Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Timed Release

Many contactees express a feeling that they are aware of things that are likely to occur in the future, are emotionally ready for these occurrences, but are consciously unaware of what they may be. Of course, in human society, those who prepare too soon for the coming cataclysms will be viewed as odd and consequently laughed at or harassed for sounding an alarm unduly. When life today seems much like the life of yesterday, the average human in any society on Earth today will not listen to a message about coming cataclysms with much patience. However, contactees who have been open to the message that Service-to-Other aliens have been willing to give know that the Earth will receive renting changes soon, and are subconsciously prepared.

The schism in thinking leads many to believe that this knowledge is encoded with some kind of timed release, where the knowledge is not truly available to humans until scant months or even days prior to the cataclysms. This timing may in fact be correct, but the contactees are fully aware of the circumstances. They are simply choosing to be unaware during their day to day existence in human society. When the time is right, they will get in contact with their subconscious knowledge. For many, the conflicts that early conscious awareness would present are best left alone. For instance:
  • A mother has a handicapped child, one who requires medical attention in order to survive. She knows that this child will not live beyond a week after medical attentions ceases, and that she will bury this child shortly after the cataclysms bring down bridges and rent the telephone lines from their poles. Were she to be consciously aware of what was coming, would she encourage this handicapped child to learn to read and write at the present moment? Such encouragement strengthens the spirit of both mother and child, and is worthwhile for this reason alone. The mother chooses to be unaware.
  • A young businessman in a small town employs several individuals who are considered marginal employees by most employers as they are under-educated, semi-skilled, and often speak in broken English. During their employment the young businessman is able to encourage them to self-sufficiency, and finds his employees growing gardens and repairing mechanical devices under his tutelage. Were he to be consciously aware of the coming cataclysms, his attention to the needs of the business would falter and his business might fail to prosper. Consequently, he would be less able to nurture others in preparation. He chooses to be unaware.
  • A military man is in a position to influence the messages that the general population receive from headquarters. These messages can subtly awaken or can suppress the Awakening, just by their tone and the bits of information they deliver. Working in rigid surroundings, the military man must be careful not to express resentment, which would be interpreted an insubordination and result in his removal from his influential position. Were he to be consciously aware of the coming cataclysms and the alien presence all around, he would find adherence to silly rules and regulations increasingly annoying and might express this at a moment when his guard was down. He chooses to be unaware.

- Source:, Dec 15, 1996

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