nostradamus had seized this opportunity of my contact through his student, to reach forward through time and space and warn us of impending important events.

What did he want to tell us? Would he be successful in making us understand? Would a stubborn mankind listen? It was an intriguing enigma and an exciting experiment. We had no way of knowing where this would lead or what might come forth, but I knew that my insatiable curiosity had once again been sparked and I would follow this wherever it led. This presented itself as a tremendous and seemingly impossible challenge, but it all depended upon Elena. I felt that her cooperation was essential to this project since Dyonisus, her alter ego, was our key to Nostradamus, the master inventor of enigmas. I was as confused as anyone as to what the results of this strange experiment would be.

- pages 33-46 , Conversations with Nostradamus 1, by Dolores Cannon

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