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ZetaTalk - Ch.17

Your earth is fertile and full of life, an endless source of interest to the curious visitor. Just as travelers on long sea voyages, or trekking long distances over continents, were lost to their human families, just so these visitors on occasion lost their moorings. They died, and their companions were not able to locate their remains. Dead tissue is dead tissue, and it does not speak but rather blends into the surrounding forest or swamp, lost to those anxiously looking for a companion. Humans are aware that their technology is not perfect, and this lack of perfection is always present. The phone may be but a fingertip away and the ambulance can come at a moment's notice, but if one's portable phone is broken when one is dying away from hom, then one may never be found!

Most often the bones of visitors are not recognized for what they are, as they are thought to be remains of an animal of some sort. Remains are also usually disturbed by scavengers, eaten and dragged or thrown about so that an intact section cannot be pieced together. Any remains that would tend to look hominoid, but not human, would frighten a human coming upon them, and these types of situations tend to result in active denial. The remains are left where they are found, and even if documented and pressed upon colleagues, denial prevents them from being taken seriously. If for no other reason, denial occurs because the researchers have difficulty realizing they are not alone, not the first or most intelligent conscious species in the universe, not the masters of all they survey. One looks the other way, walks away, and then forgets to mention the find in their report.

Light Form
Wise and massive entities, almost invariably in the service-to-others orientation, appear as balls of light so their human contacts can mentally register their presence. Humans sense these entities will before they see them in light form, as the light form is assumed only as a type of dress to allow the human to better comprehend the situation. The contactee strongly senses someone in the room, or nearby, even though the contactee may be quite alone by all appearances. This sense that someone else is present is so strong that the contactee may actually glance around, disbelieving what their eyes are telling them. It is for this reason that these entities assume a light form, so that the contactee can related to what is happening and get down to business.

Human spirits are sensed, as ghosts, as a light cooling of the temperature or perhaps a visage of the human as it appeared during its last incarnation. This in no way relates to how the entity is shaped at present, but is an impression the formerly human spirit is giving to the human at the scene – I looked like this. Temperature changes are due to the discarnate entity desiring to influence the scene, and being inexperienced at how to do this.

Ugly Aliens
One's interpretation of beauty is influenced by what one is familiar with, and is also directed by the life-form's built-in self-defense instincts. Humans instinctively avoid food that is rotten, and are attracted to food that smells fresh. Men see beauty in women who have full hips, slender waists, and ample bosoms – all traits that indicate the ability and readiness to bear young. Both sexes find a diseased partner unattractive – a safeguard against spreading infections or perpetuating genetic diseases. In some primitive parts of the world tattoos or pictorial scarification is considered strikingly attractive, but in other cultures where clothing of all kinds is abundant, such use of the skin is an outer garment would be shunned.

Thus, when contactees report visits from life-forms that startle or even horrify them, this is not an indication of malevolent intent. A life-form that looked like a slime-covered horn toad or an amphibious octopus is not a life-form humans would instinctively cuddle up to. Humans, due to their evolutionary roots, are inclined to think about dinner or avoidance when encountering such creatures, not about communion. The global shift in thinking that humans make when realizing that they are not alone as an intelligent species includes contemplating what this means. It does not mean sitting around a table chatting with other very human-looking aliens, an image the media has portrayed. Humans should bear in mind, when making these adjustments, that their appearances may be just as disgusting to their visitors.

Visitations are occurring between literally hundreds of alien groups and human contactees. The hand of the various groups can sometimes be seen in the type of endeavor undertaken by the human who gave The Call. For instance, Pleiadeans are intent on educating humans in the pleasant nature fourth-density service-to-others existence, the sense of community and the potential for being playful and having fun. The Sirians are more warlike, have this history in their past, and take The Call from humans who could use logistical advice during confrontations. Nordics are very scientific and intellectual, and dislike the spotlight. They thus work behind the scenes, and their contactees are never heard of.

In meeting or dealing with a non-human entity, whether this is a spirit you only converse with on an ethereal level or an entity with embodiment that you encounter during contacts, you must judge for yourself whether this is an encounter with the service-to-self or service-to-others orientation. There are no measures that serve as an easy answer. There are no rules that can quickly be applied to th situation for an easy resolution to confusion. The right solution to the situation facing you, as a human, this minute, is something you must determine. For some, this is painful. Some humans, faced with this perplexing dilemma and used to the rigorous answers that their religious ideology gives to them, feel naked and alone.

Contactee Confusion
Contactees, regardless of their conscious awareness of their status, find themselves in a puzzling world. Human society has scarcely become comfortable with the concept of telepathy, ridiculing those who claim that this form of communication exists even when proven in a controlled laboratory setting. The concept of spirits, such as ghosts or reincarnation or possession, is considered in the realm of tales rather than the reporting of fact, especially as spirits leave no mark or footprints. What cannot be physically restrained does not exist, in the minds of many, so brain waves or spirit forms are speculative. Where does this leave the contactee, who in many cases has begun to have Out-Of-Body Experiences (OBEs) to cloud the picture as well?

Contactees who have not yet realized their status, or who have not yet sorted out memories from the spirit from memories stored in the corporeal mind, can be highly confused. At first, memories from the incarnated spirit, who may return from an OBE bearing information from another place, are considered to be day dreams, and until the contactee finds their day dream was a reality this explanation is not questioned. At first, the contactee's subconscious memories of visitations are treated as an overactive imagination, perhaps influenced by the media which increasingly carries stories about visitations, but then signs such as scars that appear overnight begin to intrude. At first, increased telepathic abilities are a curiosity, and then accepted by the contactee, who may ascribe most of their unusual knowledge to such a route rather than facing the prospect of visitations or OBEs.

However, when the contactee adjusts to the concept of spirit forms that can move in and out of corporeal bodies, and visitations that can occur soul-to-soul while the soul of the contactee is incarnated, or out and about during an OBE, then they invariably develop the ability to differentiate these experiences. In general, telepathically gathered information is limited in its scope, relaying a single concept or picture. Information gathered during an OBE is comprehensive, but the corporeal mind will digest what it learns from the returning spirit in stages, so that the bottom line is learned first and the details filter in later. Subconscious memories of visitations play out during recall with full sound and color, as you say, so that the memory unfolds like a movie. Thus experienced contactees who have sorted out the alternate realities find their lives no more confusing than a shopper discovering clothing on the racks form different countries and in different styles. After a while, it all seems quite normal.

Initiation and Orientation
In human society initiation or inclusion rites frequently bound the onset of a special status, such as baptism, marriage, military induction, public service, or entry into a profession or trade. The human so bounded knows when this status begins, as do others.. likewise, the termination of a status is bounded by rites, such as a funeral, divorce, discharge, termination notice, or ban. But contactees have had no initiation rite. Since they can't be sure of the beginning, can they be sure of the end? How can they tell? Since the beginning and end are under the control of the human giving The Call, the contacts can end as quickly as they started. Just announce your change of heart. Just state your desire to make it a wrap. Just say no. it's as simple as that. Whether the contact has been, at your request, from the orientation of service-to-self or the service-to-others, the results are the same. You are no longer a contactee.

A small number of contactees, those who we anticipate will act as catalysts during the Awakening, are shown line-ups of alien life-forms. This gradual orientation, which is done in stages so as not to overwhelm the contactee, usually progresses from hominoid life-forms to life-forms humans have never encountered on Earth. In between are reptilian life-forms or water creatures such as a jellyfish or an octopus. Our emissary, Nancy, has been presented with such lineups, and relayed these experiences in her own words within ZetaTalk. The contactee may or may not consciously remember these orientation sessions, depending on how actively they seek to establish recall. Nevertheless, they are oriented, and when an opportunity to communicate their understanding arises, they are quick to help their fellows to a broader view.

Invariably, there is initial shock at the wide variety of intelligent life-forms. Humans tend to get through the lineup of hominoids with little trouble, become stunned when they first encounter life-forms not known on Earth, and progress to a tolerance for almost anything thereafter.

Mutual Fears
Often reported by some contact therapists and dramatized in the media is the frightened contactee – screaming, running, hiding, and in general exhibiting all the characteristics of a trapped animal in a state of panic. What's going on here? Have these contactees changed their minds, and can they back out at the last minute?

A human who gives The Call can end a visitation at any point. They are in control. What is occurring is mixed feelings, a very common ad almost everyday situation for most humans. Look to the moment when a young person is about to lose his or her virginity, or to ask for another's hand in marriage, or to begin an important job interview, or to go off the high dive for the first time, or to eat fish eggs or snails for the first time, or to go to the dentist for the yearly checkup, or to find the onset of labor with the wanted child beginning, or to sign on the dotted line to purchase a car, or to get on an airplane once again, or to invite the in-laws over for dinner, or to get their hair cut radically short – are these not moments exhibiting mixed feelings?

Contactees exhibiting fear of contact are not stating they wish for the visitation to end. If this were truly the case, it would end, promptly. They are simply stating that they are nervous about some aspect of the visitation. They are chatting with aliens, a presence those in authority have refused to even acknowledge. They are going off with strangers, something their mother told them never to do. They are going in alone, and for many humans, who wouldn't even venture to the local bar without companions, this in and of itself is a big step they are anticipating mild physical discomfort, if they are a volunteer in the hybrid program. And they may have requested frank information on the Transformation but be anticipating, correctly, that this will not be sugar coated.

Contactees also sometimes report that their visitors also seem wary of almost frightened of them. Well, of course they are wary, as few intelligent species have the innate capacity for blend rage that Homo sapiens does, a capacity that can surprise the human as much as the visitor. Large males are frequently paralyzed early in the visitation process, to avoid the physical chaos that results from flying fists, swinging arms, and flung objects. As blind rage is triggered by the fear response, those contactees dealing with intense fear will see their fear reflected in the face of their visitors, who are preparing to deal with a possible explosion.

Those who are alarmed by the trends the Transformation is taking are particularly alarmed about what they term the abduction of children. Beyond the apprehension that something wretched might be happening to a vulnerable and impressionable child is a very different alarm – that we are getting them young and there is no way they can stop it. Cases where youngsters have been harmed by contact with aliens in the service-to-others orientation are non-existent, nosebleeds and interrupted sleep notwithstanding. Those in the service-to-self are not allowed to affect the physical environment of a child, as given their nature they would surely attempt to maximize terror in those too young to have perspective. They are only allowed to answer The Call from a youngster on an intellectual basis – a conference.

From our perspective, as service-to-others visitors, contact with children is no diffeent from contact with adults. We are essentially speaking to the entity, the spirit within. From our perspective, dealing with humans is to some degree like dealing with children anyway. Where the young human has not gained wisdom on how the world works, a frame of reference, they are vastly more open to see a situation for what it is. They don't wear blinders. They don't have preconceptions. They don't have a vested interest in the status quo.

First Meeting
Nancy had a typical first meeting with ourselves, the service-to-others Zetas, and will tell you the story.

I went down into the swamps a lot. There were so many frogs in the swamp. I'd be gone for hours. Nobody would know where I was because the trees were big. I was a little girl. I was very curious about animals and I would be very quiet and watch for them. I'm standing still and have that feeling going up my spine that you do when you know somebody's around but you don't know where they are or who they are. I can't see what it is that I feel nervous about, but out of the corner of my eye I see a movement, from the left, coming out from behind a tree. Somebody just steps out from behind a tree. It's one of these skinny guys, very gray, light gray actually. They almost look smaller than me. So many wild creatures are very quiet, like deer, they only show themselves when they feel safe. So I'm not alarmed by this. I think a couple of them come up, from the right and the left of me, from behind, and take my elbows. I'm still ot alarmed because I'm just not getting any vibes form them that are hostile.

I'm seeing some sore of a disk shape, small. There's really only three or four of these guys. It's a small disk shape, maybe 2 feet across, not that large. I'm pretty curious. I guess my initial reaction was more curiosity than fear. I'm trying to figure out what this is. I don't feel anything hostile. It seems as if we just walk toward that ship, and there's a ramp that's let down from it. I don't think I'm doing any resisting. They seem to be interested in my head and my hands ad my wrists. They seem to be examining my hands and my wrists, the way my wrists bend. They seem to be putting their hands on either side of my head, almost like they're sizing it. Curious little creatures, very gray, light gray, even slightly smaller than I am, although I couldn't have been more than eight years old or so. One of them looks at me, puts his face close to mine, eye contact I guess, and seems to be trying to communicate something. Maybe he's saying, “Do you know why we're here? Do you know what we want?” Maybe its because I'm not afraid, maybe that's what he's thinking, that I already know. I'm must trying to search and find if I know. But I just keep thinking they're really curious little creatures.

There's something at the side that looks like a little tray at the dentist's office where thy have this little mirror on a stick and things like that. It's off to the right-hand side, and it makes me just a tiny bit nervous to think about that. I think maybe they're going to do something with my right forearm, like when someone takes blood or something like that, poke around in your forearm a little bit. It seems as if I lay back down on a table, but it wasn't really flat, something more like a chaise lounge. They've got my head at an angle and do something to my forehead. It's a little bit sore, but it's a very dull ache. I'm a little more distracted. I tell them I want to go back to my frogs and he says, “We'll be back.”

- Pages 105-112, ZetaTalk, by Nancy Lieder

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