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Calling On ETs - Ch.1

"There are two ways to life your life.

One is as though nothing is a miracle.

The other is as though everything is a miracle."

- Albert Einstein

In 1987 while I was a wife and young mother, I unexpectedly began to be contacted by extraterrestrials, although for the first two years, I didn't know what was happening to me. Cones of white light with an electromagnetic charge would burst through my bedroom ceiling and envelop me. Then I would fall asleep, remembering nothing. Shortly after the episodes of light began, I became able to “see” clairvoyantly. Images would frequently appear, helping me to solve some problems at work, or to know what I had forgotten to add to my grocery list. I also developed the ability to “hear” in a clairaudient way and I began to hear a voice that spontaneously suggested a course of action, or when to refrain from taking one. For two years I didn't understand that these newfound abilities were made possible as a result of my contact with enlightened extraterrestrials due to my exposure to the higher realms that they inhabit.

After the first night when the lights and sounds came visiting, I began to regularly “hear” people's thoughts as though they were speaking, even when they were not. I could hear the voice of their thoughts even when it contradicted their spoken words.

But rather than feel fortunate and blessed to have somehow developed psychic gifts virtually overnight, I felt traumatized and frightened, because at that time in my life I was squeamish and immature emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually. Instead of seeing the benefits of the experience, I considered that perhaps I was losing my mind. For two years this “chaos” continued as I had been little prepared to suddenly acquire these abilities. Overnight, I was able to see the spirit realm, and some of those departed would visit me. But when an enlightened master appeared before me, replaying scenes from my previous lives, I thought surely that I had lost it. With the encouragement of my then-husband, I checked myself into a psychiatric hospital. While I was there, he filed for divorce, and I lost custody of my son.

During my three-week stay, one of the psychiatrists secretly encouraged me to leave the hospital immediately. He said that he had read through my file and didn't think I was delusional, and that by remaining there, I was further jeopardizing custody of my child. His diagnosis, he stated, was that I had suddenly and inexplicably opened to witnessing paranormal phenomena.

Relieved, I left the hospital and consulted a second therapist who supervised a lengthy clinical evaluation of me by a team of clinicians.

Their professional opinion concluded that I was of sound mind. Four months later, I was able to regain custody of my son.

Two more years passed before my nightly experiences finally produced more than lights and visions, and I awoke to remember a seemingly anesthetized state in which I had a face-to-face encounter with a group of extraterrestrials. I realized that as I gazed in amazement at many gray beings with large black eyes, I had understood what had been happening to me all those years. They told me telepathically that they are anthropologists, and that I, not they, had chosen long ago, as part of my pre-birth agreement, for us to make contact. I understood that it was my destiny to know personally of otherworldly life in order to spread the word of its existence. Like me, millions of other people are also destined to have contact as part of their own blueprints. That blueprint outlined a complete change in my life at that point.

You too may have such a blueprint as part of your own destiny, and by virtue of reading this boo, you may be ready to set it in motion.

When I first experienced a face-to-face encounter with these ETs, instead of perceiving of them as “aliens”, I remembered them, curiously enough, from long ago, as though they were dear members of my own family whom I had not seen in years. Their very presence touched my deepest memory of the sacred nature of life everywhere. Rather than fear them, I felt deeply humbled, and I was filled with love and peace, as though I were in the presence of a higher authority.

Through many communications since that evening, I have come to know and experience them as spiritually enlightened members of our universal neighborhood. Many years after my initial contact began, Bob Friedman, president of Hampton Roads Publishing Company, encouraged and assisted me in learning how to sit quietly and enter an altered state, “hearing” the ETs' telepathic voice, which I can repeat out loud and capture on a tape recorder. I then transcribe it.

Their message is consistently one of peace, non-judgment, and encouragement to grow spiritually. They say they are unarmed anthropologists and represent many other groups like themselves who have evolved to a status of enlightenment. It's been said that you will know the tree by the fruit that it bears, and their mentoring has had a huge impact on me. They have helped me to grow spiritually, and my life has been wonderfully enhanced as a result of their contact and their communication, which continues to this day. I have asked them many questions about who they are and why they wish to know us, and my questions and their answers make up the content of my first book, Talking to Extraterrestrials: Communicating with Enlightened Beings (Larkins 2002).

Soon after that book was released, I began to speak extensively on the radio and in other venues about the process by which I became mentored by these extraterrestrials. I have received thousands of inquiries, including letters, e-mails, phone calls, and visits to my website at from people all over the world, who ask how they too might have their own encounter experiences. Many others who have already been contacted by ETs have thanked me for offering a different perspective from the current “UFO abduction model” that claims that contactees are being victimized.

I believe that the universe, like our planet, is comprised of many diverse groups of beings, rather than having rare groups of friendly “aliens,” such as those I met. Those with whom I come into contact, and the nature and quality of those relationships, whether in this world or another, will be determined by my attitude and beliefs. Rather than avoid otherworldly contact, I am actively “calling on extraterrestrials.” I invite it because opening to such contact is a spiritual adventure. You too can invite such an adventure.

This is a mystical and curious book. Simply by virtue of reading it completely once or twice, and then deeply contemplating its message, you may start to experience extraordinary things immediately. If you are open, reading and digesting these 11 steps outlined here will generate an inner shift in you. But the steps will ask you to do nothing. Instead, if you can deeply consider the assertions and claims that appear here, your own mystical experiences can magically begin overnight.

This book deliberately offers ideas that appear to be made with wild abandon. But then, in 1905 the theory of relativity was considered to have been proposed with wild abandon and wasn't understood until the early 1920s. Almost all major discoveries and ideas are initially considered to be wild and unfounded.

Really, it is our “safe” cultural assumptions that are “wild,” not the ideas presented here. Only by abandoning habitual cultural assumptions can you radically change your life. If you desire to know and experience the exhilarating otherworldly opportunities that await you, you must be willing to consider that “unproven” ideas that sound radical and unscientific are often those that hold the most empowering, yet simplest, truths. An inner shift begins with your contemplating the seemingly ridiculous.

Don't be surprised if this inner shift in you begins by some display of seemingly “simple” phenomena. Initially, you may be visited by the spirit of a loved one from the Other Side who brings you a message of great comfort. Or perhaps you will start to see flashes of colored lights, or you will begin to have prophetic dreams. You may be in the middle of a deep quandary with no apparent solution, but after reading this book, your phone will ring and no one will be there. You hang up, but it may ring a second time, and still no one is there. But then, within minutes you realize a most unexpected solution has come to you that assists you in solving your dilemma. Early ET communications arrive gently in order to test your readiness.

This book is like a magic genie in a lamp. Upon embracing its potential by reading and contemplating these 11 steps, your desire for otherworldly experiences can be manifested in a flash, because the extraterrestrials' energy and presence permeate these pages.

Imagine booking a flight to an exotic land where you will be the special guest of an indigenous tribe. Or imagine staying right here in your own neighborhood and being able to activate your ability to know someone who is non-human. Whichever the itinerary, it cannot be booked or coordinated by a travel agent, but rather, by the soul's agenda, one's divine destiny that dictates all that is possible.

This book is about inspiring you to have the courage to embark upon that journey, because it takes moxie to be this kind of trailblazer, the rare pioneer who leads the entire culture by her won example in taking a momentous leap in our evolution to that of a universal human: an experiencer who can walk between worlds and seeks to know and relate to the inhabitants of other-worldly realms. Universal humans are able to communicate with other physical beings who reside elsewhere in the universe and be mentored by them for purposes of our spiritual growth.

Such explorers are having a new type of experience, but that new experience will be triggered by an inner shift within the individual frontiersmen. If this were a guidebook to help you plan a trip overseas, all you'd need would be a map and plane fare. But embarking upon an adventure of this sort requires a different type of preparation because the journey requires that you agree to expand yourself spiritually. This trek begins as a journey inside. It is a spiritual process, a deeply profound, yet powerful movement closer to divinity.

Due to otherworldly beings' superior technology, supernatural abilities, and evolved spiritual values, these natives of our universal village remain mostly reticent with tourists and curiosity seekers. They are making themselves available to those who earnestly seek a relationship with them. For reasons of spiritual growth, theirs and ours, they invite us to invite them into our daily lives, but only for reasons of our earnest desire to expand our consciousness.

Like the group of ETs whom I know, many different groups of otherworldly beings are not interested in facilitating our exploitation of them, for as highly spiritual beings, they realize that this would only result in more learning required of us. Conversely, they do not seek to exploit us, for they have evolved beyond the need to desire to do so. Unlike the prevailing prejudice against the “grays,” they are not super villains. All otherworldly beings cannot be lumped into one category, any more than can one ethnic group. Instead, when we look for goodness in others, we will find it. When we reverse our assumptions, instead of presuming manipulative intent by extraterrestrials, we recognize that all beings everywhere are sentient beings. Therefore, their behavior and agenda are as diverse as those of human beings. And since expectations (anticipation) dictate outcome, we can attract more of the enlightened ones by simply making a conscious choice to do so.

Once you've decided that you'd like to know more of your universe and to know the inhabitants who live there, you can turn a key in a golden door that will open onto a world of extraordinary opportunity for you. The journey to their realms will cost you nothing but your intention to trigger your soul plan. You don't need to pay for the flight to their neck of the woods, for they will provide the transportation free of charge, and you won't even need to find a place to park at the airport. They'll pick you up right where you stand, or if you're brave enough, you can venture to different realms from your own living room.

If you're ready, they may also throw in a tour of their world. And unlike the city guide who ends your trip of downtown Manhattan by collecting $19.95, these gentle villagers will require only your willingness as passage, in choosing to play in the universal playground and to be part of the grand production of all time. In fact, these tribes who happen to live off of our planet will even pay you for your visit, but that payment is not in the form of dollars and cents, but rather, it is in the legal tender of fellowship.

Does this sound exquisite? Are you one of those people who always secretly yearned for UFO contact and wondered, “Why don't they choose me?”

Heretofore, you erroneously thought that it was up to them to decide who gets to go. Now I'm here to tell you that it's actually your choice. Would you like to know them and the realms they inhabit?

Opening to contact is not as complex as you think. Why? Because many groups of sentient beings who exist in the universe merely await our readiness to know them.

The names and specific identities of these different groups of beings are less important thann out understanding that they exist. The details surrounding their identities can be gleaned once you have developed a relationship with them. Generally, they've been known by many names: “extraterrestrials,” “ETs,” “aliens,” inhabitants of UFOs, and the “grays.” The group of ETs that I have met say that they have no preference in how we address them, for the label you choose says more about you than it does them, and they're beyond the need to be called anything at all.

Otherworldly beings of the universe are our neighbors, really, although most people don't know them yet. But that's all about to change as our species readies itself to be the New Human who will finally be able to meet more of those who live near us. We will be able to get around the neighborhood more easily on our own steam without the help of NASA, the researchers, or government, or even the airlines.

Instead, we will expand our awareness, which will produce the opportunity to know more beings who exist but whom we have not yet met. This book is the itinerary that will help you navigate your way to their world while you're standing in your own.

But this guide may not be what you expect because these steps will guide you within, which can hep you experience a more expanded state of being. From that expanded state, you can come into contact with multidimensional phenomena. You will be asked to learn to change the way that you think, and the way that you view your past, present, and future experiences. You will be asked to expand your world view and to perceive the bigger picture. Recognizing evidence of otherworldly life requires an attitude shift, an adjustment in your ideas, an about-face in your perceptions and assumptions. The reason is that otherworldly contact associated with the higher realms is made possible when you expand your spiritual awareness.

Like most other things of value, to arrive at an expanded state of consciousness will require that you embark on an inner journey, not learn more math or eat grapefruit on Tuesdays. It's not as simplistic as standing on a hilltop with a view of the stars, calling out to extraterrestrials with a megaphone, or zinging them with a satellite dish. Bit it's not so difficult that no one has met ETs. In fact, millions of experiencers around the world have already had face-to-face meetings with otherworldly beings aboard their crafts and elsewhere, and none of these contactees have needed any technology. I, for one, don't know the difference between a wing nut and a walnut. I'm technologically and scientifically challenged, and I hardly knew a black hole from a gopher hole when I initially had encounter experiences of my own. I didn't have face-to-face contact with extraterrestrials due to my technical prowess. I knew enough to recognize the difference between the inside of my car and the inside of a spacecraft, and I sure as heck knew the difference between a gray extraterrestrial and my great-aunt Yvonne.

This process of opening to contact with those from other realms isn't about technology or ufology. The hard sciences won't get you on board, nor will your clipboard, your pager, your instruments, or your cell phone.

Nope. It's just the regular guy, the girl next door, the long-time “wannabe” who has always dreamed of contact but has never known how to have any. If ever there was an opportunity for the little guy to thumb his nose at the “experts,” this is it, because the world's governments have failed at achieving what contactees have already been achieving from the comfort of their won homes and backyards without benefit of any extravagance.

Most of us love the idea of traveling to exotic places and meeting foreign peoples because we yearn to have contact with others who share our planetary home. The differences in all of our lifestyles, appearances, and ethnic propensities are what spark our intrigue. We work hard all year in order to take your annual vacation and travel the globe because we relish the idea of experiencing the diversity of the planet's geography, people, and animals. So imagine your joy at finally discovering that you can actually invite encounters with natives who live off-planet or in other realms. And that contact is glorious, not victimizing. They are healing entities, not victimizing ones. Our innate curiosity about them is fueled by our species' readiness to evolve to our next version of ourselves which will ensure our ability to thrive despite political unrest and environmental degradation. We are being urged onward to our next level of spiritual growth by the ticking of our evolutionary clocks.

Just suppose that now – not next week or in the next decade, but right now – our evolutionary blueprints are primed to take us to the next step. Everything that we have experienced to this point has readied us for it. And that next step involves expanding our spiritual awareness to the degree that allows for us to finally meet up with and actually relate to our neighbors off the planet.

It is a challenging path upon which the soul embarks in order to start us on that journey of waking up to who we are as universal humans. We will rarely have the benefit of our soul to help us if its voice is drowned by a barrage of media and cultural noise. If we want to open to contact, we will need to be brave and embrace a perspective shift in practical terms, although at first I thought that to be an oxymoron.

If you're mired in the illusion of our culture, where spiritual values are virtually silenced, opening to this type of paranormal phenomenon can be challenging at best and downright traumatizing at worse. If you adhere to the dogma of the culture that prefers us to feel dis-empowered, competitive, and fearful, your life experiences – and your paranormal experiences as well – will take on a quality that matches your state of being.

Instead, if you find the character strength to refuse to buy into the fear paradigm, your whole world, and the whole planet that will become sponsored by you, will change for the better. Perhaps the subject of UFO phenomena, more than any other, is prone to the proclivities that are sponsored by fear and judgment.

When we try to be guided instead by the unused muscles of our higher selves, we will find that we often end up battling it out with our intellect. Our logical minds, from the context of our cultural opinions, often don't have the faintest grasp as to the whys and wherefores of such a leap in spiritual evolution because the rational mind is of the world, not of the spirit. The rational mind, as happily sponsored by the cultural voice, is invested in identifying the enemy and then gathering evidence to find him guilty. That is why this book addresses our often unconscious assumptions and habits and suggests looking at life differently in order to call forth a different kind of life, both individually and culturally. We can't move forward until we stop holding onto the past.

That's why steps 1, 2, and 3 in the following chapters deal with those issues that still bind us, although we haven't realized that they do. They move a person from resentment and a sense of “Why me?” to surrender and forgiveness. They are about how we can “reconcile past, present, and future,” the essence of spiritual growth. You can't grow spiritually until you come to some degree of peace about that which has troubled you or continues to haunt you.

As you surrender to all of the circumstances that have made up who you are, you have the foundation for effectively moving from the emotional tumultuousness of grade school to the more mature considerations of college. You have the spiritual base from which you can effectively work on the broader-oriented issues required to “expand your world view” in steps 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9.

This does not mean that you must have mastered steps 1, 2, and 3 prior to moving on to Steps 4 through 9. it means that you've considered the first three steps, and are beginning to internalize them and apply them to your life as made practical by a shift in your thoughts. This shift triggers the sequence involved in expanding ourselves spiritually. The steps will help you manage your growth more effectively because you will have considered what may have once been too taboo to consider, and you will have opened the door for further contemplation.

As a human being who is a spiritual being trying to live physically – not the other way around – you still have to relate to the physical world every day. But if you continue to function so fully within the cultural illusion that you forget that your heritage is a spiritual one, you will be choked by doubts and fears relative to the physical world. Understanding how your spiritual ancestry can help you avoid the sand traps of the cultural illusion will help take you out of it.

Steps 10 and 11 are precisely the steps in which you will “see the big picture” and thus facilitate taking you out of it. Your recognition of this creates the final tweak in your decision to realize your soul's destiny of otherworldly mobility and interconnectedness, which will lift you to new heights and to new levels of your personal evolution.

In the chapters that follow, I offer three elements of narrative: my own views, the ET dialog, and letters from readers. The ratio between these elements is not equally balanced between chapters since the material is presented in a manner that I believe is most suited to your internalizing them. In the places where I have posted questions to the ETs, my questions are indented and in italic. The ET's responses are in regular font and indented.

There are some people who doubt that life exists elsewhere. But consider that scientists have already established that there are billions of galaxies out there. Not millions of planets, but billions of galaxies. We're hardly alone, and hundreds of thousands of us, probably more like millions of us humans, have already experienced, or are in the process of opening to, some type of phenomenon associated with extraterrestrials or otherworldly beings. And that process of awakening is a profound spiritual trek, lying before us as the uncharted territory that it is. What an opportunity for adventure!

- pages 3 – 13, Calling on Extraterrestrials, by Lisette Larkins

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