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Conv. Nostradamus 2 - Ch.13

The Force of the Evil Priest

WHEN I CONDUCT MY REGRESSION WORK I always mentally place white light around the subject to protect them against any negative influence while they are in trance or on these astral journeys. Although I was being very careful for my subjects, my guides have chastised me because I was neglecting to protect myself. I have always put the welfare of my subject first, and it had not occurred to me to worry about myself. My guides then taught me a procedure for effective protection and I have used it ever since.

While working with John I neglected to include myself within the protective aura. I discovered, much to my dismay, that my guides were justified in being concerned for my safety. During this strange session, I found there are indeed forces out there of which we are not aware; forces beyond our comprehension to understand or even anticipate.

I again used the keyword and directed John to go to the spirit state where he easily found the Tapestry Room and focused in on the golden thread of Nostradamus. In a matter of seconds we were again transported to the great man's study.

J: I see Nostradamus. He's been at his desk writing and copying things. He's smiling at me. And he says, “Oh, it's you again! One of my spirit friends. I knew you people would be showing up soon.” He's in a very delightful mood today. He just told me, “A debt that has been long awaited has been paid.” He feels good about things and says, “Now I can travel.” I asked him, “Are you going on a trip?” He says he has to go to Avignon.

D: Will we still be able to contact him whenever we need to?

J: Yes, he says he'll still be available. But at this time he's thinking of going to Avignon.

D: Would we be prying to ask why?

J: I asked him, “Why are you going to Avignon?” And he said, “Well, it's really none of your business.” (Laugh)

D: (Laugh) Just tell him we're curious.

J: He says, “Well, I understand. People are curious about everything I do, and you are curious about my personal life.”

D: It's our nature to ask a lot of questions.

J: (Abruptly) He just showed me a closet.

D: A closet?

J: And it's a … (surprised) toilet. (Loud laugh.) It's as if he wants us to know, “Hey, I'm a person. I have to excrete, too.”

D: (Laughter from the group.) What does it look like?

J: He says this is a very special room he has made like a closet. It has a wooden seat with a hole in it. There's a bucket of ashes which he pours in the toilet. There's also a water bucket where we washes.

D: Oh? Was it common in his day to have this?

J: He says, “NO. I've had this especially put into my house. My servants and my wife use outdoors.” They use a privy that he has outside. But he says, “This is for my own personal use. Sometimes I do my best thinking in here.” (Laughter from the group.)

D: Oh boy! That does make him human.

J: He just wants to say that, yes, he's human. He's as real as you are. He's had a glass of wine, so he's in a real frisky, frolicking mood.

D: Then does he mind speaking with us for a little while?

J: He says, “I'll be happy to speak with you. Would you be interested in looking into the life of the young Anti-Christ again?”

D: All right, we might see that.

J: He's motioning for me to look into the mirror. It's clearing and an image is forming in it.

There was a pause, then a sharp intake of breath. John's jovial mood suddenly changed

J: It's very spooky.

D: What do you mean?

J: (His voice was very quiet.) Because the Imam knows that we are in the room with him.

D: He does?

J: Yes, and he does not like it.

D: He can't do anything about it, can he?

Later, I wished I hadn't said that because I found out very quickly that there was indeed something he could do about it.

J: Now he's generating a whole force field of negativity and evil, and he's trying to block us.

At that moment the strangest thing happened. I literally felt something: an energy, a field or whatever it was. It hit me so hard I almost fell off my chair. For a moment the room blurred and went black. I felt a definite impact from something invisible. On the tape recording you could hear the chair I was sitting in creak, as though from a sudden movement. I couldn't have imagined it. The others in the room were also aware that something had happened when I lunged backward against the chair, but they were as unaware as I was of what was going on. I gasped, and my vision cleared. My whole body tingled and I felt a sensation in my third eye chakra area that lasted for several seconds. It did not seem to affect John since he continued to talk, but I was dizzy and I had difficulty concentrating on the conversation. The others in the room wee seated further away and it did not seem to affect them. One of the observers said later that he saw what appeared to be a black cloud suddenly obscure the sleeping figure on the couch and begin to spread into the room. Immediately, he mentally projected a while light force field to counteract whatever was happening.

John continued, apparently unaware that anything had occurred on our end of the connection.

J: He's instructing the young man in mind techniques. He says, “We're being influenced right now by other forces that we need to drive out. Think hate, think hate, think hate...”

This was repeated several times as a chant with tremendous force behind it. Then, it apparently began to affect John.

J: We have to leave. We cannot go on with this.

D: I know you have to leave. I'm feeling it and I don't like it. It's all right. We don't have to be there. Let's leave.

J: Yes. The mirror is black now. Nostradamus' mood has changed. He says, “You don't understand the importance of how evil this man can be. He will be extremely evil. You just don't realize what he's able to do, and he will do it.”

Now that we were removed from the scene, my head was returning to normal and I was able to think clearly again. I had to admit it had shaken me.

D: How did he know we were there?

J: Nostradamus is saying that the Imam is one of the most talented psychics that has ever existed. He's evil incarnated. He's descended from evil that has been around the Earth for centuries. He's one of the leaders of spirits who rebel against their destiny, their evolvement or spiritual growth. He says western men have called this the Devil. He has come to Earth and incarnated through the Imam – he is the Imam – and knows what he has to do. It is indescribable how evil this man is. Nostradamus is saying, “Oh, John, you don't understand. It's horrible. You don't know what I have seen.”

D: I think if what I just felt was a bit of it, then I imagine we can begin to understand it.

J: Nostradamus says it's important to deal with this problem beforehand so we can lessen it. He says it's just like astrology – forewarned is forearmed.

D: Well, apparently the Imam sensed us when we came into the room.

J: Yes, that's what Nostradamus is saying. This evil mentalist sensed our presence and knows we are spying on him.

D: Then it's better if we don't look at him at this time.

J: No. It's gone. I mean, we're out of that. He says they are going to try to prevent us from looking at them and seeing what they're doing.

D: Do they know we're doing it now?

J: Yes, he says they are aware of us.

D: They weren't aware of us before, were they?

J: This mentalist was aware of something, but now he's seen us.

D: (Surprised) He has seen us?

J: He's seen me... in spirit form.

D: In spirit form. Well, maybe that won't be so bad then, because he might not be able to recognize you.

J: Nostradamus says we have to stop him because he's really evil. He's like a vampire that could suck your soul from your body. He lives on generated energy. He lives on other souls.

D: Wasn't our protection powerful enough?

J: Yes, our protection is very powerful. But what Nostradamus is telling me about this entity is that his energy will later go into the Anti-Christ.

D: Do you think his seeing us will cause any problems?

J: (Quietly and seriously) Well, Nostradamus says, “Be careful.”

D: After all, we are half a world away. (I laughed nervously.)

J: Yes. He says, “Don't worry about it; you'll be protected. But... be careful in your dreams. Protect your dreams. Protect yourself in the astral state before you sleep, John, because he might come then.”

D: (This was all very unsettling.) All right. Does he see any harm in what we're doing if we have adequate protection?

J: Nostradamus is just shaking his head and saying, “Be careful. That's all.”

D: Well, I think it's better that we don't see the Anti-Christ again. We don't have to look in on their lives. It should be sufficient that you've seen them and know what they look like. That's all we need. From now on we will just talk with Nostradamus. Will that be all right?

J: (Seriously) Hmmm, his mood has changed a bit. He was so happy and jovial; but now he seems a little depressed.

D: Maybe he didn't expect that to happen. Maybe it took him by surprise, too.

J: Yes, it's like.. (He frowned.) He's very morose.

D: Would Nostradamus have the ability to protect you?

J: (Seriously) No, he says it's a whole different situation. You don't realize that this is like a raging inferno. This man's spirit will consume anything that it can. Nostradamus says, “Don't worry. I won't show him to you again.”

Nostradamus also seemed to be upset about what had happened. I believe he didn't really expect the Imam to sense our presence. He quite innocently showed us what they were doing at the time, just as he had done twice before. I don't think he would have deliberately put us into any kind of danger, and he was probably as surprised as we were when the force came from the mirror. He had been in a very delightful mood before this happened, and we were anticipating trying to interpret some of the quatrains through John. But this incident caused such a change in his mood that Nostradamus suggested we leave and he abruptly ended the session.

After John was brought back to consciousness, he discussed what he saw when the negative force came through as he was viewing the Anti-Christ.

D: You didn't tell us what you were seeing before that force knocked us out of the scene.

J: Well, they were in this room. The shades were drawn and it was dark. It seemed as if they were practicing mental mastery because it was like they were in trance. The Imam and the man that is to be the Anti-Christ were practicing mind techniques.

D: They were both in trance?

J: It was as if they were in trance, yes. And that's how he was able to see me.

D: Maybe they had to be in more of a psychic state to know we were peeking in on them. Before, when we saw them in the mansion, he suspected we were there ad he had a feeling that someone was watching him. This time you said he knew we were there, and he put up the force field to throw us back.

J: Well, he threw me back. I mean, that mirror just went “whaap.”

D: That's what it felt like to me. (Nervous laugh.) It was definitely a physical feeling, and one I wouldn't want to repeat.

J: I felt protected, but this person who is the Imam is very powerful. It was like the spirit of the Devil. I mean, I don't believe in the Devil, but it was like the Devil.

I tried to reassure him and also myself.

D: Well, he's on the other side of the world, in Egypt.

J: Apparently that doesn't make any difference.

D: Common sense tells us that they're over there and we're here. But how could we feel something from that far?

J: None of it really makes sense. Nostradamus was showing him to me from the 1500s as he looked forward to our present time, yet the Imam was aware of me and could affect you physically from half way around the world. It is all very complicated.

D: I really don't think you could be in danger. The Imam may just have seen you as some type of glowing spirit form and thought you were some kind of ghost. (Laugh) I don't see how he could assume you were a human person spying on him.

This is what I desperately wanted to believe.

J: (Seriously) I don't know. I don't have any idea how I appeared to him.

John didn't seem to be worried about the situation. Although this whole experience was very unsettling, I felt no danger because I thought John was the only one the Imam had been aware of. I knew that I would never again forget to include myself within the circle of protection, or anyone else in the room who was interested. I believe, after being put into a predicament like this, the average person would have decided not to pursue this project any further and would have backed out of any further sessions. But John's curiosity apparently was as strong as my own. He remembered that Nostradamus had warned him to protect himself especially at night before he went to sleep. He said this was his normal habit, as he always asked for the protection of God during the night. He wasn't worried and felt he could mentally handle this unusual situation. I couldn't possibly conceive of any way a priest in faraway Egypt could harm us half a world away. But there was always that eerie and nagging impression that Nostradamus knew more about this sinister force than we did. John was soon to discover that there are many strange things in this universe that our mortal minds cannot comprehend.

John had his first strange experience a few days after our unexpected encounter with the Imam's energy force field. It occurred when he was trying to go to sleep. I recorded his description of the event.

J: I was drifting off to sleep, but I was still half awake. I felt that I was in a room covered by a glass dome, and that I was looking up at a man above me who was trying to get into the room. This man couldn't see me. I could see him, but he couldn't see me. He was looking for a way to get into the room, but he couldn't come in. it was not my room here, but it seemed to be in the other world. He was the same man that I've seen before, the Imam. He has Arab-looking features and a hawk nose. He was determined to get into this room, but he couldn't.

John said he could see the man feeling along the glass with his hands and peering into it, looking for a way to get in.

D: Was it a glass wall of some kind?

J: yes, it was like glass. He couldn't see in though, so it must have been dark. I believe that the wall was the protective energy surrounding me. I had the feeling he was trying to find me and see what I looked like. I had no sense of fear or anything like that because I felt I was protected. I feel this evil entity knows something is going on, but he can't find out because we've got protection. I woke up right after this experience and I said, “I have to remember this so I can tell Dolores.” It didn't frighten me, but it was unusual. I don't have dreams like that.


DURING THE NEXT WEEK I didn't work with John because he had friends visiting him. On one of those nights he forgot to put his customary protection around himself before going to sleep, mostly because of the disruption of his routine. During the night he awoke suddenly as a large black indistinct form lunged out of the closet toward his bed. The only thing he could distinguish was a large Arabian knife. It wasn't quite big enough for a sword, but it was large for a knife. It was a scimitar, the curved knife normally associated with that part of the world. The dark figure lunged toward him with the knife poised ready to strike him. John frantically rolled on his side just as the knife plunged into the bed next to him He immediately invoked protection and the figure with the knife evaporated. He knew it was no dream, but he could find no explanation for it. Later he wondered if it might have some connection to the evil Imam, and maybe the priest was still trying to locate him. I didn't know what to think. Even if it were the Imam, why use a knife against John? Such a thing couldn't physically harm him if it was a spiritual manifestation – or could it? Maybe the purpose was not to harm him but to frighten him. Whatever the reason, I don't think John will forget to protect himself again, especially at night when we are in our most vulnerable state.

- pages 122-128, Conversations with Nostradamus 2, by Dolores Cannon

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