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Conv. Nostradamus 2 - Ch.19

Some Bad Wine

IN THIS SESSION we arrived before Nostradamus.

J: [John] He's coming into the study now and he's sitting down. He knows I'm in the room and he says, “Go to the mirror.” When I appear in the mirror, he recognizes me and says he's happy to see me.

D: Then in the beginning he senses you in the room but he doesn't know who it is.

J: Yes, he feels a presence. He says, “Most people would think I am a necromancer, and that I call up the spirits of the dead, but I'm not. I know you spirits are eternal.”

D: So he doesn't really know which spirit it is until you look in the mirror?

J: Yes, this is true, because other people's faces also appear in this mirror.

D: Is he aware that we are alive in our time period and that we're speaking to him from the future?

J: He has had a glimpse of what our life is like, but it's so different from his that it seems almost marvelous.

D: But he knows he's not speaking with the dead.

J: No. He understands the concept of spirituality. He's saying that he knows it is true there's no such thing as death.

D: Does he know that we're alive in our period conducting experiments to contact him?

J: He says he understands that.

D: Thus, we have the same limitations that he has.

I opened the book to continue with the quatrains. I decided no to arrange John's interpretations in chronological order as I had with Brenda's, but to leave them the way they came through. When we contacted Nostradamus through Brenda we would meet in a shadowy special meeting place which was apparently located in another dimension. Thus, we were not personally involved with him. When he was called away or stopped communication we never knew the reason. But while working through John we became involved in a small portion of Nostradamus' life each time we visited him. I thought if I took the translations out of context it might take away from the impacts these visits had on us...

Century III-48

Seven hundred captives roughly bound, the lots are drawn for half to be murdered; sudden hope will come so quickly, but not fast enough for about fifteen dead.

J: Could you please repeat that, he said. He's writing these down.

D: (Laugh) I've often suspected that. (I repeated it.)

J: He says this quatrain refers to the AIDS crisis. He's showing me a lot of different pictures in the mirror that depict how the disease began. He's showing me pictures of monkeys in the trees in Africa. A monkey bite has spread an infection which is a mutation of some type of disease among monkeys. I see a woman being bit. She wasn't concerned about the monkey bite because they live in the wild. The disease mutated, changing inside of her, and she died very quickly. It is similar to rabies. She transmitted it to her husband because they had sex. He also died, but not before he had spread it through sex with other people. It's a big chain reaction. Then I see people lined up and being given money for their blood and plasma. They're going to a blood mobile in Africa. I see laboratories. This blood is being used in biological products. It hasn't come from the blood so much as it has from the plasma and unsterile instruments. This is how it has spread. He's showing me how it affects the endocrine system. It will become a worldwide disease that will continue to spread. Then I see a lot of centers in the United States where it has been implanted among the people.

D: What do you mean?

J: I see people who are being tested... Ooh, I don't like what I see.

D: Will it bother you to talk about it?

J: Well, I see people who are at experiment stations, and drugs are being given to them to see their reactions. I see one man who is very effeminate-looking being given the drug. He in turn has gotten money from this experiment and is out partying with it. He's enjoying himself and spreading this disease. They gave him the disease! Seven hundred people were inoculated with a chemical... or had a chemical reaction. And this base core group of 700 have since come in contact with others, spreading the disease until it becomes an epidemic.

D: So that's why he wrote, “Seven hundred captives roughly bound, the lots are drawn for half to be murdered.” Does he want to elaborate on “inoculated”? Who inoculated them?

J: (Softly and hesitantly.) Your own government, he said.

I was shocked by this unexpected answer.

D: Can he say why they would have done this?

J: He says to look at religious intolerance.

D: That seems to be a drastic thing to do.

J: He says that's true.

D: Didn't they know that it might spread?

J: He said they were all paid volunteers who were tested with a new chemical they thought would treat hepatitis, and as a result this experiment went off the edge. The government believed they could contain it.

D: Will doctors or scientists ever come up with a cure for AIDS?

J: He said it will be very difficult since science created and hybridized this disease. Now I see the images go back to the monkey bite and the blood being used in scientific research. They mutated the disease and injected other people with it. “Fifteen dead” was his anagram for 15 years. He says 15 years will elapse between the first case until a cure is found. By that time it will be comparable to the plague of his time. It will wipe out a lot of people. This is terrible! It's genocide! It's gotten out of control, and that's why it's affecting more people. It wasn't supposed to spread; it was only supposed to affect certain groups of people.

D: I'm trying to understand this. Was it done under the pretense of inoculating people for hepatitis or did they actually inoculate them with another virus?

J: He says they were inoculated with chemicals as paid volunteers and chemical reactions left them very open to the disease.

D: Did the government realize it was going to have this effect?

J: (Quietly) Yes, the government realized. It was planned from the start.

D: I thought you meant that it was an accident.

J: I don't think I need to talk about this any more.

I didn't like the sound of it, so I wasn't anxious to pursue it further.

D: All right. It's a touchy subject in our time. I wonder if I should even mention it. What does he think?

J: He says that by the time your book comes out, this information will be common knowledge.

This information bothered me a great deal and I was anxious to move on to the next quatrain. In this work with the great seer I was constantly bearing things I would rather remain ignorant of.

This interpretation with its wild accusations against our own government seemed too horrible to consider until I happened to mention it to a group of people. One young man said it might not be such an absurd idea after all. He showed me a 1989 article in Wildfire magazine that seemed to confirm everything Nostradamus had revealed to John.

The article was condensed from a book published in 1988, “AIDS and the Doctors of Death: An Inquiry into the Origin of the AIDS Epidemic”, by Alan Cantwell, Jr., MD. He is considered an expert in the field of cancer and AIDS microbiology. In his previous book, “AIDS: The Mystery and the Solution”, he was convinced that AIDS was merely a highly aggressive form of cancer. He changed his mind when he discovered the research of Dr. Robert Strecker (video link). He is now convinced that the AIDS virus and epidemic were not accidents of nature, but were the result of a genetically engineered virus being deliberately unleashed. He believes the disease was created by splicing or mixing two different viruses together; which, when introduced into human beings, were capable of producing a “new” disease. He cited the experimental hepatitis B vaccine trials which began in New York City in the late 1970s and used gay men as volunteers. He said the commercial vaccine was safe, but that this was an experimental vaccine, and was not intended for the general public. Strecker said it was not a coincidence that the first cases of AIDS in the US were discovered in Manhattan immediately following their experiments. As the trials were conducted in other cites into the 1980s the discovery of cases also followed there. As the number of cases mounted, the physicians were convinced they were seeing a new fatal disease. In his book Dr. Cantwell presents proof that the new AIDS virus did not exist in America before 1978 when the experiments began.

Dr. Cantwell says that Robert Gallo came up with the theory that the virus originated in central Africa in African green monkeys. The story said the monkey AIDS virus “jumped species,” entered the black African population and then spread to Haiti. It was supposed to have spread from there to New York by gays who had had contact with infected men in Haiti.

Dr. Cantwell said he had been bothered by the idea that a virus could attack only gay men. It was impossible for such a thing to biologically happen, and yet it did happen. This made him suspicious that he might have stumbled onto the awful truth that the powerful culprit behind this was our own government, since these experiments were financed by grants from the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the National Institues of Health (NIH), and the National Institute of Allergy and Infections Diseases.

The entire project was under the control of Dr. Wolf Szmuness, a scientist who had defected from the Soviet Union. He had also conducted a hepatitis research project in Africa in 1973 where he used the Senegalese Army to secure blood specimens. This was prior to the experiment in New York City. Strecker believes there was foul play in Africa and Haiti, as well as in our own country and that the disease was “helped” along in those countries. He says, “Only a fool would fail to recognize the African 'connection' to AIDS.” He thinks this connection involves a lot more than just green monkeys.

After finding this amazing correlation, I decided to include it in my book. It's comforting to find supportive evidence for these strange visions. I will leave it at this, allowing others to find their own conclusions. I have done my job as a reporter...

- pages 178-182, Conversations with Nostradamus 2, by Dolores Cannon

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