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ZetaTalk - Ch.26

Between the time of Roswell and the present day, that portion of the US government that MJ-12 had reached absolutely was warned of the approach of the 12th Planet, known also as Nibiru or Planet X, and they absolutely set about trying to protect themselves in underground installations. The CIA was front and center in this regard, with the military close behind. At the inception of the Apollo program, the elite of the secret government were looking to several different means of dealing with the coming cataclysms.

Alternative 1
Alternative 1 was to reduce overpopulation and sculpt the face of mankind to their liking. Portions of the government, and we are here speaking of rogue CIA officers, set out to trim and prune the Earth's humanity to their liking. Thus we have the AIDS and Ebola viruses, as well as various wars and conflicts of which the CIA always seems to be at the center. This alternative was abandoned as uncontrollable, because the steady spread of disease among the so-called undesirables inevitably started infecting the perpetrators too.

Alternative 2
Alternative 2 was to create isolated underground communities by burrowing into subterranean cavities, and it is no longer a secret that opulent underground escape hatches, complete with golf courses, were constructed for the elite.

Alternative 3
Alternative 3 was to establish space stations on other planets, riding out the cataclysms on another planet such as Mars or the Earth's dead twin, which rides the Earth's orbit, just opposite the Earth, thus hidden from view behind the Sun. this alternative required the CIA and military to leave their home planet with its comforts, and soon proved unworkable.

Some stories have it that humans derived the three scenarios themselves, but the stories coming from sources closer to the heart of the matter point to alien suggestions on these alternatives. Why would humans decide to locate on other planets to escape pollution or nuclear fallout, when they have neither the means to travel to other planets, the capability of sustaining themselves there, or a dire pollution situation? These suggestions were given to humans by aliens in the service-to-self orientation, and falsely presented to the humans involved as being a concern for their survival. As the high-level government contacts were strongly in the service-to-self orientation, they saw all this as their escape, their alternatives, but what the aliens truly sought was to subvert these humans to sink more and more deeply into the service-to-self orientation

Alternative 2
The US government went underground, at Mount Weather and numerous other spots. This fact is not even being denied by the government any more. These underground installations, when discovered, were explained away as a cold war precaution in case of nuclear attack, but a quick calculation belies that explanation. The number of people to be housed, and the amount of food and water stored, would not support the residents for the length of time it would take for radioactivity to fade. The stores would support them for days or weeks at best.

Clearly these installations were meant for a short-term stay, after which the residents would emerge back onto the surface to scout about for supplies. With a safe and undetectable hideout, the plan was to send out raiding parties that would come back with supplies, and disappear in front of those who might be in hot pursuit of their snatched goods. Thus the government, sworn to protect and lead the people, would instead steal from them, but as this was in the main nothing new to those planning this escape they saw no philosophical conflict in proceeding. Today MJ-12 is not looking to avoid the coming cataclysms in underground installations, as they realize these will be death traps, a fact the service-to-self aliens encouraging this alternative were well aware of.

Alternative 3
Alternative 3 was implemented, but this cannot be demonstrated to the satisfaction of skeptics. Of course, there are clues such as the tight controls placed over transmissions from probes, and the odd malfunction of the Mars probe just as it was about to hit pay dirt. The service-to-self aliens contacting the government sent representatives of the US and other governments up to these places, to demonstrate that such a living arrangement was hospitable. Matters soon went amuck, however. Soon the human guests became stressed in the heavy service-to-self environment. Far from home, they found themselves watching, continuously, on a daily basis and with no respite, the harsh reality of life in the service-to-self community. Stress diseases cropped up among the humans – ulcers, heart palpitations and arthritic pains. They became distracted in their work, stricken with headaches and vague feelings of weakness.

The plan was abandoned, and the humans who participated were exterminated. Their bodies were not returned to Earth, nor should one look for this to happen. One should recall that the members of the various governments who were participating were strongly in the service-to-self orientation themselves, and had no hesitation on eliminating their human volunteers, whom they had so warmly congratulated just weeks before. Members of the government may have been told that they will be taken care of when the cataclysms occur, but these are simply the usual lies that the service-to-self aliens put forth. The only humans who will be living among the service-to-self aliens after the cataclysms are those solidly in the service-to-self orientation, and they will find this arrangement anything but a salvation.

Moon Installations
The world watched in rapt attention during the first Apollo Moon landing – a first for mankind. The comments made by the astonished astronauts, who noted signs that they were not the first visitors to the Moon, were instantly broadcast to the rapt audience participating in this historic landing worldwide, the general populace. The astronauts were silenced with the ultimate threats used and on occasion carried out in those days – death, in a manner that is undetectable as an execution. Those with high-security clearances know these are not idle threats, as they see them enforced or learn of these instances, and thus take them quite seriously.

Enclaves of service-to-self aliens are situated on the far side of the Moon, the side that never faces the Earth, positioned there so as to be in compliance with the Council of World's requirement that an element of doubt be maintained. Endless rumors abound, however, due to leaks by members of the secret government or frank capture on film in NASA's archives. It is clear that ships are exiting and returning to the far side of the Moon. There is nothing mysterious about residential arrangements, which harbor facilities for ship repair, food production, administrative activities, and any amusements that overlords may personally be able to secure for themselves.

Star Wars
Humans are attempting to preempt the coming cataclysms by developing a Star Wars shield. How could this shield be used against space ships invading form other galaxies when the space ships can move into another density, and slide right past the shield? How could this shield be used against nuclear missiles directed toward the Americas, when nuclear weapons exploded in space in most cases would cause more havoc with a nuclear winter than if allowed to localize? How could this shield be used against the mass of hail stones that compose the tail of the giant comet, the 12th Planet, which sweeps the Earth during every passage and peppers the Earth here and there, when the shield could not possibly knock out every tiny hail stone?

What then is the unstated purpose of the Star Wars shield? The hope is that by putting giant lasers up into the skies, that the comet itself could be disabled by a direct hit. As this planet is massive, outweighing the Earth by several times, destruction would not be by physical means. The intention, and the hope, was to start some kind of chain reaction that could cause the planet to blow itself up. The means by which this would happen was not yet established, but the service-to-self humans contemplating this wanted to get started right away.

- Pages 163-167, ZetaTalk, by Nancy Lieder

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