Friday, February 6, 2009

Spotlight - Mahu Nahi

(Video Duration: 3:16)

In my dominant reality, I am known as Mahu Nahi. I am a member of a teaching organization whose roots are very ancient, but paradoxically, very connected with humanity's future. This teaching organization is concerned with transporting a sensory data stream to earth in order to catalyze select individuals of the next three generations to bring innovations to the fields of science, art, and philosophy. These innovations will enable the discovery and establishment of the Grand Portal on earth.

I can be likened to a translator who "transports" already existing Tributary Zones to earth in the form of a comprehensible sensory data stream. This data stream will have both explicit and implicit content that incarnating souls will be tuned to recognize. This material will awaken them to the blueprints of discovery that were encoded into their DNA at conception.

My information -- as it pertains to the WingMakers' material -- derives from the seven Tributary Zones that were created by this very same teaching organization. I was involved in the design of these Tributary Zones, and consequently commissioned to translate them into data streams appropriate for the human neuroanatomical system, which required my incarnation into a human body.

"Wingmakers materials are catalysts for the expansion of the evolutionary consciousness... These materials consist of a collection of enigmatic and mystical Art, Music, Philosophy, New Physics, and a remarkable story, brilliantly integrated from an anonymous creator - known simply as 'James'." 

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